I will thinking about a version 2.0 that can transferred to any such chair as I wear them out and maybe commercialize it. 2 years ago. I haven't tried that yet.

More than half of office workers will be affected by some form of back pain due to the imposed posture of traditional office furniture.

Maybe using the hack of half bowl/cups to project laptop sound could be applied to direct the fan noise away. I covered and taped off the chair before painting the new metal parts and ugly welds with spray paint. which projector did you use, do you have any problem reading fine print from the computer or eye strain with it and what is the bulb life? ergonomic keyboard and mouse from Microsoft. However, the angle in the horizontal direction, or how far apart the supports are splayed play a key given the throw of the projector and distance to the screen. We have se… i learned about spherical projection systems with my attempt at a heliostat. haha.

This is at the expense of squareness. Therefore with some background music, it is no more distracting than your laptop fan. The advantage of this design, is that you can switch between positions instantly without any additional adjustments. * I am not an ergonomics expert and cannot certify that this system will be safe to use for all people. The solution I found is only really recently practical due to new video projectors that have are sufficiently light and high resolution. If you don't see how this is important watch this video: changing positions takes time. It's an insult to out inteligence. Update. IIRC, the image from the projector was "spherically warped" by a lens (or maybe pre-computed - similar to the barrel warping done for current VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, or old ones like the LEEP system), so that it would flatten out by the curvature of the projection dome.

My big head is always leaning on the chair. All of the designs that I had seen required a massive support system and motors or actuators to keep the the computer screens suspended in front of the worker.

I bent it backwards to gain a few inches of throw distance, with about 8 inches horizontal length. He said it's made a huge difference, and if he has a flare-up now, he recovers much faster. Diy Zero Gravity Workstation. The bulb will last 30,000 hours, so 18 years at 8 hours a day on workdays. Qumi Q8, which is 1080p (same as most laptops these days). I like what you did here; it's something I've considered doing myself, but never got around to (plus, there's things I do that I have to have a real desk for, unfortunately).

", http://www.amazon.com/Faulkner-40588-Executive-Recliner-Standard/dp/B0012VRPL8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1337706980&sr=8-1, http://www.ergodirect.com/product_info.php?products_id=15714, http://www.amazon.com/XFX-FXGS2LAYER-WarPad-Edgeless-Support/dp/B005AT5VW8/ref=sr_1_49?ie=UTF8&qid=1337707774&sr=8-49.

I already have ideas for V2 (see the last step). I often switch to this knee chair because it helps to realign my spine for under 2hrs by shifting 70% some of my hip force to my knees.. Are you looking for Trends For Diy Zero Gravity Chair Plans?Yes you are on the right website, because at Homeinteriorpedia.com, you will find lots of inspirations, ideas and information about Trends For Diy Zero Gravity Chair Plans.Many ideas that you can apply, but you need to pay attention, not all ideas will be suitable for your condition. It is easy enough to transition to standing, but it gives me pain in the lower back so I don't. I can mouse in the laid back position no problem. The big problem (well, expensive $$$ problem) is getting such a dome made for back-projection; it would likely need to be made from acrylic or polycarbonate, and both are going to be expensive out the gate (if you've ever priced clear plastic domes, you'll know what I mean). I am mulling a second version, but in the meantime this is fully functional. Basically forever. I then drilled two holes perpendicular to the first two that are perpendicular to the first two and very near the end. I simply cut the foam board to size then cut holes near where the poles hit the board. I really like this project. I have tried a standing desk, but I get a separate pain in my lower back from this position. I considered many different materials before settling on bamboo to support the screen.

What was wrong with the laser projector? To locate the holes on the base of the tray, I colored the top of the dowels with a pencil then carefully placed the tray to leave a faint trace where I need to drill corresponding dowel holes.

You might be interested in something similar that was done a while back as part of NASA's "spinoff" program: https://spinoff.nasa.gov/spinoff1998/ch5.htm. 1 year ago. This allowed some more experimentation with distance and angle of the screen. So the quest was to create a lounging workstation that could also be used as a standing desk for a fraction of the price. This means that any significant typing is done close to the "upright" position, which is still more laid back than any office chair I have been in. It might be worth finding a more expensive chair designed to fit an ergonomic keyboard tray. Here's what I did... Update: I can no longer recommend this specific solution, at all, because the chair arm is not a good ergonomic position for the mouse pad. A: Admittedly, you would have to spend 10 minutes explaining to everyone that walks by your cubicle.

Happy new year. Unlike many of my projects that end up in my reject pile, I use this almost every day for many hours (I am using it NOW) and fully expect to continue using it or an upgraded version.

A: This is a very relevant question, and points of concern as I was building.

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