An extraordinary team of real-life medical heroes fight to save desperate patients suffering life-threatening injuries, in one of Australia's biggest and busiest emergency hospitals, The Royal Melbourne. (The vacation itself has disastrous results for the DeSotos.) Another traffic accident results in two injuries and a missing dog, whom Roy found for the boy, in the hospital, prior to Dixie and Dr. When the severity of the fire becomes clear, triage is set up in the underground parking garage.

The station responds to a fire that proves to be in a trash dumpster. Early, as well as her nursing staff, but neither Roy nor John remembers the rescue that resulted in the commendations. Stanley is severely injured when he gets an electric shock from a fallen power line, forcing his apparent immediate deputy (active-duty LACoFD Firefighter, Robert Hamilton, Mark Massari and John Groves. A … The television series Emergency! These are the most promising TV shows and streaming/VOD movies to watch... Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. When a diabetic does some ill-advised drinking on a date, he ends the night fighting off the Rampart ER staff.

Both also meditate on the people that want to die rather than live, and the people that want to live rather than die.

Brackett and Morton, from Dixie. Early suspects, The paramedics are swamped with paperwork, and have to deal with emergencies such as a girl (. Dr. Brackett leads a triage team from Rampart in a nearby garage. A Coast Guard. During the rescue of a man whose car is hanging over a bridge, the erratic instructions and behavior of a new doctor, Dr. Varner, concern Dixie. The firemen rescue a young couple from a traffic accident, but the boy (. Abby's mother, Maggie, who suffers from bipolar disorder (manic-depressive) and refuses to take her medication, unexpectedly visits Abby at the hospital and wreaks havoc on Abby's life. The Brackett/McCall workplace romance hits some bumps. Eager to get out of his per diem situation, Benton agrees to a full time position.

Click here to login or here to sign up. A college quarterback suffers from muscle cramps affecting his back which sidelines him from a big weekend game, Roy and John teach a CPR class to a group of senior citizens, then learn that their former paramedic instructor has died from cardiac arrest.

Robert appears briefly in some flashbacks. The firefighters respond to a traffic accident in which Dr. Brackett is involved–which resulted in one death, for which Dr. Brackett blames himself, and he refuses Dixie's requests to rest. Johnny explains his dilemma to Dixie, but his problem is with Roy, who says it takes a lot of work, whom they will all side with him. Dixie talks to the mother, whose own son is suffering from brain hemorrhage. Station alarm, followed by sirens, fading into: Note: . NBC | Air Date: June 26, 1979: Starring: Randolph Mantooth, Kevin Tighe, Robert Fuller, Bobby Troup, Julie London, Vince Howard, Tim Donnelly, Ron Pinkard, Marco Lopez, Patricia Mickey, Mike Stoker, Sam Lanier, Michael Norrell.

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