Having said that, what was the objective [that is what we all asked ourselves sooner or later]: --to win, stabilize, or contain? The married men were trying not to feel the pain of missing wives; I got a Dear John Letter, saying, my gal from Augsburg, Germany, was no longer going to write me: --as I expected, but I did my grieving on leave in St. Paul, Minnesota, a tear, a river destroyed, or was it two rivers, whatever, I can't remember anymore, it was too long ago. ... First Duty Station [1971]." miles from the tri-service area, but could clearly see all the explosions.

by Don O'Fee, VSPA LM 105 [1] The continental shelf of Southeast Asia is relatively narrow at Cam Ranh Bay, bringing deep water close to land. Historically, the bay has been significant from a military standpoint. Likewise, I did appreciate getting away from the snow and cold of both Germany and Minnesota, for the most part.

[14] The depot was operated by the 504th Army Depot. By September, they had employed 1,800 Vietnamese workers for the work, over half of whom were women. They were the normal barracks type "wards," but the patients were more closely monitored. Often times when things got slow, and they often did, you'd be day-dreaming on the porch of the hut, or walking around looking for a stick to wipe your ass with, for there was no toilet paper. But these monster long legged bull-mosquito's and giant cock-roaches, always flying a foot over your head was enough to keep your mind occupied when you had nothing else to think of, and you found yourself walking about at night with a crown of them over your head; -- a giant cockroach falling on your face at night waking you up, and sometimes they would bite you. [6]:140–2, Also in mid-1965, the American construction consortium RMK-BRJ and engineers of the Navy Officer in Charge of Construction RVN returned to construct a new airfield starting with a temporary 10,000-foot (3,000 m) runway with 2.2 million square feet (200,000 square meters) of AM-2 aluminum matting to accommodate jet fighter-bombers. a Kilo unit got an alert. But then we did not want to incite Russia, did we, that was our way of avoiding a nuclear confrontation I suppose; likewise, in Korea, we did not want to incite China, and face a nuclear stand off in that area, that is to say, we'd have had to use those big bombs to stop the horde of oncoming enemy soldiers. SAIGON, South Vietnam, Wednesday, Aug. 25 (AP)—A series of explosions today ripped through the ammunition dump at Camranh Bay, the big United States base 190 miles northeast of Saigon. As the sun was disappearing that day, we had made it back to our hutches in time for dinner.

Sharp, CINCPAC, laying the last AM-2 plank on 16 October 1965.

And San Francisco was also quite a learning experience, which was where I was living for a year prior to going into the Army, and being sent to Augsburg. You go on a peace march, and create a war. It would worry some of my friends, that being, afraid I'd shoot them by accident. Not in the jungle, or out in the ammo dump, only dry-heat, lizards and not too far away the South China Sea coast.

What a way to go, no combat, just bad company. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. [I gave him a nod to assure him I was in dismay, or not sure of anything myself] I didn't know him.

Grenades The next night I was picked to go on post in that area. And although there were 205,000 soldiers in Vietnam upon my arrival, or so I heard, that was not as many as were here a year prior, --in review, they were withdrawing them slowly, where at one point there were 500,000-plus. Operational Report, Lessons Learned Headquarters US Army Support Command, period ending 31 July 1970, signed BG H. R. Del Mar, dated 31 July 1970 (. Let But the married men always wanted to go home; were thinking about home. 483rd Security Police Squadron. To me a peace march should be peaceful and so on and so on, but we see the creation of hysteria; exactly what are they protesting, should it not be their own behavior? One Arrival at Cam Ranh Bay. Since 2011-2014, Vietnamese authorities have hired Russian consultants and purchased Russian technologies to re-open Cam Ranh Bay (a former United States and later Soviet military base) as the site of a new naval maintenance and logistics facility for foreign warships.[2]. You think '...do I go to war today, die and go to hell, or do you think I'll make it home.' Dennis Siluk website: dennissiluk.tripod.com, Article Source: I was on a North Bay kilo post when in the Tri-Service bomb dump area

Hanoi. As the original 25-year lease was nearing its end, Vietnam demanded $200 million in annual rent for the continued operation of the base. We had a sapper attack on 8/25/71.

This preparatory work proved fortuitous when a North Vietnamese trawler was discovered landing munitions and supplies at nearby Vũng Rô Bay in February 1965; the incident led the United States to develop Cam Ranh as a major base. hours. It brought back many memories. Photo of the Cam Ranh Bay AB Munitions area blowing up for 2 days! [8], The Cam Ranh Support Command was the logistical organization controlling the port and depot at Cam Ranh.

