Friend functionality works if a friend is added on actual hardware, or through a dumped Friends List applet in Cemu. Very playable with a mostly consistant 30FPS, dropping by 1-2 frames every now and then, but hardly noticeable. I may perform additional testing to see if I can replicate the crash. First cut scene does not play, second cut scene has no audio, characters have no voices, character models are invisible after character creation, game crashed after leaving the first area. This issue is made worse and more common, but not caused by: It seems to be caused by some sort of scheduling issue. For some reason this issue always goes away when you're close enough for the game to load the highest quality versions of textures.

This. Not sure what caused it. I was able to repeat this 5x in a row. Now seems to consistently crash before the title screen when shader cache is present, remove/delete appropriate .BIN file in shader cache folder before loading the game to bypass this. The manual can be viewed online on the official Nintendo website, When selecting "Nintendo eShop" from the title screen, Cemu will be stuck on a black screen. I've also noticed the presence of shafts of light that indicate where your quest is in the vicinity. Music volume can be adjusted with this. Performance seems to have improved as well. interpreter. Both that and the lack of multi-core support made it so I am not willing to play this game right now on Cemu, therefore I think it is safe to deem it not playable for now. Differences include fixed overdrive with the 60fps patch and an option to scale effects like blur and bloom to the desired resolution. Music and voices are too low compared to other sounds. This error might be in-game, in which case all is fine. I have heard others say that even on the Wii U the audio was unbalanced and it was hard to hear people, but I tried listening for it myself on the Wii U and it was just fine. 10-15fps in title screen, 15-30fps in cutscenes, 10-18fps in-game. Have played for 24 hours with only 1 crash. Overall, 1.14.0c runs Xenoblade Chronicles X extremely well. Most cutscenes run so slow they have to be skipped (press start and skip.. easy), once in the character select screen game looks mostly fine, except lighting and minute texture mapping issues, but it runs at 28-30FPS for me. It is very difficult to enter the protagnoist's name, but it might just be me being stupid. Slight graphical issues of foilage flickering in and out, strange black square pattern only present in the vicinity of buildings in NLA, and screen goes slightly dark for a few seconds when time of day changes (might be in affect of NVIDIA Brightness graphics pack trying not to make the game too bright or dark). Character models/textures no longer stretch, environment/background looks decent. Minor texture issues. Definitely one of the better running games. Voices being overpowered by the comparatively louder music during cut scenes was a common issue in the original game on the Wii U. Dual and triple-core recompilers are now supported but extremely unstable, using them will likely cause crashes in all areas in around 5 mins of game time. ), killing a enemy made cubes in the air above them and the game is too white (didn't change the brightness) and changing from the first area made some textures go white, Substantially improved performance and stability. The Framerate is the best with this version and the most stable, but the game is not playable, crashes in some islands and there is a day/night cycle bug causing the screen to flicker wich make it prety much unplayable, Very smooth game experience, 30fps with 4K texture packs and shader cache, day/night bug was fixed, but game still randomly freezes, very often in Noctilum, problems with textures and sound. CEMU 1.15.2 - Over An Hour of Xenoblade Chronicles X 4K 60 FPS I made it as far as to NLA without any crashes and I didn't play anything after that. 10-15fps in title screen, 20-30fps in cutscenes, 5-10fps in-game, many character model/texture issues, environment/background and weather looks decent. Once entering this area crashing becomes much more frequent.

Day time is completely washed out. It tends to disappear when moving a significant distance, and is slight enough go potentially unnoticed. Attendance of graphic defects after a certain number of minutes. You can play from beginning to end with minor annoyance issues relating to offline play. The elevator to get into the town doesn't work at all. It currrently does not have multi-core support which makes it limited by CPU power more than many games, and more importantly the audio is unreasonably unbalanced.

Sound plays for a couple seconds then stops.

I'm also using the latest version of CemuHook. Game(AX5D01) crashes since CEMU v1.11.5d on file load. The protagonist's face gets mangled easily, though Elma looks perfectly fine in the first scene.

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