Produced and arranged by Del, the acetate of I Go To Pieces by Lloyd Brown included the flipside The Zombie, a dance stomper much in the vein of The Wamboo. Oldham was bent on re-recording Runaway despite Shannon thinking it wasn’t a great idea. On "Runaway" and "Keep Searchin," Shannon and his band rediscovered the sound "in which his keen falsetto played off against airy organ obbligatos." A live cover of "Runaway" appeared on the bonus CD of British indie rock band Kasabian on their 2009 album "West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum". When DeMott was fired in 1958, Westover took over as leader and singer, giving himself the name Charlie Johnson, and renaming his band The Big Little Show Band.

The album was also released in a very collectible true stereo version. Del Shannon made one more attempt at Liberty to record a successful record. Shannon toured the U.K. in January and February 1967 where, at the BBC studios, he bumped into Andrew Loog Oldham, producer of the Rolling Stones. “I want out of this business,” he yelled out on Gun Lake, a town between Battle Creek and Grand Rapids, Michigan. He flew to New York City, but his first sessions did not produce results. In Nashville, they found what they were looking for: Roger Miller’s The Swiss Maid. In 2005, Del Shannon was inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame. “You have to understand, Del was this small town guy who was self-taught when it came to playing music. Shannon was born Charles Weedon Westover a day before New Year's Eve of 1934, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Bert and Leone Mosher Westover, and grew up in nearby Coopersville. Though Micahnik and Balk both believed this was a bad idea, they pacified Del by allowing him to record a Hank Williams tribute album.

Shannon opened for Ike and Tina Turner at Dave Hull's Hullabaloo club in Los Angeles, California, on December 22, 1965.[7]. Incredibly, it made the Top 20 in Australia! On January 21, 1961, they recorded "Runaway", which was released as a single in February 1961, reaching number 1 on the Billboard chart in April. Go Go Girl was another tune written by the duo for Beth Moore, and I’ve Got Eyes For You was given to Waylon Jennings. “Hell Del, we’d love to record you!” commented Boyce, and he and Hart worked out a contract between Colgems, Liberty, and their publishing arms to make it happen. He grew up in Coopersville, a small town near Grand Rapids. Oldham had the L.P. ready to go, titling it ‘Home and Away.’ It was shelved…for 10 years. The son of Bert and Leone, his family lived in nearby Coopersville, a small and rural farming community just outside Grand Rapids. Two Silhouettes was his, My Wild One was mine.

Shannon would have to roll the window down and stick his head out of the car to smoke, just so Max wouldn’t get sick and cough. In 1966, Liberty Records was an album-driven label. Del certainly had mastered this song live, and he got the audiences up off their seats.

“This is how I want it, da dee da da, ba boom ba ba!” Harry explained in a 1997 interview.

He nailed it down and that rounded out his album which was titled ‘One Thousand Six Hundred Sixty One Seconds with Del Shannon.’ The album, released in the states on Amy Records, sold well, showcasing some of Del’s finest work.

Son of Bert Westover and Leone Virginia Westover.

(2001). I mean, I didn’t believe in the album, and I didn’t like the idea of doing it. Shannon was blackballed in the music business, and his only solution was to form his own record label, Ber-Lee Records, named after his parents. Boots Randolph and the Jordanaires were featured, among other Nashville regulars. This rounded out enough tracks for a second album, ‘Total Commitment.’ Although better than ‘This Is My Bag,’ the album again had an assembly line mentality. Within two months of recording The Big Hurt, Shannon was back in the studios cutting ten more sides to round out an album. One day he asked a girl named Karen if she would go to the senior prom with him. Shannon passed out from drinking that night, but the next morning, he woke up with “We gotta keep searchin’ searchin’” in his head. The album yielded two 1968 singles, "Thinkin' It Over" and "Gemini" (recently the subject of a Pilooski remix). “I wanted to get signed to a big label. Peter and Gordon released his song "I Go to Pieces" in 1965. Shannon declined a second time. The song "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John and Bernie Taupin was clearly influenced by Del Shannon's "Cry Myself to Sleep". He had two sisters, Blanche and Ruth Anne. This was an early sign of Westover’s compassionate side. But Del persisted and persisted, and so I finally caved in. As the newly christened Del Shannon, Westover was immediately flown to New York City to record his first single The Search/I’ll Always Love You. It was the middle of winter, and the heater broke in the car.

He hired Bill Ramal to arrange the session, and Del produced the set himself. Del Shannon is the name of a character in Catherine Asaro's book, Diamond Star. Shannon was fortunate to get a brief break near the end of April ’61 to visit his hometown of Coopersville, where he was asked to speak to the high school teenagers about music, his success, and his stardom.

Together they cranked out Runnin’ On Back, a bitchin’ tune that reflected awesome anger and reminded some of Move It On Over.

Shannon became Brian Hyland’s unofficial manager and mentor, taking the junior and developing songwriter under his wing to produce his self-titled album, ‘Brian Hyland,’ for Uni Records.

It was Shannon’s first time bringing in one of his children to a recording session, and Craig was allowed to sing the frog’s voice (slowed down to give it depth) while Shannon sang the high female part (sped up to give it more female quality).

In turn, McLaughlin took the group's demos to Harry Balk and Irving Micahnik of Talent Artists in Detroit. Young Westover grew up listening to country and western music.

Del Shannon (December 30, 1934 – February 8, 1990) was an American rock and roll singer-songwriter who had a No.

Shannon asked if that meant he could quit the club.

Kelly, although a B-side, received airplay in Liverpool where it became a hit. Del Shannon was one of the handful of American Rock 'n' Rollers of the 1960s to survive the crashing tide of the British Invasion.

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