When I found one on eBay recently I snapped it up purely for nostalgic reasons. Steve L wrote a reply on Build of MCUHacker01's ESP8266 PCXT Emulator .

So why has it remained on the shelf then?

Founders were Gerard Cafesjian and Bagrat Sargsyan. https://sk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avomet#/media/S%C3%BAbor:Avomet-front.jpg The slotted bar is a magnetic shunt which can be moved more or less across the gap for calibration. Still deserving of a place above your bench; I have my remaining analog meter sitting up, facing forward, with leads hanging there for immediate use. jeff stearns wrote a reply on Simple Sane.d front-end for OSX. Very sad. They were great meters, beautifully made and super accurate.

Over here in the states I have an old Weston portable VTVM from ebay (like the one my dad used in the 50’s – 60’s). Have two in my lab, and they’re both rock solid and accurate after 50 years. Avo Khalatyan is on Facebook. Where? It’s a treasure from my youth, that most venerable of British test equipment: the AVO 8.

The SEM was basically an analogue device at that time (but a lovely bit of kit to work with) and he only ever serviced it with an Avometer. Armenian movies channel – from Armenian National Film Center.

This cell is still available from specialist suppliers for AVO owners, but another option has been to incorporate a little switching regulator to generate the required potential. They still make them but everybody went to the better auto ranging digital meters. I saw the photo of the meter, and knew it was going to be Jenny writing the article! Yep, the meter would actuate a mechanical needle acceleration cut out if you applied High voltage to a Low Voltage or current range, even so if you applied enough of a overload it it wasn’t always effective, so we saw many a bent needle as the young apprentices often misused them. Chelsea | New York | USA

And this site has lots of pics, including of the battery compartments, and info about the differences between the marks.

I love the AVO meters handed down to me by my Dad. This would remagnetise the magnets. I work for an engineering company in Cambridge and we still have a Avo in our test gear. Auction Records. If the bar was fully back and the movement was still reading low, The magnets were flat.

Would like to hear of Ms. List’s experiences if she attempted to donate some of her components/materials/equipment and the reaction, if any, of her local ‘hacker’ community. Avo 8 & 9 models were in use in all the studios and edit suites I worked in through the 70s, 80s and 90s, and one work shop still had one in 2004! Why on earth did I hang on to three Philips N1500 VCR system video cassette recorders from the early 1970s!

The movement has balance bars onto which I would melt tiny drops of wax from a cocktail stick so that the meter would read the same in any orientation.

I worked briefly at the Newmarket Road site just before it closed and we all moved to St Andrews Road. Est. I wouldn’t be without the old Avo though. :). How much did they cost? This guy has posted the full manual for the Avo 8 Mk 5 as HTML pages with the circuits and drawings – https://www.petervis.com/avo-meters/avo-8-mk-5-manual/avo-8-mk-5-user-manual.html There are also various sites with PDF downloads, but they are all different marks. One is the familiar D cell while the other is a BLR121, a curious 15 V pile of cells of the type once used in devices such as hearing aids and camera flashes.

Total Sold Value $1,617,316 I would wind 20 turns of wire around the magnets (red parts in the picture ) and connect it to a big box of capacitors charged up to rectified mains voltage, then discharge the caps with a relay I made which used polished (old) penny coins as contacts (they needed to be replaced fairly often). $669,049 - 982,774 [9] The channels did not include advertisements, TV shows were broadcast one day earlier, as well as some shows were released never included in original Armenia TV. [6], In 2016, Armenia TV released first Armenia 4K TV show – "Ancient Kings". As such I have about 5 under my desk here now, including both a fairly young avo 8 mk 5 and mk 7 which are significantly lighter than the older ones. Biography News Video Lyric Shop Website Contact us Babajanyan Fest. My local hacker community has plenty similarly afflicted, I assure you. is still available from specialist suppliers, https://www.petervis.com/avo-meters/avo-8-mk-5-manual/avo-8-mk-5-user-manual.html, http://www.richardsradios.co.uk/avo8.html, https://sk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avomet#/media/S%C3%BAbor:Avomet-front.jpg, http://www.richardsradios.co.uk/index.html, As Facebook Tightens Their Grip On VR, Jailbreaking Looks More Likely, OpenOffice Or LibreOffice? Nerseh Khalatyan is known for painting. Armenia Premium channel, broadcasting exclusively produced shows, movies and sitcoms.

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