1: The Solo Recordings, Robert Schumann: Klavierwerke und Kammermusik, Vol.

<>stream A slow movement, Andante, comes next. moderato [I], moderamente, modéré [F], modérément [F], moderately, at a moderate tempo, applying a touch of restraint to its related word(s), e.g.

This study will place this piece within the context of the Romantic piano sonata genre of the mid-nineteenth century, and offer some possible reasons for its neglect within the literature. <>/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[81.0 649.194 149.177 661.206]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> 79, Schumann: Piano Sonatas Nos. Schumann was first and foremost a superb pianist, considered for many decades to be one of the finest in all of Europe, meriting the sobriquet "Queen of the Piano".

Allegro moderato, II. endobj She was best known in her lifetime as a concert pianist, but her reputation as a 2 in G minor, Op.

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141 0 obj "Classical Music" for a small ensemble, generally 8 or fewer players with a canonical emphasis on 3-6 players. Metronome markings provide precise numerical speeds.

A range of works by opus number, uses the plural "opp."

> Opus numbers may not precisely reflect chronology (publication vs. composition), can be erroneous, sparse or duplicative. <>/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[81.0 617.094 247.02 629.106]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> 0000006862 00000 n

© Kai Christiansen and Music at Kohl Mansion. Her Piano Trio is the only chamber music work she wrote and dates from 1847. 17 Piano Trio in G minor 4 mvts: pf vn vc by 1846 1846 Op.

0.0/10 The two inner movements—a gentle scherzo and a tender andante—introduce a lyrical warmth occasionally tinged with pathos, especially in the central episode of the slow movement.

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Piano Sonata in G minor Composer Schumann, Clara: I-Catalogue Number I-Cat. 16; Papillons, Op. 0000031561 00000 n

This is her first attempt at writing in this form. In BSU Honors Program Theses and Projects. For misc. <>/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[403.476 617.094 549.0 629.106]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>>

That Clara managed all of this as well as sustaining her own artistic life as a performer, composer and scholar is utterly miraculous and a profound testament to her strength, character and will.

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Item 134. All rights reserved.

3 in F minor (Op. 17. 7, Schumann: Fantasy in C major; Etudes Symphoniques; Piano Sonata No. Because it was published before the F minor sonata, it was given an earlier sequence number (No. 0000008596 00000 n Scherzo (G major)* IV. moderately slow tempo (e.g. The second movement, though it is marked scherzo and is also designated, Tempo di Menuetto, it really sounds like neither of these but rather an gentle, somewhat playful intermezzo. The Andantino, a melodious little ABA form in a gently rolling 6/8 meter, is one of the most charming movements Schumann ever penned. 0000001660 00000 n A graceful, courtly French dance of the Baroque and Classical period with a triple meter and a moderate tempo.It was introduced at the court of Louis XIV.

The snappy rhythm of the primary idea lends the Scherzo a most witty flavor, while the brief trio section recaptures the gentle syncopations of the first movement's second theme. It shows her considerable talent and one is left to wonder what else she might have achieved had she chosen to continue composing.

• Page visited 15,549 times • Powered by MediaWiki 6; Sonata in G minor, Op.

FAQ | theses The work now known as Robert Schumann's Piano Sonata No. It was written when Clara was pregnant with her fourth child and unable to tour thereby finding a precious stretch of "idle" time to devote to composition.

The pause in rhythmic intensity is brief; even before the development commences, the incessant sixteenth notes have reestablished themselves. 0000000016 00000 n 1, Diary in G: Piano Sonatas by Schubert & Schumann, Grigory Sokolov Plays Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saëns, The Complete RCA and Columbia Album Collection, Vladimir Ashkenazy: 50 Years on Decca [Limited Edition], Murray Perahia: The First 40 Years [Includes Bonus DVDs], Robert Schumann: Abegg Variations, Op.

See, piano trio, Klaviertrio [G], Trio avec piano [F], an ensemble comprising violin, cello and piano.Second only to the string quartet as an essential genre, form and ensemble of chamber music, lively, brisk, typically in a triple meter; usually a three-part form with central, contrasting trio. From the Italian word for cheerful or gay. The movement draws to a close with a forceful coda.

[1], "I am endlessly looking forward to the second sonata", thus. posth, work, as in a work of art. Adagio (E ♭ major) III.

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speed or pace at which music progresses. The Florentine Francesca Caccini (1587– c.1640) was an influential lutenist, singer, teacher and composer who became the first female to compose an opera. 0000012952 00000 n

I. Honors Program

startxref Piano Concerto in A minor 3 mvts: pf orch 1833–35 1836 Op. Date according to Jensen; Daverio reports that it was begun in "mid-1833".

0000022095 00000 n <> The work now known as Robert Schumann's Piano Sonata No. endobj

Clara began composing early and was encouraged by her husband to continue during her their marriage although after her husband's death she gave up composing and devoted herself to performing Robert's works for piano and was for many years considered his finest interpreter. The Piano Trio in g minor is a finely crafted work that is easily recognizable for its midcentury romantic style with an affinity for the music of Robert Schumann as well as possibly Felix Mendelssohn.

Robert Schumann's life became increasingly difficult and ultimately tragic due to the onset of debilitating mental illness. scheme of a rondo is organized so as to correspond to the three primary sections of a sonata-allegro.

fast, lively tempo.

11; Sonata in G minor, Op. 4".

Clara Schumann wrote her Piano Sonata in G minor in 1841/42. In addition to actively supporting and participating in Robert's professional artistic life, Clara largely managed his business affairs while, through her own performance career, serving as the chief breadwinner for a family including eight children she bore and mothered.

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