They're called breasts, and every woman has them. Show her that if she had remained sinless, this curse of blood would never have come on her! Carrie goes into a shock-induced trance and locks everyone inside the gym, killing them all, except for a few students who escape through a vent with Ms. Desjarden. Carrie. Directed by Kimberly Peirce and starring Chloë Grace Moretz, it was created after producers felt the 2002 version did not capture modern bullying.

It's not fine! Carrie also obtained the best 18–49 score for a single-part made-for-TV show since ABC's broadcast of Brian's Song in December 2001. I hate Carrie White. I felt something moving down there. That's fantastic! Aren't they beautiful? Carrie then leaves the burning school to walk home, unleashing a wave of destruction throughout the town.

[18] Although Wertheimer claimed that the film's drawbacks were not simply caused by the medium, he did make the criticism that the prom scenes were sapped by the commercial breaks: the filmmakers, he argued, should have opted for a shorter sequence. I might have known it would be red. What happened? [21][22] It was also nominated for the 2003 American Society of Cinematographers Awards in the "Movie of the Week or Pilot (Network)" category; CSI: Miami's "Cross Jurisdictions" won it. Mrs. White, I'd like to contribute five...ten dollars. I've accepted it, Mama! That's up to all of you.

Everyone isn't bad, Mama! [d] Steve Johnson from the Chicago Tribune disagreed, arguing that the flashback structure, "make[s] it more than just a rehash of the first film". I mean you can't even keep that fu**ing light straight! Yes, Ma'am! [5] Randy Miller III of DVD Talk said the home media release evidenced "gaps in the action" caused by the commercials. Look what Tommy gave me, Mama. 2003 American Society of Cinematographers Awards, "It's Not Nice to Make Fun of Carrie, Remember? Thanks for your vote! - Whoa! Aren't they beautiful? [b]

Margaret comes into the bathroom to deem her daughter a witch for destroying the town and then attempts to drown her in the tub. All rights reserved. Other people can do it, I read about it! These interviews reveal the preceding events. The next day, Ms. Desjarden gives the girls a week's detention for their bullying of Carrie. I can see your dirty pillows. [7] Fuller had earlier considered the idea of giving Carrie's abilities to Sue or the creation of "another Carrie", but he deemed killing a character "who is victimized her entire life" as "really cruel". At last, Carrie is provoked into using her powers to confront her mother and Margaret seemingly gives in. Billy. Somebody else did. Any other thoughts? Oh, beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain. This isn't over by a long shot! You wanna get us killed? I don't think any of you have any idea of just how nasty what you did really was. Following this he …

There are a few things I really liked about Carrie (2002) over DePalma's version. Filmed in Vancouver, it was commissioned as a stand-alone feature by the network but the studios intended it as a backdoor pilot for a potential television series. His output has been infrequent, but he has helped in adapting two other King novels to television, It in 1990 and The Tommyknockers in 1993.

[h] Linda Stasi of the New York Post was one of the those who thought a remake was unnecessary, so she had low expectations for the film. Noticing this, Sue asks her if she wants to stop for a moment, but Carrie tells her to keep driving. When she wakes up, she hallucinates Chris lunging at her. (a car speeds towards them) - Watch out! You should have told me, Mama! Oh, my God.

[18][19], While Johnson considered the film "a respectable piece of work" owing to an intelligent script that developed all of King's themes,[16] Wertheimer classified it negatively within "the generic made-for-television standard". We lived sinlessly. Oh, Billy. And you deserve it. The performances, especially Bettis', were praised, but the film was criticized for its poor special effects, lack of a horror atmosphere, and long runtime.

I smelled the whiskey on his breath. Everybody knows that. I'm hurrying away from you, you know that? Beautiful. Mrs. White, I'd like to contribute five, ten dollars. Okay, the show's over.

Read Script Carrie (1976) Written byStephen King and Lawrence D. Cohen. Aren't they beautiful? [7] It was produced by MGM Television and Trilogy Entertainment Group based on a screenplay by Bryan Fuller.

The film was written by Bryan Fuller, directed by David Carson, and stars Angela Bettis in the leading role. [4] Levesque and Gallo found their usage to be excessive,[19] and the former said the film suddenly "shifts into a special effects bonanza". The CD was released in a flimsy paper sleeve (though the above photo has been adopted as the unofficial cover) and includes eleven songs used in the film. She can't get away with this.

And the girls all laughed at me. It's okay. more…, All Lawrence D. Cohen scripts | Lawrence D. Cohen Scripts. [1] Phil Gallo of Variety likewise felt some scenes were extended just to fit the time needed for the next break. Synopsis. Carrie (2002) is the second movie adaptation to be released, based on the book Carrie (1974). Sissy portrayed her as—I don't want to say pathetic, but just really as a victim. (Billy sloshes beer on her clothes as a police cruiser appears) - Watch it, you stupid sh*t! [2][11] Scream Factory released it in Blu-ray format as double feature along with The Rage: Carrie 2 on April 14, 2015;[12][13] a Region A disc, it featured English-only subtitles and contained a new audio commentary with director David Carson and cinematographer Victor Goss. After a telekinetic episode in class, Carrie goes home and practices her talent. Now let’s just end this abortion already so the audience can go enjoy the original on Netflix. [8], At the 29th Saturn Awards, Carrie was nominated for Best Single Television Presentation, but the winner was Taken. Get the picture? Good. Is that the kind of beautiful you mean? Then he took me. In May 2002, television network NBC commissioned a film adaptation of Stephen King's novel Carrie. Well, boobs would have still been nice. That's even better. We truly appreciate your support. (Billy sloshes beer on her clothes as a police cruiser appears) Watch it, you stupid sh*t!

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