Witnesses at the Omni King Edward Hotel have experienced unexplained sounds, elevators that seem to operate by themselves and playful activity with the faucets and toilets in the ladies' restroom. Thanks anyways! Looking for haunted places In Oshawa or abandoned areas.

Bush". Located at 83 Centre St. South in Oshawa, Break Out Zone (formerly S. Caper's break Out Zone)  is a unique escape room entertainment facility.

The Henry Harrison House - Grey Goat Pub was built in 1865 and was once a funeral home. Another story said Lillian ... At Ryerson University, rumor has it that a ghostly white female figure, cold spots, wind gusts, light anomalies and whispered names have been seen or experienced near McAllister Studio. The inn was featured in an episode of TV's Celebrity Ghost Stories, talked about by actor ... » Cemeteries near Oshawa, ON A Haunting is History Waiting to be Heard! Built between 1832 and 1837, Fort Henry protected the naval dock yard at Point Frederick, the entrance to the Rideau Canal and the town of Kingston, Ontario. Weird ask I know, but does anyone know any cool abandoned buildings or whatever in or around Durham? share.

Everyone has been so helpful <3 I really appreciate it! Ontario. Visitors here have seen apparitions and experiences other strange phenomena. Ghostly moaning has been heard in the cellar, once a prisoners' holding area, and something ... Queen's Park in Toronto is said to have an apparition of a female in tattered clothing who hangs from a rope. People claim to hear music in laughter coming from the closed ballroom, and a porter who hanged himself is sometimes spied hanging about the stairwell. Built around 1882, The Brunswick Hotel was once the former winter home of Colborne's elite families.

The Pillars Estate is a Victorian mansion built in the early 1800s. O6 #6 A.K.A. It now operates as a Law Firm. I'm pretty sure this guy is from Durham Region. Can't think of much off the top of my head.

The ghost is an elderly woman in a blue dress who is blamed for blowing out candles, turning lights on and off, moving glasses and slamming doors. Came back in the day and the barn area is open and looks creepy as hell.

(just a few minutes north of Uxbridge), sits the Leaskdale Manse. Located at 37 Silver St. in Bowmanville, Ontario, the Bowmanville Museum has been rumored to be haunted by an unknown ghost. The Orillia Opera House is said to be haunted by ghosts who make footsteps, slam doors, create moans and shadows, and drop the room temperature. I was scrolling and didn’t see a question like that so I thought it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to ask.

Our backyards were fenced in with gates and my neighbour had motion sensor lights. According to City Council Minutes of April 2005, the City was none too Ontario Abandoned Places George Sheed, it was purchased by Otto Ives in or around 1833.

Then, he threw himself off as well. The dark grounds, scent of old century buildings and the sounds of leaves crunching under our footsteps were the perfect setting for our spooky walk. Featured on both "Creepy Canada" and "The Girly Ghosthunters," Fort George was an important War of 1812 stronghold. Built in 1910 by a Mr. E.B. Located at the southmost tip of King's Forest Park, Albion Falls is a sight to see. My friend and I are looking for a good spot for our photo shoot but when I tried looking online all the places had already been demolished :(. Located near the heart of Downtown Whitby, Ontario,  this branch of the Royal Canadian Legion maybe slightly different than the others - It has a resident spirit! Though the Inn itself is no longer in use and is rapidly deteriorating, the gorgeous gardens and sculputres still exist and are open to the public. Nestled in the small village of Leaskdale, Ont. For many years, Ralph Mason ran an army surplus store out of these buildings in Oshawa. Weird ask I know, but does anyone know any cool abandoned buildings or whatever in or around Durham? There used to be an old farmer's silo around the Harmony Valley conservation area that I believe is now long gone due to suburbia. Your screams remain for eternity. Located off of Pine Point Rd, on the Island in Port Perry, here you will find the infamous rock. An 1864 fire killed student Thomas Hopkins, who was said to be seen pleading for help from an upper-story window before he died. Folks say the place is visited by the ghost of an employee who committed suicide here in the 1970s. Off the beaten path, lies a dirt road with a large rock and a ghostly history. 53 miles from the center of Oshawa, ON. There” more. The Academy Theatre is said to have several ghosts, including one the staff calls Mary, who fell on the stairs and broke her neck, and a man with a limp. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This beast, happens to be your Father.

Westmount Public School Oshawa, Ontario 2 years ago. The 1899 Old City Hall building, designated a historic site in 1984, has a ghost in its rear staircase known to walk up and down with loud footsteps and tug on the robes of judges. located on Mohawk Rd in Hamilton. It is believed that as early as the year 1800 the people of the neighbourhood brought their dead here to be buried. Ooo sounds spooky, I’ll have to check it out sometime. Press J to jump to the feed. Otto had moved to the area with is wife and his wife's female relative. Devil's Hole State Park in Niagara Falls is said to have ghosts who are left over from its tragic past.

Built in the 1900's, this house sits on a property that once had a private hospital located on it. Parkwood Estate also has some great history and creepy vibes I parts. Another local ... Glendon College, a bilingual liberal arts college with about 3,000 students, lies on what was once the 1900s estate of well-known financier Edward Rogers Wood. The 1808 Gibraltar Point Lighthouse on the Toronto Islands is the oldest existing Great Lakes lighthouse, and it has a mysterious legend. This historic house has sat abandoned for over half a century but is currently for sate. Cannon fire and gunfire have been heard, and British and American soldiers' ghosts have been spotted both inside buildings and outside on the grounds. Knobhill is still empty, they just have it all boarded currently. From there, it was owned by the same family for over 100 years - all women. I lived in the Briarwood Square townhouse complex (1400 Mary Street North) for 18 years, my neighbours and I … Its spirits include a little girl who materializes near a willow tree (she may have fallen to her death from this tree), a little boy ... Old Don Jail, aka the Toronto Jail, opened in 1864 and is now a rehabilitation hospital next to the jail. Knob hill farms. The Sarah Jane Heritage Centre is located directly behind the Bowmanville Museum. share. Now, a big round white light speeds down the road before turning into a small red light, sometimes accompanied by the sound of ... At Thompson Park, there is a ghostly duo, witnesses say. Guests have reported temperature drops and creaking noises. I was going to suggest the Whitby courthouse in downtown Whitby. Abandoned Places? She was employed by its owner, industrialist Hart Massey. Someone's dream home Oshawa, Ontario 2 years ago. It is preserved by the Newfane Historical Society, which offers Victorian teas and mansion tours. Regent Theater is a nightclub that was once a movie theater. None of those neighbours had kids and their spouses weren't the type to play practical jokes. The Cornwall Jail opened its doors in 1834 and operated as a jail all the way up to 2002. Weird ask I know, but does anyone know any cool abandoned buildings or whatever in or around Durham?

I’ve actually seen a ghost or some kind of entity there. Located about a half hour east of Oshawa, sits a quaint little village with a lot of history. Screams have been heard as well, and the Legislature Building is said to be haunted by many ghosts. Keg Mansion is said to be haunted by Lillian, a maid who hanged herself in 1915 on the premises.

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