Beth Root: Protective- Reversing curses and hexes. The essential oil is derived from the peel of the fruit. Bergamot tea is useful for fever and stomach problems and can be used as a gentle sleep aid. Use it to help you resolve conflicts in a way that keeps your self-worth intact without inflicting harm on others. Bergamot is one of our nine herbs/woods/flowers that we put into our Prosperity Witch Bottle that we sell in our shop. tract.

Other magical associations for bergamot include peace, confidence, and harmony. Please give us a like and a 5-star rating. Wild bergamot is feminine in nature and associated with the moon and the element of air. ( Log Out /  Spiritual Properties: Bergamot is the royal oil because it puts your mind into what is called ‘rightful place’. Sign up for our mailing list so you will know when a new blog hits the press! Bergamot gives you the crown and sceptre of … Other magical associations for bergamot include peace, confidence, and harmony. Bergamot’s leaves, flowers, and stems are used in holistic medicine as an antiseptic, carminative, diaphoretic, diuretic, and stimulant. ( Log Out /  You can sprinkle a bit of the herb into your wallet amongst your folding money or in your coin purse. Found in: Calm Invincibility Body Scrub, Busy Bee Honey Cream, * Assessment report on Citrus bergamia Risso et Poiteau, Aetheroluem Eurpean Medicines Agency September 13, 2011, Design and original artwork by Shaw Kinjo. Bergamot is not only for wealth. The spiritual message of this beautiful citrus is a reminder that you are the one and only authority in your life. Bergamot’s affinity is particularly for the upper digestive system, so conditions of unbalance in the stomach, upper intestinal tract, and gallbladder are best candidates for Bergamot. This herb has high psychic vibrations that will enhance any magickal working. My list of herbs might speak to you, or you might need to dive into the books and the internet to find other options. Promotes generosity. Tea drinkers may recognize its floral, citrus scent as part of the unique flavor of Earl Grey tea, which is made with bergamot oil. Bergamot also has a strong association with prosperity, and is used in plenty of magic related to success. On the emotional and spiritual levels, bergamot essential oil is great for relieving stress, grief, and depression, and enhancing joy and strength. Healing: The Encyclopaedia of Magjical Herbs by Scott Cunningham

Dripping some directly onto coins and bills is also useful, especially if you then spend that money on items relating to your goal. During my research into Bergamot I delved into my Culpeper’s English Physician and Complete Herbal which has no mention of Bergamot, nor any of its other names. Change ).

Used as a base for incense. Simmer the leaves for 10 minutes to bring out their full flavor. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Bergamot—the oil of ‘rightful place’— builds the energetic strength, awareness, and confidence required as a foundation within so you can begin to hold onto that type of neutrality. Forn Sidr, Heathenism, Northern Paganism, or Faith of the Old Gods, The Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Crystals and Gemstones. Instagram: @thewandcarver, Bergamot is originally native to Morocco and tropical Asia it is grown commercially in the Ivory Coast and is extensively cultivated in Southern Italy. From both an Aromatherapy & a metaphysical point of view we can benefit from the essences of plants & the Minerals & Crystals we source from the earth to calm, centre, heal & relieve our stress, depression & anxiety. Folklore Fun posts © 2017-2025 All Rights Reserved. Essential Oils, Hydrosols, dried Herbs & leaves...all are great ways to experience the benefits although Essential Oils are the best known...❤️Mercury has just come out of retrograde (April 15) so it’s a great time to consider ways & means of calming & centring ourselves in the Natural World...enjoying what Gaia/Mother Nature/ Great Goddess has provided for us~There is a great relationship between Essential Oils & Crystals - how they relate to our moods, emotions, health & wellbeing. Experience. Smile! Bergamot reminds you of your own strength—that you have the have the right to be here, and that it’s time for you to take your own seat of authority. It should also not be used by pregnant women. And also Tarot.

Inhaling the scent of bergamot is uplifting to the inner self and can promote restful sleep—which is key to maintaining an overall balance of mind, body, and spirit! It can help us reconnect to our higher selves, lightening us up so that we can once again enjoy humor and happiness. Bergamot, whether used as the herb itself or as an oil, is one of the most-used herbs when trying to draw wealth and abundance to ones’ self. Enjoy. Deity: Osiris, Sobek, Nephthys It reminds you and empowers you to your free will.

Keep in mind that as a multi-purpose herb you must enchant the herb to do whichever of its powers you require most from it for each spell or other use. Zodiac: Gemini and Libra Place three drops of the oil on your purse or wallet to attract cash, or use it in a sachet to bring success in all your endeavors.

It is also used in many classic fragrance blends. I loved them, so organized and full of my favourite big medical words like 'cicatrizant' (which sounds like a fun dance, but is really a fancy term for 'helps skin to heal'). Several citrus oils fall into this category, but bergamot poses a substantially higher risk than any other. ], Speaking of Witch Wands & Magickal Things Etsy Shop, the complete herbal and english physician, What’s Your Birth Tree is the New What’s Your Star Sign, ☆Nifty Buckles Sharing Folklore from around the World *Pumpkin spice coffee aficionado* *Autumn, nature, animal & book appreciator* Nifty Buckles ©2017-2025 All Right Reserved. Magically, bergamot is strongly associated with the Sun, and is used in rituals to clear the mind and spirit, dispelling the shadows of depression, despondency, and fogginess that can come from focusing too much on worry and problems. For gambling luck or money luck in general, carry a small sachet full of Bergamot and other money/luck drawing herbs is very effective.

Spiritual Properties: Bergamot is the royal oil because it puts your mind into what is called ‘rightful place’. ), New Arrivals! Other Names: Orange Mint, Bee Balm, Horsemint, Monardo, Many thanks for reading our blog! My favorite resources for herbs include: Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs; Lexa Rosean’s Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients [Tarot & Oracle:Decks & Books], 'VHF PRIVATE COLLECTION' Intense Crème with Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol, Room Fragrances-Oils, Sticks (Incense) and Sprays, 100 gram Embossed Soap Range - French Triple Milled [Original], 200 gram Embossed Soap Range -French Triple Milled, Immune - Boosting Pure Essential Oil Kit, Animal & Bird carved figurines in various Crystal/Minerals, Rutilated, Tourminalated & Included Quartz. It was first cultivated around Bergamo, from where it takes its name.

That means you have the understanding that you’re in the right place at the right time—you are always in your perfect moment. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ( Log Out /  There are many ways in which to use it to that end. Note: Bergamot is a photosensitizing oil, meaning that it can cause severe burns if worn on the skin during exposure to the Sun. Powers: Draws wealth and abundance, protection, health Make an incense of benzoin, cinnamon, and basil to attract customers to your place of business. We use the term monograph in herbology to refer to a piece of writing that gathers together information about a particular herb or plant.

Bergamot, or citrus aurantium bergamia, is an essential oil commonly used for money and success.To attract money, wealth or success in general, place three to five drops of Bergamot oil in your wallet, purse and pockets. Our research is a little different, but I still wanted to share our information, about the spiritual aspects of different plants and herbs using the familiar structure of the time-honoured monograph, so I give you the 'spiritual monograph'! We hope you enjoyed it and would very much appreciate if you would share us using the social media buttons below.

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