The 6.5/284 was king of the F-class for many years and still holds it’s own. The best hunter armed with the best guide, binoculars, spotting scope and micrometers couldn’t tell the difference between bulls. I recall reading Carmichael’s stories about his hunting exploits long before I had a 280.

was really made from the 30-03, which was the predecessor to the 30-06 three years before the military realized they didn’t need a 220-grain round nose bullet. The 280, 6mm, and 6 BR are just a few of their blunders. Morning Ron, By the way, in addition to being necked down, the 280’s shoulder has been pushed forward .051-inch to prevent it being chambered in a 270 Win. Great article Ron. I was so astonished at how well how well my rather utilitarian, flimsy barreled 280AI Kimber Mountain Ascent performs with handloads (Australia) that I’m about to take delivery of a Cooper Jackson Game rifle in the same caliber. In 1979 they did rename it to 7mm Express Remington, with both rifles and ammo on the market for a brief period. I also look forward to getting some first-hand, in-field comparison with the 7×64 Brenneke, as Mike noted… they appear to be ballistic twins. rating of around .616, this ABLR features a bonded lead core and an extra thick, strong boat tail base. Run the ballistics on that baby and it’ll open your sinuses. It is based on just one of several “7mm-06” wildcats, others including the .280 Ackley Improved and 7mm JRS. The resulting cartridge was based on the.30-06 case necked down to 7mm (.284”). The unpopular 280 Remington (ever seen or shot one?) On a different but pleasant note, Savage is producing a limited run of 1,894 125th Anniversary Model 110’s, and two of the available chamberings are the 250-3000 Savage and the 300 Savage. The 7mm Express Remington was nothing more, and nothing less, than the .280 Remington with updated factory loads. Mag. The 280 Remington could be the Goldilocks of standard-length action hunting rounds. I still a .270, 7MM, 30-06, and above because I’m a rifle nut; but the .280 is my favorite.

I just love good articles about the often overlooked and misunderstood 280 Remington. The ANSI maximum pressure for the 280 Remington today is 60,000 psi. Now for some quick ballistics. Based on its .284-inch bullets and ballistic potential, the 280 Remington should have been an overnight success. He dropped in his tracks, the way the .280 Remington always drops game if you do your job. Did I just claim that the little known and less appreciated, sadly unpopular 280 Remington is a better big game hunting cartridge than the sacred, Claimed Muzzle Velocities for Some 280 Remington Factory Loads (24-inch barrels). On paper the .280 will out shoot a '06, however in the proper hands caliber does not make a difference. mag or .300 win mag… I think this is why the 7 rem and .300 win. Shot placement reins supreme. I just purchased a used Ruger M77 in 280 Remington.

I also have a 7mm-08, 7mm rem. Over the years, and hunting primarily feral hogs and our little Texas whitetails, I have matriculated to 44 grains of H4895 and Nosler 140 grain BT. It must have been about 1985 when I bought my first rifle chambered for the 280 Rem. I have killed deer with a '06 and 150 gr NBT's im Minnesota for years, I recently bought a T/C Venture .280, I shot it 14 time with Fusion 140 gr ammo to dial it in at 200 with a Nikon 3-9X40 BDC, the 14th shot put an beautiful 8pt in my freezer, 200 yards offhand. You can “shop” for the perfect B.C. I must say that the more comparisons of calibers and rifles that I read, the more convinced I am that I was fortunate that my first center fire rifle was a Winchester Pre 64 Feather Weight in .308. Because of lackluster sales, the marketing gurus decided to rename the cartridge the 7mm Express, which people immediately confused with the successful 7mm Remington Magnum. The case does live on though. I use Barnes 150 Triple Shock in my hand loads , and have never needed to take a second shot to put an animal down. This variety makes it adequate for everything from wood chucks and coyotes to moose and brown bears. The 280 Remington and the 284 Winchester will shoot bullets of 160 grains and heavier to nearly the same velocity and point of impact. And as if the M740 autoloader idea wasn’t lame enough, Remington’s next chambering was in its M760 pump! Both, along with so many other .280 fans, will tell you that it is the best cartridge we have based on the .30-06 case. I have a .280 for over 35 years and love it. I don’t really understand why, since the 270 Win. would squeak a win over both the 270 and 30-06. Maybe it’s the familiarity of the rifle / cartridge combination, but Start offering them three new 7mms in the span of a few years and you’re asking for trouble. bullets, be aware of rifling twist rates. It’s only natural they’d deliver similar trajectories, wind deflections, and energies. Or does the 270 lose too much speed since it’s more overbore than the 280? Been thinking real seriously about getting a 6.5 creedmoor just to see what the fuss is all about. Well… (give me a second to put on my crash helmet and bullet-proof vest.) I have considered the 280 Rem but never actually committed to one. Its beginnings provide a partial answer. It is thus almost a cult cartridge, supported by a relatively small group who worship at its shrine. Hunting Cartridges, Matches or beats trajectory and energy of 270 Win. for Pronghorn, 154. As you might already know or have guessed, the 280 Remington, like it’s 270 Winchester cousin, sprang from the loins of the old 30-06.

), Before we dig too deeply into the ballistics of this over-achiever cartridge, a bit of history is in order.

Its near ballistic twin, the 270 Winchester, had been out since 1925 and had garnered a following that included Jack “Mr 270” O’Connor. M 700 Mountain rifle in 1988 and when Hunting for whitetails in South Dakota and have taken several mule deer, antelope and several elk in my home state of Colorado.

But since Nosler offers a 270 150g with a BC of .591, wouldn’t it be safe to say it would have done better than the 280 in this comparison? So be careful out there. Mag., 7x57mm Mauser or even 7mm-08 Remington, you certainly don’t need a 280 Remington.

Return to 30-06 Springfield for Elk Hunting. Which gives you, the patron, more of the information and entertainment you enjoy.

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