St. Joseph Communications uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. 0000000936 00000 n 0000016197 00000 n But they’ve also been known to wear out their welcome. 2180 Yonge Street Pursuing money redeemable at only one business might seem quixotic to outsiders, but as Fourre says, “When you’ve got the collecting bug, you’ve got the collecting bug.” For Lemire, it felt like a natural transition from his coin-collecting days, and discovering likeminded enthusiasts encouraged him to continue. “A collector can tell stories and remember things like where they found this rare treasure.”, Elaborate tales abound of collectors ferreting out uncommon coupons by visiting store after store, beseeching staff to let them see as many notes as possible. A 1989 note recently went up for auction with a reserve price of $3,000, showing you can't judge Canada's unofficial second currency by its face value, By Vanessa Hrvatin While Canadian Tire says it recognizes the passion for its money, and will continue to print it, collectors aren’t so sure. ^���>�3��!o�t+�V��_��,���!���������������������0� ����������������������W�W�W�W����3 Canadian Tire Money. Like most people, I had no idea this club existed until my aunt married Lemire a decade ago. 7 surprising things bought with Canadian Tire money, Canadian Tire is getting a digital option.

0000014597 00000 n Your health and safety is our main priority Canadian Tire Corporation continues to implement measures that support the safety and well-being of employees and customers. 0000009328 00000 n

Canadian Tire retail card or a credit card primarily for business or commercial purposes) and, if you have requested a temporary replacement for any card that you have lost, the term card will include that replacement card even though it has not yet been delivered to you or to a supplementary cardmember. “If I tell somebody that I collect Canadian Tire money they usually laugh and say something like, ‘Oh, so you want to buy a new barbecue?’” says Lemire. 0000026689 00000 n 0000004750 00000 n She figured that, rather than advertise low gas prices, Canadian Tire should entice customers to return and buy merchandise from the store. For mask and face covering requirements in-store, please consult your local by-law. Yes, we offer a Curbside Pick Up option at select retailers and locations for online orders. (Milva Salera). A 50-cent note issued in 1958 is now worth upwards of $1,500; this month, an anomalous $2 bill from 1989 went up for auction with a reserve price of $3,000. i for one like the card… Canada had a 25-cent note called the “Shinplaster” that’s been out of print since 1923, notes Fourre, yet people still collect them.

0000001718 00000 n 0000004241 00000 n “When I realized there was a club I thought, ‘Okay, I am not crazy’.”, RELATED: Canadian Tire is getting a digital option.

“I thought I was the only guy doing this,” he says. 2 Have you cancelled any orders from your Owned Brand suppliers as a result of COVID-19? 0000011320 00000 n © Copyright 2020 St. Joseph Communications. RELATED:  7 surprising things bought with Canadian Tire money. Says club director Jerome Fourre: “Yes, I’ve been thrown out of stores before.”, Lemire inspecting his Canadian Tire money collection. We are committed to helping Canadians navigate through this challenging time while protecting the health and well-being of our employees and customers. 0000005492 00000 n “They don’t know that these coupons can actually be worth something.”. Thank you for your patience and understanding. The idea of Canadian Tire money was proposed by Muriel Billes—wife of the corporation’s co-founder A.J. Three years ago, the company launched a digital loyalty program, where money is stored on a card or a smartphone app after every purchase. We continue to work with the factories that make our Owned Brand products to understand their production capacity and our changing demand. 0000004003 00000 n Replacement notes—issued to replace a series of bills damaged during printing—draw interest. We have not cancelled any orders as result of COVID-19. 2��?CFeFEF���S��Tz*��ѹ]�N�8�6��m� �R޾ endstream endobj 14 0 obj <> endobj 15 0 obj <> endobj 16 0 obj <>stream At our stores, expect the following: Our stores are open across the country with enhanced safety measures in place. “Canadian Tire money will still exist if you pay with cash or through a third-party credit card,” says Susan O’Brien, the company’s senior vice-president of marketing.

According to Russell Belk, a professor of marketing at York University’s Schulich School of Business, most collectors are more interested in the story behind their latest find. Our $1M donation to the Canadian Red Cross will help to support the health and well-being of Canadians through the use of its field hospitals, relief supplies, and isolation sites, in addition to the provision of PPE for Red Cross personnel responding to the needs in communities across the country. At Canadian Tire Corporation, we are committed to helping our employees, our customers and the communities we serve navigate through COVID-19 together. He flipped through the wad and stopped abruptly when he came across a $2 bill.

The interest rate is only 6.99% not as much as 20.0% like many other cards.

Measures they have implemented include: providing personal protective equipment to workers, increasing the number of shifts with fewer workers to enable physical distancing, conducting frequent thermal monitoring for early detection, enhancing cleaning and sanitization protocols and providing health care where required. Marc-André Lemire stood at the counter of a Canadian Tire store in Montreal, with a fist full of multi-coloured money he’d just received from the cashier. For more information, please refer to the list above for the measures we are taking to help keep our employees and customers safe. The back of the loyalty cards boast “there’s no paper Canadian Tire money to store”—words to fill a coupon collector with dread. 0000002240 00000 n To share their stories, members hold a dozen or so meetings across the country each year, plus an annual weekend-long swap meet. You can read about the history of Canadian Tire Money.. Canadian Tire Money is given when a purchase is made at a Canadian Tire store or at a gas bar and the payment is made via cash, debit, or gift card. Mismatched serial numbers (the number is printed twice on the back on each bill) or slight alterations to Sandy McTire’s appearance also add value. Many people remember a time when they came across Sandy McTire’s face smiling from a stash in their grandmother’s kitchen cupboard. To learn about the revised return policies, please visit individual retailer websites at Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, Atmosphere, Mark’s and L’Équipeur, Party City, Pro Hockey Life, National Sports and PartSource. 0000021999 00000 n Lemire used to visit 13 Quebec stores a week to load up on bills; he only bothers visiting about three now, because he’s noticed there are fewer notes in circulation.

October 24, 2017, Canadian Tire money bundled at a store in Toronto(Reynard Li/Bloomberg/Getty Images).

We have strong relationships with our factories and communicate frequently in the normal course of our operations. As with legal tender, it takes an old, rare or anomalous bill to attract collectors. At Canadian Tire Corporation, we are committed to helping our employees, our customers and the communities we serve navigate through COVID-19 together. The serial number on the back of the Canadian Tire coupon is what made it special—the amount of space between each of the 10 digits was a few millimetres less than on a standard bill. 0000001185 00000 n Our regular monitoring has continued during the pandemic, and in-person verification, such as factory visits and audits, will be reinstated as it becomes safe for us to do so.

As part of our COVID-19 Response Fund, we provided up to $3M in personal protective equipment and essential products from across our family companies to support frontline healthcare and community workers. What will you do if one of your store or warehouse employees tests positive for COVID-19? 1-800-565-3356 (French), PPE available for employees and customers *, Copyright © Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited 1997 –, Your health and safety is our main priority, Please visit our Store Locator pages for updated hours at.

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