It hates cowards and sneaks and doesn't associate with vulgar Digimon even if they are also viruses.

The protagonist's Digivice Burst includes a "Digimon Gallery" function which provides data on each obtainable Digimon species encountered. Technique: Raging Darkness, Chaos Slash, Chaos Blast, Destroy Cannon, Traits: Heroic Power, Dark Veil, Antidote 4, Stun Barrier, Base Stats: 326 HP, 359 MP, 184 Attack, 162 Defense, 158 Spirit, 150 Speed, 85 Aptitude. Technique: Gatling Punch, Dark Knowledge, Heavy Tackle, Dark Blast, Traits: Protect 4, Sleep Ward 3, Skill Adept, Base Stats: 224 HP, 226 MP, 135 Attack, 117 Defense, 74 Spirit, 96 Speed, 52 Aptitude. Grimmon seems to have a connection with Chronomon Destroyer Mode, a boss from the first game.

Technique: Middle Tackle, Hard Shell, Sonic Voice, Heavy Tackle, Base Stats: 169 HP, 174 MP, 114 Attack, 100 Defense, 72 Spirit, 76 Speed, 45 Aptitude. It isn't the type of Digimon which would fight at the forefront, but it's crafty and does bad things everywhere. A Digimon known as a light dragon.

It is armed with its sword "Blutgang" and spear "Gungnir.". Technique: Charge, Death Cannon, Rainbow Spit, Habitat: Highlight Haven (Dawn confirmed, no mission? Technique: Normal Blade, Triple Wave, Power Blaster, Laser Blade, Traits: Powerful 4, Thunder Sign 4, Mist Cape 4, Base Stats: 208 HP, 255 MP, 130 Attack, 114 Defense, 120 Spirit, 89 Speed, 58 Aptitude. It has a tomboyish and sulky personality but may bond with some girls. Technique: Sharp Claw, Sharp Claw, Unexpected Blow, Power Cutter, Cyclone Claw, Base Stats: 231 HP, 234 MP, 134 Attack, 127 Defense, 111 Spirit, 97 Speed, 63 Aptitude.

Technique: Middle Tackle, Great Wall, Burst Tackle, Battle Stamp, Traits: Protect 4, Ether Eddy 4, Collector 3, Base Stats: 221 HP, 228 MP, 133 Attack, 100 Defense, 101 Spirit, 106 Speed, 48 Aptitude. Usually, it moves around in the air on a leaf, and won't initiate attacks. Technique: Gatling Punch, Junk Attack, Soulful Kick, Middle Tackle, Base Stats: 175 HP, 161 MP, 116 Attack, 107 Defense, 59 Spirit, 71 Speed, 46 Aptitude. A crab-looking Digimon which improves its battle efficiency by wearing metal data melted in the "Net Ocean." This is a hidden form of Gallantmon, but it can't be used for long. Grimmon has a connection with the Chrono Core, the villain of the previous game. Technique: Thunder Claw, Middle Tackle, Double Blaster, Power Cutter, Base Stats: 166 HP, 165 MP, 101 Attack, 80 Defense, 70 Spirit, 83 Speed, 35 Aptitude. It is very fierce and will attack anything that moves. Its athletic abilities are so high that it uses heavy Chrome Digizoid to slow itself down. The Digimon is popular especially among Tamers who are eager to grow Digimon since the rumor says that it brings happiness. Its attack power is as powerful as a nuclear warhead. Depending on the version of the game being played, players automatically begin with whichever lead Digimon is exclusive to their version, plus two Digimon from the respective packs chosen.

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