First off, throwing your cutlery at anything certainly isn’t what it was designed for and will most definitely ruin those knives. Go to next slide - Best Selling. Fast deployment from folded to ready to use. Throwing knives aren’t meant to be sharp.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. Very Rare !! They’re excellent for beginners to learn with and they’re high quality enough to satisfy more experienced throwers too. Each knife has a laser-cut hole for the attachment of ribbons and other than that, they’re very plain single piece steel knives that simply get the job done. Getting a dull knife in pretty much any other category would be a major drag, perhaps even grounds for some negative feedback on the seller’s page, however, if you ordered a throwing knife and it came dull, the seller got it right! They are cheap and they aren’t scientifically manufactured to be the most aerodynamic pieces of metal possible, but they are also extremely durable and a fantastic way to get started into throwing. They are simply throwing knives and that’s what I love about Cold Steel, you pay for what you need and they leave all the other crap out, keeping their products priced well and offering great value. Cutlery usually has some kind of ergonomic or visually pleasing handle and almost always consists of multiple pieces. I say it’s just alright because many people do report some quality issues after a bit of abuse.

The reviews below should definitely get you on the right track. My initial thoughts were that the sheath was of pretty fair quality, though, and it really compliments the design and appearance of the knives, if that’s something you’re concerned about. Love my CTK and will most likely get another with the Tanto in the future. They’re especially long compared to most other knives I’ve reviewed and I figured they’d be significantly heavier too, but actually, they appear to be finely balanced and although they do weigh a bit, they certainly aren’t too heavy for the average person.

I’d imagine this decision hinges largely on your level of skill and confidence. MATERIAL: Steel. The Cold Steel True Flight Throwers are constructed of 1055 Carbon steel as a single-piece design with a paracord wrapped handle, all safely nested inside a Cor-Ex Sheath.

Accepting that single piece handleless throwing knives are the norm and are, for the most part, better, we can talk about the ergonomics of the grips themselves.

The handle is a little, uh, it’s alright. Thank you for delivering a quality product at an affordable price! Lightweight, sleek, stylish. They each weigh about 4.7oz and are 8 inches in length.

What may be the best throwing knife for one person may be a very difficult knife to be accurate with for another person. Items in the Worthopedia® are obtained exclusively from licensors and partners solely for our members’ research needs. Furthermore, getting to a decent level of accuracy and precision is quite difficult, requiring many hours of hard work, practice, and concentration.

The longer the knife, the heavier it will be, but also the slower it will rotate while traveling to its destination. Is weight more important than length?

These are very balanced, feeling perhaps a tad bit heavier on the blade side making these excellent blade throwers. As a final note, these knives are forged, not machined, so they don’t come out perfect. PLEASE DON"T BID IF YOU DON"T INTEND TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THIS AUCTION, BY BIDDING ON THIS ITEM YOU ARE ENTERING INTO A CONTRACT TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM AND ANY FAILURE TO FOLLOW THROUGH WILL BE CONSIDERED A BREACH OF THAT CONTRACT RESULTING IN BEING REPORTED TO EBAY AND NEGATIVE FEEDBACK WILL BE LEFT!!!

Simply put, they’re simple, they’re tough as nails, and they get the job done, all of what Cold Steel really stands out for. He started this website while transitioning out of the Marines, and since has recruited several other Marines to help him work on the Marine Approved website. Buying one single knife means walking to your target (or past it if you suck) each and every time you throw, which is a major drag and probably a big reason why a lot of people quit after buying their first throwing knife. Someone, somewhere, got tired of throwing sticks and stones and once the art of metallurgy surfaced, it wasn’t long before humans were throwing sharp pointed metal objects at each other! As an added bonus, you’ll receive a nice nylon sheath, nothing special but nothing left out as it does have a velcro lock mechanism and seems to be of good quality. Line display; ACEJET GUILLOTINE - throwing knife set of 3 .

These throwers are 12 inches long, making them among the longest throwing knives I’ve been able to review.

MEASURES: Blade: 110 x 18 mm - 4,3 x 0,7 inch. Its durability and quality is beyond compare. This gives you the chance to figure out how a specific weight and length behaves and lets you hone your skills with a very specific combination of attributes. I can feel the quality in the craftsmanship in yours from the moment I picked it up. 18 Best Throwing Knives in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide), 1.

The large versions of these knives are roughly 11.5” long and the small versions are 7” in length. To the beginner, I would advise you to buy a set of three or maybe even five. They’re fairly hefty at 320 grams but they look like they would be lighter, that is until you pick them up and you feel their quality.

But wait, this knife has a handle! The full tang blades are constructed of full stainless steel with a very nice baked-on black coating and have handles wrapped up nicely in paracord.

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