That is to say, we should be fighting or training, not doing what we were doing. There was no report of ground attack and no immedi ate explanation for the large number of homes reported de stroyed, but one possibility was that a fire caused by the two rockets spread rapidly. The sand was dry and white, actually perfect for a beach for swimming, and to paraphrase a rumor, there had been talk about this area being turned into a resort type area after the war, it could very well make a good area for a resort, with some financial planning and capitol, it could be perfect, it was actually in the air, or should I say, under consideration, with some American businessmen. It brought back many memories. Have We Become Too Concerned With The Safety Of Children? We also had an orderly room [main office] in front of our military compound [or camp site/complex], a shower room way in the back of the complex, where the outside toilets were, to the left of it, somewhat isolated though; --not bad for a combated zone compound. Some people feel this way is not the right way to respond, but it's the only I know, and a non-violent way I knew, and it's a good old American style way of protesting, I know.

[6]:238 In January 1966, the OICC RVN tasked RMK-BRJ with construction of the Army Ammunition and Logistic Support Facility, consisting of thirty 40-foot (12 m) by 220-foot (67 m) concrete slabs for warehouses and six 140-foot (43 m) by 220-foot (67 m) slabs, 122 ammunition hardstands, and 10 miles (16 km) of roads.

Naval Task Force 38 destroyed most Japanese facilities in an action called Operation Gratitude,[4] after which the bay was abandoned. At the direction of the Navy's Officer in Charge of Construction RVN (OICC RVN), the American construction consortium RMK was directed to begin construction of a 350-foot (110 m) long pier and causeway. Daniel E Williams Coordinates: 11°59′53″N 109°13′10″E / 11.998153°N 109.219372°E / 11.998153; 109.219372. Commander in Chief, Pacific (CINCPAC) foresaw that pier facilities at the natural deep-water bay at Cam Ranh might be useful in the future. Copyright © 2018-2019-2020, 1st Field Trip: Central Highlands, An Khe. [22], On 2 October 2016, US Navy ships USS John S. McCain and USS Frank Cable made the first port visit to Cam Ranh Bay since 1975.[23]. See more ideas about Vietnam war, Vietnam, Vietnam war photos. my area, one of the Tango posts spotted a flash from the mountains over Cam Ranh Bay Bomb Dump Explosion! I had a chance to spend some time with my family and friends whil… Cam Ranh Bay was the largest Soviet naval base outside the Soviet Union, allowing it to project increased power in the East Sea.

RUCKSACK GRUNT – 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry – VIETNAM, A BOOK ABOUT A TEENAGE BOY'S JOURNEY TO BECOMING A VIETNAM WAR VETERAN. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c. In time, the Cam Ranh Bay facility accomplished major vessel repair and dispensed a greater variety of supply items to the anti-infiltration task force. By 30 March, order in the city of Da Nang and in Da Nang harbor had completely broken down. But why complain I told myself, I didn't have to comb my hair, shine my boots, or for that matter, dress to impress the brass [officers], not like in Germany. Nights seemed star-less, no birds singing at all, matter of fact, there were no birds. This begs the question, who wants to live, for surely Charlie, the enemy does, and as I always said, I do, and I said I'd go home all together, or not at all, and if Charlie got in my way, we'd both go to hell together. Or at least that was the way our decision makers were thinking, or so I think. over the radio to all posts. Feb 13, 2019 - Explore Larry Hellie's board "Vietnam Cam Ranh Bay", followed by 131 people on Pinterest. As a vital logistic complex, Cam Ranh Bay continued to function long after the Navy's combat forces withdrew from South Vietnam as part of the Vietnamization of the war. Outside of the hut, was the copper sun descending on top of you as if you could touch the sphere itself; you could cook an egg out on a rock, one of the soldiers tried it, it works. Once the roads were in place to carry heavy equipment, the engineers lengthened the existing pier to 600 feet (180 m) to provide an additional berth for deep-water freighters. K-9, 1971-1972. Cam Ranh Bay U.S. Navy 1970-1971. by: Charles T. Payne ... Cam Ranh Bay - Navy. But, even Cam Ranh Bay was soon in peril. By the end of the year, the Army engineers had added equipment storage platforms, a petrol-oil-lubricants storage area, and port cantonment and support facilities. This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. But that's the way it always is. Four years after the fall of Saigon and the unification of North and South Vietnam, Cam Ranh Bay became an important Cold War naval base for the Soviet Pacific Fleet.

In January 1945 U.S. "Why do you keep your rifle always locked and loaded...?" [6]:143–6[7] A 1.3 million square feet (120,000 square meters) cargo apron using pierced steel planking, airport facilities and utilities, mess halls, and 25,000 square feet (2,300 square meters) of living quarters were also prepared for use by the U.S. Air Force.[6]:148. John Buck ( Mike 4 ), Frank Yarbourgh Another guy to my far south [about 100-feet] found a pop machine and purchased two cold Coke's, drank them down faster than you can count to ten, and must have shocked his system because of the extreme heat, and dropped over as if he was dead, --but he simply just passed out from the change of body temperature. Cam Ranh Bay AB Munitions area exploded and burned for 2 days! The United States command reported five other shelling at tacks across South Vietnam against American units and in stallations, the highest number in several weeks.

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