If a party is missing a cleric, there’s an immediate sense of anxiety and dread, as the cleric can bring you back to life, persuade the enemy to leave you alone, or slaughter them all otherwise.

So that means an effect like “Potent Spellcasting,” a Channel Divinity ability the Knowledge and Light Domain obtain at level eight, will not help your spells Domain spells deal more damage. Stacks with your smite. And that wraps up our Cleric Domains Rankings for 5E. Starting at 5th level, when an undead fails its saving throw against your Turn Undead feature, the creature is instantly destroyed if its challenge rating is at or below a certain threshold, as shown in the Cleric table above. Your spell selection is reminiscent of the Paladin’s abilities, granting bonuses to allies in combat. MarineGoS: Vehicle proficiency is great in an aquatic campaign, and Athletics will come in handy. The basic cleric package grants proficiency with light and medium armor, shields, and simple weapons, providing the basic combat package.

Circle of Mortality can be abused by taking allies who are at very few hit points and beating them unconscious to get extra free healing, which can be cathartic, but your allies may be nervous about allowing you to do so and your DM might get ideas about imposing a drawback of some kind. It also can't take reactions. Easily one of the most powerful options, the Order Domain an excellent option for a cleric looking to lead or support their party.

The Life Domain focuses on promoting vitality and health through healing, caring for those in need, and driving away the forces of death. Play-style: You see the cleric as the ambassador of death, ensuring those that you want to die do so, and to keep alive those that you think aren’t ready for death. This spell can bring your party a powerful guest star for a boss fight or pull an on-demand boss fight directly from the lower planes. Tree stride is a nifty teleport but can only take you to the forest. Religion: Your primary jobs are healing and knowing all there is to know about deities. Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page. As a primary healer, your job is to stay alive and make sure everyone else does too. A great way to escape from a dungeon or return to one quickly. Flutes’ Evaluation (4/5): One of my least favorite aspects of playing a Cleric is the lack of cantrip options, but the Arcana Domain mixes things up by gaining two additional cantrips from the vast list of Wizard cantrips. I’m having heaps of fun playing this subclass as it feels like a midpoint between Cleric and Paladin. Each undead that can see or hear you within 30 feet of you must make a Wisdom saving throw. While Nature Cleric can be fun, it is very situational and limited for lower-level characters. They could also serve as powerful spellcasters and useful in the support role. As an action, you present your holy symbol and speak a prayer censuring the undead. Play-style: You have fun with creation and conjuration more than combat. And to get a thorough look at playing a cleric, Check out our in-depth 5E Cleric Guide.

This ability works well with thunderwave or a higher-level call lightning. Fog cloud is a great battlefield control spell. I also challenge you to enjoy Modify Memory as much as I have, and as much as Jester from Critical Role has. I’d like to see homebrew rules for these subclasses at level twelve because there isn’t much going on to distinguish them after level six. Light Domain (PHB) Theme: Fire and light are the crux of the light cleric, representing persistence, wisdom, and divine cleansing. Each level selection grants a more potent weapon. With a Wisdom of 16, your list of prepared spells can include six spells of 1st or 2nd level, in any combination. Tons of damage and great range. The grave domain is a spellcasting-focused Cleric build that grants you a selection of healing, damaging, and debuff spells. Warding Bond: If you don’t want to bother with ranged healing, cast this on a friend and stay out of sight. Clerics have come a long way from being simple priests. Every subclass ability after level two is horrible. The domains other abilities are fantastic, but since spells and Channel Divinity are such major parts of how the Cleric operates, it's hard to recommend this domain.

Fighter: One level up front gets you full weapon and armor proficiencies. Summary of domain: Give someone advantage on stealth checks, create an illusory double of yourself to move around and cast spells through, briefly become invisible, gain bonus poison damage to weapon attacks, create four duplicates instead of one.

So sayeth the Lord your God. Don’t forget that this spell is a cylinder, not just a radius so you can stack its effects against flying creatures circling overhead.

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