Melissa Scott (born Melissa Paulina Peroff), second wife from August 2000 until his death, successor of his ministry and present pastor of Faith Center and C.E.O. His trademark line was to stop in the middle of one of his deadpan sermons and say "Get on the telephone! His search for faith caused him to change majors on every degree. Canada, Transmitter 4 - East to The Caribbean, Europe [17] West, STATSIONAR 11 Transponder 11 - 11.0 Scott showed disdain for other religious broadcasters like Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart, and bristled when people referred to him as a televangelist, preferring to be regarded as a teacher and pastor.[12]. CA, USA, K49EK - 49 - Santa Barbara & Surrounding Everytime I tune him in he's spouting prophecy, talking about divine inspiration for the pyramids, and quoting the Book of James.

His interests and memberships included: Scott was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000, but declined surgery and chemotherapy. [21], Samples of his speeches were used in the song "Put yourself in Los Angeles" on the Chris & Cosey album "Heartbeat", Clips from one of his on-air fund drives were used in the 1981 Cabaret Voltaire recording "Sluggin' Fer Jesus.

I watch him and : he is a occult leader to me. Faith Broadcasting Network was the first Christian television station and the first to provide 24-hour Christian programming.

In 1989, Scott was approached by Bruce Corwin, then president of Miracle on Broadway and chairman of the Metropolitan Theatres Corporation, to restore the United Artists flagship theatre in downtown Los Angeles. ", and start broadcasting rock & roll music while he caught his breath, which was a signal to his audience to call and pledge donations (which came in to the tune of over $1 million a month). Give me Dr. James Kennedy out of Florida or even Robert Schuller anyday. Among Scott's volunteer cadre of telephone-answering "Voices of Faith" was Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Wes Parker. During a 1982 broadcast (index number S-1086-3), Parker spoke with Scott publicly for over 20 minutes, stating that before coming across Scott's television program, he had never understood or felt drawn toward Christianity. Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000, he refused conventional treatment (opting instead for herbal supplements and relying on God to heal him) and it eventually took his life (oopsie!). Attendance at University Cathedral church services required a ticket to get in. Though raised a minister's son, he rebelled against tradition early in life and became agnostic in college.

It has 120 developed acres. He would fill chalkboards with scriptural passages in the original Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic during his exegesis as to their meanings. 12. I would stay away from him. These stations comprised F.B.N., the Faith Broadcasting Network. BBC Caribbean Report on 9750 kHz @ 11:07 UTC, 9.

[20], Scott was profiled in the 1981 documentary God's Angry Man by Werner Herzog. Scott's charitable activities included raising money for the Los Angeles Public Library and the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center in Pasadena. :o) KAIJ Dallas, Texas USA Program Content : Dr. euGene Scott speaking on the Pyramids. WWCR "WaveScan" DX Program on 12,160 kHz @ 1630 UTC, Hear the Echoing Voice of Doctor Gene Scott on both, Doctor Gene Scott on 5935 kHz [WWCR] and 6090 kHz [The Caribbean Beacon] @ 0930 UTC, Doctor Gene Scott on 13,845 kHz [WWCR] and 11,775 kHz [The Caribbean Beacon] @ 2130 UTC, Caribbean Beacon on 5030 kHz @ 09:22 UTC with Pastor Melissa $cott, ABC Radio "Domestic" Shortwave on 2310 kHz / 2325 kHz / 2485 kHz @ 12:20 UTC, NMG New Orleans on 4316 kHz [USB] @ 0930 UTC, Spanish & Music on 3250 kHz @ 1200 UTC & 3345 kHz @ 1215 UTC, Radio Norway International - New Test of frequency 6090 kHz 20/11 and 21/11-06, BBC Caribbean Report on 9750 kHz @ 11:07 UTC, BBC Caribbean Report on 9750 kHz @ 11:00 UTC, WWCR on 5070 kHz @ 08:01 UTC with Pastor Peters, WWCR on 4840 kHz "Into Tomorrow" {Tech Talk} @ 0628 UTC, WWCR "Into Tomorrow" on 4840 kHz @ 0600 UTC, WWCR "WaveScan" DX Program on 12,160 kHz @ 1630 UTC. [4] Focusing on human frailties of Old Testament prophets and New Testament apostles, he concluded that the message of the church (his assigned theme for the occasion) was, "the message of a Person--Jesus Christ and Him crucified. In 1975, Scott began nightly live broadcasts, and eventually satellite broadcasts extended his services and talk shows to many countries. She refers to Scott as her mentor. Monday thru Saturday: 1pm to 5pm: Daytime 13.845MHz: Sunday: 11am to 5pm: Daytime 13.845MHz: Daily: 5pm to 4am: Nighttime 5.935MHz Oh yeah! Actor Don DeFore was also a member of his congregation. Dr. Gene Scott was the Pastor of the University Cathedral, the largest Protestant congregation in downtown Los Angeles. After four years he was diagnosed with cancer elsewhere in his body.

