Veterinary School: Texas A&M University Veterinary School: Texas A&M University

Residency: Michigan State University Dr. Yoshimi Iwaki received her DVM at Hokkaido University in Japan. About the Service The mission of the Radiology Service is to provide imaging services for patients of the Auburn University Teaching Hospital — Wilford and Kate Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospital, the JT Vaughan Large Animal Teaching Hospital and the Auburn University Veterinary Clinic. Veterinary School: Atlantic Veterinary College Laurie Lyn BUrton, R.T. (R) All imaging modalities are linked to a central computer (PACS), which provides permanent storage of the images and allows viewing access throughout the hospital within minutes of completion of an examination. Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Dental Veterinary School: University of California, Davis Residency: Colorado State University These units are also used for teaching laboratories, and for after-hours radiography. Veterinary School: Massey University Evaluation of the nasal passages and orbits as well as assessment of trauma to the skull are common examples of the use of computed tomography at Auburn.

The digital images can be manipulated to change the contrast of the tissues or magnify certain areas, which is not possible with traditional images. Ophthalmology and Cardiology sections provide OFFA services as well.

Three dimensional radiation therapy planning software uses the patient’s computed tomographic or magnetic resonance images to plan precise radiation doses to the cancerous tissue. AUCVM Radiology section cooperates with the Neurology section to offer Syringomyelia (Chiari-like) screening using MRI. Gated cardiac studies and abdominal organ evaluation are available. Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Radiology Natalie Royer, LVT Samantha Jackson, R.T. (R) Bone scans for metastatic disease are also available. Veterinary School: University of Florida

Nuclear medicine scans involve injecting a short-acting radioactive agent into the patient, and images of the radiation emitted from the patient are recorded using a gamma camera. CT can be used to aid in lesion localization and can also be used to assess spinal cord compression by disc protrusions or other lesions. Veterinary School: Purdue University Residency: University of Tennessee Veterinary School: University of California Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Radiology Residency: Colorado State University

Ultrasound is essential for evaluation of congenital defects. The Radiology Service has six board certified veterinary radiologists, two of which are also board certified in radiation oncology.

Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Radiology After moving to Canada, he completed a small animal medicine and surgery rotating internship at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic/Referral Centre (VEC) in Toronto in 2014. Veterinary School: Massey University Residency: University of Minnesota

Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Radiology

Multiple levels of bone scans are available and include whole body, front half, back half, back half plus C spine, and clinician-selected regions of interest.

Veterinary School: University of Tennessee Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Radiology Multiple treatments are administered in treating cancer with radiation, the precise schedule and number of doses are determined by the goals of treatment.

Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Diagnostic Imaging We can email temporary links from the PACS to veterinarians enabling them to view images of their referred patients. Kimberly Bryan, R.T. (R)(M) The Holland Ware Imaging Center houses a 1.5 Tesla Philips Infinion Magnetic Resonance Scanner (MRI). Digital radiology benefits your pet by allowing faster examinations and better quality images for evaluation by the radiologist. Nuclear medicine provide information about the location of disease processes and give veterinarians information about the function of organs. Detail of the bony structures is greatly enhanced with computed tomography. AU CVM Radiology 3 Panel Brochure Approved Final.indd 4-6 4/8/16 8:54 AM

CT or MRI images are imported into sophisticated treatment planning software which is used to create a custom radiation therapy plan to precisely deliver the desired dose to the patient’s cancer. Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Radiology

Jeanie Roberts, ultrasound assistant Residency: University of Wisconsin-Madison

All rights reserved. Meet Our Veterinary Teleradiology Team Review the credentials of our board-certified veterinary radiologists and specialty clinicians who are dedicated to delivering timely telemedicine consultation … In February of 2015, teaching hospital installed two technologically-sophisticated radiographic units offering additional capabilities, including a 17×17-inch digital fluoroscopy, linear tomography, and image stitching, as well as routine diagnostic imaging. Board Certification: ACVIM, Specialty: Cardiology

Veterinary School: Tuskgee University

Residency: Tufts University Auburn University’s radiology staff is happy to help you with your imaging cases. Veterinary School: University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Arroyave graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Antioquia in Colombia in 2006. For the ambulatory service or when large format 14×17-inch radiography is needed, computed radiography (cassette based digital radiography) is available. Residency: University of Tennessee/Colorado State University Residency: Virginia-Maryland Regional College Veterinary School: Louisiana State University

Veterinary School: University of California, Davis

Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Radiology Auburn, Alabama 36849 | Phone: 334.844.4546 | A - Z | Directions | Privacy | Website Feedback | Copyright | Accessibility, Wilford & Kate Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Gregory T. Almond, DVM, MS, DACVR (Radiology, Radiation Oncology). Faculty and staff are expanding ways in which MRI can help patients, similar to methods used by medical physicians in imaging people, including cardiac and abdominal organ evaluation. Digital radiology is the acquisition of radiographic images in a digital format that are displayed on a computer screen rather than being printed on radiographic film and viewed on a light box.

The Radiology Service, in conjunction with the Internal Medicine Service, offers diagnostic evaluation and I-131 treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats. In the future, Penn-hip Registration will be available.

The digital imaging system at Auburn University allows the viewing of the radiographic image in as little as 4 seconds. Veterinary School: Texas A&M University Residency: Ohio State University

Thea Partin, CNMT, R.T. (N), PET, NCT [email protected] Dr. Cole graduated from the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. We have state-of-the-art machines in Vaughan Large Animal and Bailey Small Animal facilities. After graduation, she completed an International Oncology Fellowship at Michigan State University, Oncology Internship at Auburn University, and a rotating Internship at Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Canada. Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Radiology

Residency: Texas A&M University

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Residency: University of Pennsylvania

Veterinary School: University of Pennsylvania Residency: University of Wisconsin Residency: Washington State University The initial workup typically involves blood work, thoracic radiography and possibly an echocardiogram (for hyperthyroid-induced cardiac disease).

Computed tomography uses x-rays to create cross-sectional images of area of the patient being evaluated. Residency: Auburn University We have four direct readout digital radiology systems in the Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospital and one direct readout digital system in the JT Vaughan Large Animal Teaching Hospital. Veterinary School: Auburn University Prior to treatment with I-131 a nuclear medicine thyroid scan will be performed to confirm the diagnosis and make sure the appearance of the thyroid tissue is compatible with thyroid hyperplasia versus thyroid cancer. If you wish to use our service, you will need to complete the DVMInsight New Client Request form (clicking on this will send you to the form). For more, click here. JT Vaughn Large Animal Teaching Hospital has one direct readout digital system that is used for large animal radiography. Auburn University’s radiology staff is happy to help you with your imaging cases. Residency: Auburn University Residency: University of Georgia This allows the radiologists and clinicians to better evaluate the area that is being examined. Veterinary School: Colorado State University Residency: Colorado State University The Radiology Service also provides digital radiology for patients of the JT Vaughn Large Animal Teaching Hospital in two formats: direct digital radiography and computed radiography. Click here to review the instructions how to set up our referral process. The MRI scanner provides precise localization of the problem, allowing our veterinary neurologists to evaluate the brain or spinal cord to identify problems that previously could only be diagnosed through surgery. Dr. Arroyave worked for a couple of years as an emergency clinician and in 2017, he finished a Radiology Internship at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Board Certification: ACVR, Specialty: Radiology Veterinary School: University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School: Royal Veterinary College, London, England Patients must be anesthetized for treatment, although briefly because the LINAC delivers the radiation dose quickly. CT images are also used to assess extent of disease and plan for radiation therapy in patients with cancer.

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