How dare you refer to another Black woman as an animal. U ladies must be jealous of OG. That has to be it. Dr. Malek was so compassionate and caring and made my daughter feel so comfortable. She definitely did the correct decision by having her buttocks implanted. These girls are all hypocrites.

Shaunie is only taking up for Evelyn because they’re good friends!Evenlyn has been a d-mn bully thru out the show,with Royce & a few other females, but she couldn’t do that sh-t with Tammi!I think they just don’t like OG period, it’s not a color thing, I think its about power & just trying to make OG feels that she beneth them ( Shaunie & Evelyn) Obviously OG got in Evelyn’s head when she started beating her private parts LMAO! Experience the next level of excellence in oral care at Axiom Dentistry. To have a fight is different from threating to kill somebody and break their bones. I wouldn’t film with her either. Meriwether LA(1), Blen BJ, Benson JH, Hatch RH, Tantbirojn D, Versluis A. The only reason OG did not threatened to break CeCe’s jaw is because both she and her guy are hungry looking for Byron to bring the prize. We are all in the same boat please, OG’s personality is what makes her ugly. Let’s not choose a side that doesn’t uplift black women or empower us. ‘Braxton Family Values’ Drama Led to a Physical Altercation Between Family Members? Bambi is the one with an actual husband. Umm no. Bambi Benson (2014-Present) – Lil Scrappy started dating rapper Bambi Benson in 2014. Our warm and welcoming team looks forward to meeting your whole family. Yall have nothing to say when fired Basketball Wives come out from under rocks to defend OG but you’re upset that a childhood friend is speaking up for Malaysia. Bambi from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta got a brand new smile. They are far from INNOCENT! Love shaunie Kristen and jackie. The VH1 star has fake boobs, and a fake butt And this is her second pair of fake teeth. I’m so tired of all this sensitive sh-t. Just ask the former president and his wife. Evelyn keep looking girl get thay money. OG is not cute. He should not arguing with any of the cast mbrs.

Skin lightning or whatever Malaysia does appear to appear to have gotten lighter based off of pics she post and on the show. I stroll through the social media sites and I noticed that we are the most vicious towards our own. Fact is the photo of OG’s toe hanging out of her shoe was funny as h-ll. Og is in secure with her complexion and that is too bad for her.

Malaysia should pay this dumb sh-t dust. The tattoo also has some kind of writing that ends up below her left breasts. Glad cece quit, Nadine Nadine I agree with everything you said and like I said before you can come from the hood and still be a hoodrat but just because you came from the hood that’s your choice to be what you want to be and money don’t buy you class and this old g she should go back from the whole way she crawl from because if she’s not willing to change her attitude and her appearance to make herself look better and not look like some ghetto bunny I can’t stomach hurt and don’t use that dark-skinned woman caught because I burned a dark-skinned child and it ain’t got nothing to do with her attitude she don’t go around talking about she going to kill somebody and put her hand around they throw give it a rest OG, Malaysia looks the same to me, so idk wtf they talking about. I would really appreciate if you ladies would stop calling OG an ape this is not who we are.

She could be using a better face cleanser or maybe her makeup with the highlighting. OG has self love and affirmations, intelligent enough to not actually kill someone, even though they provoke her to want to do so, loyal to her true friends, just like Bambi, actions and receipts to back up what she says, thick skin, and I respect her for ALL that! Talking about toes and alleged fake clothes… How about they find some truth? I’m team OG! Did you agree with white racist when they referred to our former President Obama as an ape? Author information: (1)College of Dentistry, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN, USA. I’m 47 years old, it’s sad to look at women of color taking us backwards. He is a popular American rapper and record producer. Copyright © 2020 Urban Belle Media, LLC. She did bleach her skin… She went 1 or 2 shades lighter… Look at previous pictures of her and her ex-husband and kid.

First of all evelyn and malaysia are not scared of og it’s simply the fact that of is not happy inside she knows she is not attractive and a couple of them made it clear that they know she isnt attractive either..she is angry because of thi fact kind of like the type of girl that wants to fight the pretty girls to have a chance to scratch their faces have a chance to pull their hair..those beauties ain’t going for that..been there learned that in high school and in the later yrs of ugly girls that are jealous true..she is not worth them fighting they wanna make an example and her boyfriend is a b… h for verbally attacking feby..he supposed to be a man why u in girl drama? From a series of tattoos that the eminent star has, Benson has a lot of designs inked on her left hand. And Evelyn need to to get her a man.

