If play is tied after nine innings, you can play extra innings to determine a winner, just like regular baseball. If the fielding team's number is higher it’s an out. To demonstrate how the game works, we'll use a few players from the 2013 season of our fictional Baseball America card set. Step 1. Santana vs. Scherzer: Blue Dice = 7 Yellow/White = 41, Result STRIKEOUT and the top of the inning ends with the Dominican Republic leading 1-0. for the new and improved instructions and new 609 pitcher and 619 batter player cards now. Grab a pair of dice and a sheet of paper, and get ready to enjoy a game of baseball, no matter what your athletic ability. After 3 outs switch sides and continue following the rules stated before. If you really want to perform well in your sport, then you should not settle for a low grade Baseball Gloves.

If men on base. george nebesnik is very clear to say this game is NOT a variant of Statis Pro while it may have many similarities to the game.

Random Number falls within the Batters Range for a Double or Home Run = Clutch Batting result is a Home Run. Draw a baseball diamond with 4 bases and a scoreboard. The Numbers by the F, L, G or DP show which players recorded the outs (1 = P, 2 = c, 3 = 1st baseman, 4 = 2nd baseman, 5 = 3rd baseman, 6 = shortstop, 7 = leftfielder, 8 = rightfielder and 9 = rightfielder.).

You can also use the SR ratings to determine when a starting pitcher gets tired, and RR for a reliever.

Roll to see who goes first. If the batting team chooses to have another hitter follow the previous rules. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. DICE Baseball includes individual player cards for every team and uses a pitching control system much like the Statis Pro PB system. The best thing about this game is that everyone should already have all of the necessary pieces to play somewhere in their house. On a grounder (G) or double play (DP) the first number gets the ball and throws it to the other players, so if the ball goes to "3" the batter is thrown out, a "4" or "6" means a runner is out and 2nd base, a "2". If the batters number is higher they advance a base. Since then, its been yanking on perforated sheets and playing B-ball on the charts. The player with the most is the winner. Random Number falls within the Batters Range for a Triple = Clutch Batting Result is still a triple. The 6-sided die is rolled one more time, and this time if the number is equal to or less than. If the batter rolls a 6 and the fielding team rolls a 1 it’s a home run. After 3 outs switch sides and continue following the rules stated above. For high school students there is a statistics lesson. Ozuna vs Scherzer: Blue Dice = 2 Yellow/White = 25, Result STRIKEOUT, 2 outs, runners still on first and third base.

2. Tally up the number of runs after nine innings.

You subtract one every time he finishes an inning or gives up a hit, walk, hpb or earned run until he is down to 0, then replace him with a reliever or start to reduce his PB by 1 for each of those things happening. When a player gets a hit with runners on base, the runners should advance the number of bases the hitter advanced. Let's play a few minutes of HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL! A roll of three or four is a strikeout, five or six is a ground out, six is an error, seven or eight is a fly out, nine is a single, ten is a double, eleven is a triple, and two and twelve is a home run. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

DICE Baseball is a baseball game that uses dice for a quick and accurate replay. Leave some space on the piece of paper to keep score.

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