Jon looks back at some of his most successful turnarounds and asks the audience to share some of their favorite rescue memories.

Back to the Bar: The Tradewinds of Change. After losing her military-veteran-father, an overworked and overbearing mother needs her son to step up and fill the void left by her former right-hand-man. Jon helps bring a golf-themed establishment up to par by getting rid of the grime and reassessing the staff. Two scientists struggle with the correct formula to run a successful bar. The new owners of Schafer's Bar & Grill accuse their manager -- the bar's former owner -- of sabotaging the business in order to take it back. A decade after a husband and wife left for corporate jobs, they repurchase the Speakeasy Bar & Grill and discover it isn't what it used to be. When the owner of Jolt'n Joe's in San Diego was diagnosed with cancer, he began leaning on his manager, but a broken promise over sweat equity threatens to run the bar into the ground. Jon attempts to rescue Eliphino, a Las Vegas dive bar struggling because of an owner who makes bad decisions and more enemies than friends. Jon goes to Orange County, CA, and attempts to revitalize Pineapple Hill Grill, a neighborhood bar whose owner's hands-off approach puts patrons at risk. About Bar Rescue Veteran nightlife expert Jon Taffer is on a mission to save bars on the brink of shutting down. After years of running a successful bar in Las Vegas, all bets are off for an owner who spends more time drinking than running his bar. A former doctor decides to run The Bridge Lounge, his father's once-successful bar, but runs into trouble when the BP oil spill devastates the local customer base. A soccer mom turned strip club owner refuses help from her daughter even though she's trained in hospitality management.

Sign in to see videos available to you. Season six of the series revolves around many events. To save The Abbey Pub, a historic music venue in Chicago, Jon must make peace between the sibling managers who don't see eye-to-eye. Jon calls in award-winning chef Kevin Bludso and master bartender Shawn Ford to help revive The Wanted Saloon bar in rural Tennessee.

Bar Rescue. Jon is in Albuquerque, NM, to help Commander Rudy and his staff recruit young veterans to become members and inject new life into his VFW Post 6216 bar and hall. If Jon is going to save the Liquid Lounge in Long Beach, CA, the first thing he has to do is eliminate the bar's serious ant problem. In a Bar Rescue first, Jon Taffer helps a failing Detroit strip club in the hopes of stimulating profits before the entire business goes bottoms up.

Season 3 of Yellowstone is already in production, and the cast and crew talk about what to expect, including new characters, new romances and new threats to the Duttons. A family-owned bar is put at risk when a son's excessive drinking and poor management choices begin to attract an X-rated clientele.

Bad drinks, wild staffs and wasted owners conspire against him and his experts as they give failing businesses one last shot at success. Jon faces a real challenge with Cashmere Nightclub in North Carolina, where the wild manager thinks it's OK to sell cheap booze from pricey bottles. Jon comes to rescue Crossroads Grille where the three female bartenders are out of control, flirting with the customers, twerking in the kitchen and drinking on the job. Jon tries to tame three firefighter brothers with mercurial mood swings and help save their sinking Sunnyside, New York, bar before it goes belly up. Deep in debt to his in-laws, a clueless owner evokes the wrath of Jon and his own staff due to his passive approach towards running his dream bar. A novice owner opens a bar to help cover his sister's medical bills, but when he staffs it with his equally inexperienced relatives, the business quickly becomes a money pit. Jon is called in to rescue LIV, a Las Vegas establishment lacking an identity, deprived of leadership and hampered by a chatty waitress with a heavy pour hand. Jon -- joined by rapper T-Pain -- is in Sacramento, CA, to convince Kings fan Chris he needs to change his sports bar concept if he's ever going to make money. © 2020 Spike Cable Networks Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The owner of the Summit House Grill and Tap has pushed his marriage and business to the breaking point by drinking away his financial sorrows and hitting on female patrons.

Can Jon get the bar back off the ground, or will a mother-daughter feud cause a failure to launch? Jon provides a wake-up call to the owner of Barley Pop's Bar & Grill, who developed a severe drinking problem after suffering a pair of tragedies. 1. Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2016. Jon has to straighten out the abrasive owner of the St8 Pub, who has squandered a generous deal from the landlord and taken advantage of his mother financially. 10.

Jon returns to Puerto Rico, where he used to live, to rescue a bar destroyed by Hurricane Maria and to help revive the rest of the community.

In a struggling military bar, a distrustful owner spends her time spying on her staff instead of watching the bottom line. Episode 06: Back To The Bar: Don't Call It A Comeback, Episode 09: Crazy Little Thing Called Selman, Episode 11: Back to the Bar: Blue in the Frog Face, Episode 13: Back To The Bar: The Power Of Bacon And Beer, Episode 19: Bar Rescue: Operation Puerto Rico, Episode 20: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Fatballs, Episode 23: Back to the Bar: The Tradewinds of Change, Episode 25: The Lights Come Back in Puerto Rico, Episode 35: Big Trouble In Little China Grove, Episode 43: Stix and Stones May Break Your Bar. A pair of brothers can't see eye to eye on how the business is run, so one of them takes a run. A roach infestation is just one of many problems Jon must face in order to save Headhunters, a fetish-themed tiki bar and music venue in Austin, Texas. Back to the Bar: Don't Call It a Comeback. 3. King, Russell Davis, Mia Mastroianni, Nicole Taffer, Brian Duffy, Nancy Hadley, Tiffany …

Country of origin: United States: No.

After a fatal club shooting, Jon must work to rehabilitate the reputation of the Mystique Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL. Please try again later or get our premium subscription. An Irish bar owner's American dream threatens to go up in smoke when Jon discovers he's been withholding employees' paychecks to keep the business afloat. A soccer mom turned strip club owner refuses help from her daughter even though she's trained in hospitality management. Past Ink Master competitors get a chance to settle the score against old rivals on the all-new series Ink Master: Grudge Match. Two best friends are acting more like jackasses than owners and find themselves on the verge of losing their dream. Taffer is assisted by Alexander Siddig and Iddo Goldberg, the stars of TUT, to help him rescue a Moroccan bar with an identity crisis. Add Image. A son takes over the failing family business and must battle his belligerent father, a volatile cook and a filthy kitchen. Please disable AdBlocker in your browser for our website. A 40-year-old dive bar in California is on the brink of collapse, and Jon must decide if the owner should stay in charge as manager or cede power to his daughter. After the Bungalow Bar in Rockaway, NY, was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, Jon helps the owner rebuild in time for summer beach season. Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2016, Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2016. At a college alumni bar, Taffer is forced to deal with a hot-headed sports bar owner whose fiery temper keeps his staff on edge and his million dollar debt on ice. When a military veteran/bar owner responds to criticism of his philanthropic work with nasty comments online, his business is sent into a tailspin. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Owners Scott and Donna face foreclosure if Jon is unable to rescue Kid Chilleen's Badass BBQ by evicting the bar's equine and biker visitors. A bar and a marriage are on the line as Jon helps owners Tim and Sara save The Brixton, which is rapidly driving the couple into debt.

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