Although I likr OG and Malaysia I don’t believe Malaysia has bleach her skin and OG is just reaching or it could be that she is paranoid because we dark skin ladies and girls get alot of mistreatment from some of our lighter skin counter points I don’t believe the ladies on the show are doing that, but they are bullies and OG is in no way ugly she did have to step up her wig game from last session and she did but other then that she is pretty in my opion and Evelyn is just an old wash out whore. OG never assaulted anyone – she actually stopped Evelyn from attacking CeCe while she was trying to walk away. People need to do there research before saying she don’t cause they do for the fame and money. Thank you! If you prefer to speak to a team member, please call. You have been bullied by them yourself, and Bambi and Brandy had your back. OG IS JUST MAD BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT SHE DOES NOTHING CHANGES!!! From top to bottom, there are several drawings on her hand. Of is a trouble maker she is not very nice nor is she nice looking. Her playing lingerie football doesn’t make her exempt to losing a fist fight. All Rights Reserved. I really don’t care, I don’t think OG should have went there but clearly they talk behind her back and say terrible things about her. I’m just really disappointed. Fiby too young to hang with the older women and bring her 6th grade bullying on the show to try and fit in. The upper part of her left hand has a big floral design, probably rose flower and it also has some kind of writing in it. OG has a back bone and will not let anyone bully her. The only reason why she didn’t want OG on stage with the other cast is because Evelyn Ass was scared she wants to white wash the sh-t that her grown 44 yr old A-s does all the time starting to think Shaunie scared of Evelyn “I asked her and she said she didn’t mean it like that so I believe her” Bye miss me with all that this grown a-s HOE running around patting her coochie WOW so lady like that exactly why Evelyn Classless A-s can’t keep a Man. Malaysia have bleach her skin she is lying talking about she didn’t ray Charles can see that she bleach lying tail hefer. At Axiom Dental, our mission is to provide comprehensive dental services that will enhance your smile as well as your health and comfort. Come on ladies this show is about beautiful women succeeding in life and becoming a sisterhood and believing in one another Supporting each other.

OG IS SOOOO MESSY AND IF YOUR HONEST SHE STARTED THIS DISPUTE ABOUT MALAYSIA BLEACHING HER SKIN!!!! Dental Surgery is something that the reality television actress has been very familiar with. The 33 years old rapper Benson has had a breast implants surgery that helped her to achieve bigger sized breasts as compared to how she had them in the past. Malaysia may not gave bleached her skin but she definitely not a fan favorite anymore with her following a-s smh.

How would you feel if someone threatened to break your neck or blatantly kill you?

exactly with his handsome self but why are ppl saying he got her whole old face…from what I have known Bambi is all natural.”, Glam Ma #Breland? That is what friends do. That just make her look like a basketball groupie. F-ck calling her one of most racist descriptive slurs that’s used for our race by the KKK Evelyn should have done what she normally does and fight. You are punk when you continuously go after people who are scared to fight you but claim you don’t wanna fight the person who is ready to throw down with you. We ain’t crazy. 8,206 Likes, 123 Comments - The Bam (@adizthebam) on Instagram: “I used to be so against closure wigs until recently. Yes yes , of has a point Malaysia’s doing something because her skin is lighter . I see nothing wrong with Bambi defending her best friend.

As you can see, there have definitely been some changes on Bambi's body which are of course the outcome of the plastic procedure that she underwent. I bet you have flaws she is her own beauty who determines what beauty is . Shaniue you a boss b-tch love you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it should come from within. A post shared by ✨The Bam✨ (@adizthebam) on Nov 16, 2018 at 1:13pm PST, One fan told the beautiful family: “Bambi twin He’s a beautiful golden baby congratulations to you both this is definitely gonna bring you guys even closer. She even showed her new flawless smile on her Instagram video where she was just smiling and trying to every part of the teeth that she managed to renovate. So I’m confused as to why it’s ok for bambi to take up for her friend but og cant. Ask Megan Markle if this is racist. You are so right and by those call her a ape shows their ugliness and ignorant,like you said fist she is a person not a animal with feelings and she is pretty as well, she may interject where she need not be sometime but that is just being a friend, they have try to drag and her and she shown them that they can not and has made it clear a joke is a joke but when it goes too far it becomes annoying. Now her best friend Bambi is responding to the accusations made by OG, too. D-mn near 50 what an example, All I know is half of the people on here that’s taking up for the females that have been accused of colorism, which really looks more like elitism in my opinion cannot spell worth a d-mn d-mn. That’s why I couldn’t understand why Evelyn and them were mad at OG not letting Ev run up on Cece in Costa Rica. NOPE!

OG just angry n not comfortable with herself. This breaks my heart. Call Us Today at: (919) 298-2098, © 2020 Axiom Dentistry. @brelandrichardson is 8 weeks today ? FOH! It didn’t come out nowhere when OG said other people see it to. And you biscuit head h**s that hate on OG probably be the same ones talking bad about people for NO REASON.

I think those ladies aren’t used to people standing up to them. The 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHATL)' Adizia Benson aka Bambi has gone under the knife and had four plastic surgeries done to enhance her body. She collaborated with Urban Skin Rx and has a hydrating gel mask called Skin Quench. At Axiom Dentistry, we offer competitive pricing, special offers and payment options to ensure our new and loyal patients get the best deal, while receiving the best dental treatments to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile.

Later morons , I’m done watching that MESS!! I am just confused as to how a joke regarding OG’s toe hanging out of her shoe has turned soo ugly. Now if yall gone say something speak facts and truth not just because yall like a person. Bambi stated that Malaysia hasn’t changed her skin. OG was a perfect fit. Gizelle Bryant & Karen Huger Fall Out over Jamal Bryant? They are racist. Since becoming a dentist, he has found that he particularly enjoys meeting and establishing long-term relationships with his patients. I agree shaunie should say something to Evelyn about calling OG an ape. There’s been continuous opportunities for someone to pull up but have they, or will they? That’s why she kept saying things about evenly. She was bleaching. Evelyn is very nice looking no matter what she is.

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