Messages), THE CARIBBEAN BEACON - Anguilla, British West Reruns of his sermons are still all over the religious airwaves and on the many radio stations which his ministry bought with its donations, though attendance and viewership has dropped considerably since his widow (and former-porn star) Melissa Scott has taken over. Scott was pronounced dead at 4:30 pm PST on February 21, 2005. Dr of what Gene Scott? The Preacher's Unholy Past: Pastor Melissa Scott presides over a televangelist empire. “A hard study of the resurrection of Christ led to a firm faith,” and Dr. Scott's journey back to faith is laid out in his summation under the title: “A Philosopher Looks at Christ.” He went on to complete a Ph.D. in Philosophies of Education at Stanford University in 1957; his Doctoral Dissertation dealt with the theology of Reinhold Niebuhr. Anyone else getting a kick out of Dr. Gene Scott's slow emotional meltdown? Quad with reflector (1), Bi-Directional Quad (1), Transmitter 2 - South to Brazil and all South In February 2005, Scott suffered a stroke and lapsed into a coma in Glendale Adventist Medical Center. Jack Anderson – was heard on AFRTS Radio in the 1980s; Art Bell – via a Canadian affiliate's 49-meter shortwave relay service and WFLA's 11-meter relay - = 2FN6XOG = - & - = 2D9QLQ = -  . "The Caribbean Beacon" Anguilla British West Indies 11,775 kHz - Daytime : 1000-2200 UTC 6090 kHz - Nighttime : 2200-1000 UTC -broadcasting- Gene Scott 24/7  . Instead, follow the wikipedia link above for the biographical angle. ABC Radio "Domestic" Shortwave on 2310 kHz / 2325 kHz / 2485 kHz @ 12:20 UTC, 4. 5935 kHz = S-Meter : S9 ~ +10dB with SIO 545 and good audio. Degrees West, STATSIONAR 21 Transponder 11 - 103.0 Dr. euGene Scott on KAIJ 13.815 MHz - - - He Is Alive on Shortwave ! 5 SHORTWAVE TRANSMITTERS: 50KW (2), 40KW (1), Later, Scott was elected the church's pastor by a unanimous vote of the board of Faith Center in Glendale, California.

Los Angeles County Recorder, North American Title Company, Los Angeles Superior Court of California, Articles of Incorporation on file at the Secretary of State of California. WWCR "Into Tomorrow" on 4840 kHz @ 0600 UTC, 14. Degrees East, TELSTAR 6 Transponder 7 - 93 Degrees West - SR [3], At their August 26–29, 1968 Council on Evangelism held in St. Louis, Missouri, Scott preached one of four major evening messages to a crowd of about 7000 registered participants at the Kiel Auditorium.

by lester john ne » Sat, 30 Jul 1994 04:29:49, : : Sorry, but Gene Scott is a first class weirdo. Scott eventually joined the Assemblies of God, a Pentecostal denomination, and served overseas as a missionary for several years. San Francisco           Canadians are happy with their gov't health plan. The Wescott Christian Center is the title-holder to various church properties and bank accounts, according to county records. RadioBanter » » Shortwave > Dr. Gene Scott Reply LinkBack: Thread Tools: Search this Thread: Display Modes #1 January 22nd 07, 04:38 AM posted to simmonsfan. Dr. Gene Scott and "God's Angry Man" 8.

Camping's Sell-off (was Re: Who is Dr. Gene Scott?). WWCR on 5070 kHz @ 08:01 UTC with Pastor Peters, 12. This work in progress comprises every Sunday message preached by Gene Scott since his arrival at the Faith Center in 1975. William Eugene "Gene" Scott (1929–2005) was a radio evangelist and televangelist who set up shop in the old United Artists theater in downtown Los Angeles, California, which he redubbed the University Cathedral, and is best known for cluttering up the religious airwaves 24/7 with his sermons and heavy-handed fundraising.

Areas - CA, USA, KBEH - 24 - Oxnard & San Fernando Valley - His father, known as "Pop Scott", and his mother, known as "Mom Scott", assisted him at his new church. Everytime I tune him in he's spouting prophecy, talking : about divine inspiration for the pyramids, and quoting the Book of : James. I can't give the late man a proper introduction.

Dr. Demento this weekend has song made of mixings of Gene Scott, 13. something new on the Dr. Gene Scott network, ROGER FLOURNOY, JR.---Since Christian ministers by definition deal with the, >I have my strong differences with Gene Scott theologically. ", In an episode of Saturday Night Live which aired on January 23, 1988, Scott was portrayed by Robin Williams in a skit parodying the CableACE Awards.

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