Who was the hottest female teacher and why?

132). Do you mind sharing what happened? 13). Have you published it?

Have you ever count when I come to you while we make? Upload a p0*n video in your Facebook account and tag any 5 people. Do you mind sharing what happened? 39. 37). When you wake up in the morning, do you walk naked in your home? This is a list of the best and unique sexual dirty truth or dare questions: 1. What is your most favorite quickie story?

22). 121).

38). 58). 60. You get to know and understand each other is a deeper and meaningful way unlike before. Have you ever made up with your partner’s best friend and he or she doesn’t know even suspect anything about it?

51). 47). Get to know what your partner thinks about making it with same sex though this dirty truth or dare questions. What is the funniest thing your ex has ever said to you?

154). The Smartbackyard .

101). Do you love it when I tease you and torture you in bed? How much would you like it if I massage your pussy? 42). Have you ever had sex for money? Which one do you prefer the most – rough or smooth? What is the one thing about men that gets you aroused every time you think about it? 144). Let’s get to the changing room in a shopping mall and have sex there like a really hard sex.

Who was the first man with whom you had sex? Have you ever gotten a friend-zoned? Which one of your friends has a more good body than me? Do you and your partner watch porn videos together? 19. Have you ever gotten so scared that someone is just about to spill the beans and it will jeopardize your relationship? 18).

How do you currently feel about the whole thing? Do you like me touching your nipples first or down area?

This is when this list of dirty truth or dare questions comes handy.Are you looking for some really dirty truth questions and dirty dare questions … 55). Have you ever seen any animal’s dick? 97. Get yourself blindfolded and allow someone to lick you somewhere so you won’t see who it was. 9). 84). Get nude and start masturbating right now.

10). 115 Crazy Truth or Dare Questions to Ask Your Partner Over... Top 110 Best Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers. Leave your body to your partner for 2 minutes. 60 DIRTY TRUTH OR DARE QUESTIONS FOR BOYFRIEND. What so you say about licking a dick? 10). Do you like being nibbled or slightly bitten while at it? What is your favorite pair of my underwear? If not, would you like to try one day?

You May Like: Relationship Questions to Ask in Relationship for Couples. 32). How do you feel when you are about to orgasm?

1). 60). Do you like to have tattoos on your hand? How did the whole experience feel? 75).

Do you choose a theme while having sex?

Take your phone and show us your favorite porn site. What did you get? What is the largest age gap between you and someone you have ever done it with? What is the strangest thing you have ever done with your special one?

Have you ever tried to stop me, when I make with you? Have you ever made out with someone just because you wanted a favor or something in return? So get to know your friends and their dirty desires with these questions and see their dirty moves. Give a sexual massage to the person in your right.



What did you say later on? Have you ever had it? 148). With whom you had your first touch? What are your memories of the best orgasm or s#x ever in your life? How many sex partners do you believe are “too many” for a guy? 98). 25). Have you ever want to laugh after we make? If you have the choice to change the size of any of your body part, what would you choose? Have you ever had sex and didn’t get satisfied? What is your most favorite s#x position? Just take off your pants and show your underwear color and act like you are having sex. Have you ever taken drugs and had sex? What is your sexiest outfit in your wardrobe? Have you ever heard or felt like you have heard your parents doing it? Has anyone ever seen you having sex? 24. What was the size of the dick you have seen last time? If you have had it with more than 10 different people so far, remain quiet and still. 14). Unlock the bra hook with your teeth. How much do you like to eat my pussy? 133). 16. Get to know if your partner knows about any nude beach and had he been there by these dirty truth or dare questions.

Have you ever done it with more than one person at different times within 24 hours?

What is it that irritates you while giving me a head? 87). 15. Have you ever had to try out two people before making a decision to move on with one of them? 46.

Have you ever made your own sex tape?



Make a compilation video while you dance for a sad song.

10. 102). Have you ever had a dick in your butt? 28. 20). 37). What is the best sexual experience you have ever had? Next Read: Cute Pick Up Lines That Can not Fail.

51. What is your description of a boring person when it comes to bedroom matters? Touch the backside of the person on your left by taking off his clothes for 10 minutes. Do you like it to have in morning just after waking up? And the bond that will result is always stronger and better than what used to be before the game. Can you count on how many times you have had sex till now? 95. Take an ice cube and rub it on your face until it melts.

Have you ever gotten a negative compliment and advice on things you can do better after the action? Have you ever done intercourse with a married man or woman? What is your worst sexual experience? There you have your list of unique sexual dirty truth or dare questions. 19). Do you like watching porn while having sex? 59). Do you have a crazy one-night stand story? Get naked and be naked for the rest of the game. 109).

Pout my shirt up and lick my nipples. 105). Have you ever tried it like Mr. Grey? How often do you talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend? 23).

So be prepared and read all those dirty minds. If you have any other dirty truth or dare questions in your mind, please comment below and we’ll update our collection. Have you ever imagined any man while masturbating? 47. How hard do you get it? Add a little excitement between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend with these ultimate 60 truth or dare questions for couples. Which is your favorite nude beach?

78. 29). 8). 85. You are at the right place, here is the latest collection of best dirty truth or dare questions for the amazing party. 14.

Rate your partner from 1 to 10 by this dirty truth or dare questions. 80. Have this dirty truth or dare questions and spit the dirt out. Between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend, who do you think might be cheating on the other?

Have you ever had it rough? For how many days can you go without sex? Take a girl and let her sit on your head for 60 seconds.


Get the milk cream on your breast and let me lick it. Go Facebook live when you are in the toilet. Does talking naughty get you aroused? Have you ever felt like pregnant before marriage? If you could plan a class prank knowing you’ll never get caught, what would the prank be? Have you had sex after it? You can also kiss her/him to kiss your private parts if he/she allows. Pour some chocolate on the floor and clean it without using water.

94. 135). Playing truth or dare game is most common in parties and when you are having few drinks, you think dirty. 67. 115). Have you ever broken up with someone and they lured you back using texts that made you feel guilty about yourself? 3). Take a shower with me while wearing your clothes.

53). How long have you ever gone on a dry spell? Which type of condom do you enjoy most? Also, it is a great way to know your friends better and in a different way.


This is when this list of dirty truth or dare questions comes handy. Have you taken the full size in your mouth? 44). 6). 76). 21.

Do you love it when you go down on me? 90. Do a pole dance in front of everyone. 57).

Have you seen any of your relatives naked? A list of the new sexual and dirty truth or dare questions for adults and couples.

70. Have you ever done sex with the same gender or do you have feelings for the same gender? 35). 43. Just now how would he react and enjoy the whole situations she pictures by using this dirty truth or dare questions in your friends’ meeting. • truth or dare questions • ideas for some high level dirty talk • find out about their favorite thing about sex • dirty never have I ever questions • their biggest turn on, and many more .

What s the one sexual act that you swear never to do or even try again in your life? 66. These are some really dirty truth or dare questions that are very suitable for adults and funny a well when you play with your friends.

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