1991All Have commemorative sticker stating 1972-19911991 320 - 1991 420 - Available in Chrome, Red, Yellow or Blue.

19931993 RL 340 - 1993 RL 440 -1993 RL 540 - 4130 frame/fork.

Chrome would come to the lineup in spring of 1981. MX-II vs. Series-IIIEarly skinwalls & KKT alloy pedals.1981 600 MX-II 4130 frame & down tube decals, same as 700 but came with Sugino 4130 1 piece cranks & KKT steel pedals.1981 520 unknown specs.All three came in only Blue, Red, Black & White. 8609340  1986, September, bike number 340. It seems to hold up and here it is.Mongoose serial numbers are usually found stamped on the bottom of the bottom bracket. ST as in Series Three as in MX-II? Any larger tube Squarebacks.

1990 Three (300) - 18th Anniversary model, uses a Series-III type frame. The just the year stamp remained - dropping the decade. This guideline also applies to Team Mongoose, Supergoose, Jag, Blue Max, Roger DeCoster, Super-X, and  Moto-Trac frames. You Trying To Be Crazy Playboi Carti, NB: There are a few anomailes to this, that do show up from time to time. The serial numbers were hand stamped on the bottom bracket tubes then packed in (empty beer) boxes waiting to be welded to frame tubes. This feature carried over for the first few years till the ashtabula forks were replaced with the more rounder style Tange made forks. When I started looking into finding out how to read Mongoose serial numbers I found plenty of information on Mongoose BMX bikes made in the 80’s and early nineties through google and BMX forums.

Forklifter stems.

Again, the C stands for Cromoly to make note of which frames were updated with Cromoly. Arranged by Horsepower. The letter that follows that may be the month.This is speculation based on the bikes age. TT & DT outside diameter was 1 1/4."

This applies to all frames made, EXCEPT those starting with the letter "M" as these frames were made in the Merida factory in Taiwan.) We have been told that when the company was sold the new owners only wanted complete boxed bikes and the rest of the stock of frames were destroyed. Fully painted finish or all chrome. **Sure looks like the 4 is for 1984 & the 01,05 etc for the month, with the run number following**, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Pointer Setter Mix, 1984/19851984 500 A - 4130 Series III frame set(MX-III).

1990Blue=Pacific Blue, Red=Rio Red, Yellow=Solar Yellow, & Gray=CarbonColor was front end with Gray or Chrome the back end. C = March Two tone paint & chrome finish.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Sugino Maxy-Cross cranks. Tapered Proline 4130 forks. If a frame or component is deemed to be defective within the specified warranty period, it … As with the other 3 cracks, this holds up too.For early 1980's Haro serial number information refer In the early 1990's the Haro BMX serial number system changed, the build month often became a letter from A to L. The basic build year stamp remained - A91H. ).Available Frame ID > Serial # Interpreting the Serial numbers and features on BMX Products, Inc. Frames. The second letter may mean something, but its not the Formula people have been saying.

Jeremy Dow Ice Pilots, Re: Haro serial number decoding please help !!!

That would work with the below bikes sequence. For the most part the early Mongoose frames from 1975 and into early 1976 were done with hand stamped 5 digit numbers starting from 10000. A = January

Or maybe a typo & it is supposed to be 8 digits. English 7 = 1977

349470 Unknown Year Redline MX-II or III350291 1981 Redline Proline 2 (had No gusset behind seat, & No CS bridge)350294 Unknown Year, Redline Proline354065 Unknown Year, Redline MX-II357485 Unknown Year, Redline Proline (No CS bridge)363127 Unknown Year, Redline Proline (Redline Oval stamp)375830 Unknown Year, Redline Proline 2 frame (has gusset behind seat, CS bridge, Redline Oval stamp)375996 1982 Redline Proline 2 (has the gusset behind seat, CS bridge, Redline Oval stamp)499612 Unknown Year, Redline MX-III frame502365 1984 Redline MX-III frame (has gusset behind seat, CS bridge, Redline Oval stamp)502867 Unknown Year, Redline Proline (CS bridge)505092 Unknown Year, Redline MX-III frame (has gusset behind seat, No CS bridge, Redline Oval stamp)507159 Unknown Year, Redline MX-III frame (has gusset behind seat, No CS bridge, Redline Oval stamp)510537 Unknown Year, Redline PL-24 (CS bridge), 5 Digits08453 1978-79 Redline Proline.15188 Unknown Year Redline Microline, Giant MadeGiant made should have two separate code areas, 1 on each dropout.G0684 (on one side) First two digits are month, last two digits are year.4673620 (on the other dropout) Run number, G0684 4673620 Giant made, June 1984G0684 5676717 Giant made, June 1984  1984 Redline MX-III (Redline,Hotdog stamp-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, R88041521 - 1988 Redline Proline (800 PXL - April, 1988)R87112584 - 1987 Redline (November, 1987), -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------85 RL REO 03155 (1985, Redline, Built by Code, run number) ???-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. The Amazing World Of Gumball Movie 2020 Release Date, pads as the 700P. throws off the fluid look. Late 1981/1982The ), Second Letter = (Month of Manufacture) up to feb 1985, Second Letter = (Model) only after march 1985 (only for C=cali or E=Expert), Third Letter = (Month of Manufacture) only after march 1985, Remaining numbers = serial number of production (NB: these numbers started again from 0 every month). Both frames looked the same but we need some way of determined the difference due to the frames being nickel plated or powder coated paint ,it was impossible to tell the difference in the material for warranty reasons. new bikes appear in the Oct. 81 issue of BMXA. I especially want to see pics of frames and their serial numbers that are in the following ranges. Proline 2 frame. '05 or '06 reissue retro Sport.

years no decal Identifying the bikes as 600 or 700 etc is on the bike It is a white 500a.The These use a yet. The serial number below can be read in the same way. Strange But True Spoilers, 1980'sJapanese made frames started in 1979RI 79RJ 80RA 81RB 82RC 83. 700 MX-II 4130 frame & down tube decals, Vbars & Redline stem.

MX-II type forks.Available in Red/Gray, Blue/Gray, Yellow/Gray & Black/Chrome1990 Four (400 EXL) - Series-III type frame. Sent us a message to Promotions, new products and sales. When they dropped the "C", it was realised that there was no need for it, as there were other ways to ID a Team/Supergoose (full cromo) frame. 1 16 Scale Pt Boat, J2009981: according to this serial number the frame was manufactured in October of 1982. DSRM 40555038 Only certain info is it is a MX-II or III frame. A low number bike would be early 1974. Judgement Tarot Yes Or No, Learn how your comment data is processed. July 1989 built bike. The new blocky RL logo is on the seat mast sides & headtube.1981/1982 PL-20 Carrera uses a Proline frame, flight cranks & still using Vbars. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Till then all MX-III series used a MX-II frame according to an interview by Len Weed from BMX The 4th digit is most likey the month of production. Two Headed Snake Spiritual Meaning, Look for a letter and number in addition to the C above the five-digit serial numbers. A feature of an early 1975 frame is the brake tab.

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