Emanuel Matteo ranks 64th in popularity among Swedish parents, 28th in Germany, and 9th in Italy. Originally derived from the Latin florus, for "yellow" or "blond", its meaning eventually morphed to “flower”, and it's related to the female variants Flora and Florence. Literary lovers take note: Jasper has also appeared in works by Thomas Hardy, James Fenimore Cooper, Sire Walter Scott and Thackeray.

Still on the hunt for the perfect baby boy name? Achille This name is an Italian and Spanish favorite. It has German roots and the meaning of the name is ‘masculine’. These days, Jules isn’t a fixture in Top 100 baby name charts – at least not in North America, where it hasn’t been ranked since the 1950s (after enjoying its peak popularity at the turn of the Century). This cool German name is ranked 35th in Iceland, 15th in Germany, and 10th in Norway. The name means “Wild Boar” or “strong”. But Friends is a thing of the past, and Marcel is due for a comeback. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. And according to BabyCenter, Jasper is up 13 spots from the previous year, so nab this cool boy’s name now before it hits the charts in North America. Antoine It is a name growing in popularity. Pasquale Malo There’s something rugged and masculine about this Spanish boy’s name meaning “bright” – perhaps because it brings to mind the charming and handsome actor (and husband to the beautiful Penélope Cruz) Javier Bardem.

But European parents seem to have different ideas about this old-world name. Take a hint from our European friends, and give Luca a chance. The literal meaning of the name is “youthful” and “downy”. Northern Ireland: … Literary? This is a Portuguese name and the distinct rhythm makes the name sound very unique. Now, look at the name Tobias anew. In Sweden, however, parents are giving Maximilian much more love, where it’s ranked 93rd. Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Poland. Storm Elias is a charming, charismatic boy's name with Greek roots and literary ties. Actress and model Ali Landry named her son Marcelo Alejandro (after her husband, director Alejandro Monteverde). Most readers will be too young to know this, but in the 1950s there was a pop star named Fabian who was basically the Justin Bieber of his era. Hector Hugo. Pronounced as “Kill-ee-an”, this Gaelic name means “little church” or “Strife”. Henrik Achille Albin Alessio Alvaro Andreas Angelo Antoine Antonin Augustin Arnor Arvid Asger Baltasar Baptiste Basile Benedikt Bertalan Boaz Bram Brando Bruno Brynjar Caio Carmine Casper Cesar Ciro Clement Conrad Damian Dante Daris Diego Domenico Dorian Duarte Einar Eldar Emanuel Emile … The olive tree in biblical terms symbolizes beauty, fruitfulness, and dignity. Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. Or perhaps you’re simply looking for a way to freshen up an old favorite. Other known Florians include Florian Fortescue, who runs an ice cream parlour in Harry Potter, as well as singer Dido, whose first name is actually Florian. Alvaro Here are some interesting and popular European baby boy names that you can consider for your little prince! It may not be on the charts in North America – it’s currently sitting in 276th spot on Nameberry – but Leon is actually a hot name in Europe right now. The name has Greek origins and it means “Helper or defender of people”. Sacha If you are a fan of the Nordic culture, then you should consider this one among the. Pavel Faris And the founder of luxury car brand Ferrari was named Enzo Ferrari. And while Oscar with a C is sitting pretty in 12th spot on Nameberry, its counterpart with a K is far less popular in North America, where it doesn’t have a rank. This is a very popular, This is a very popular name in Sweden and Germany. And yet, by virtue of its meaning – “flowering” – it’s also smooth and sophisticated. The name has Italian origins and it means “God is gracious”. Arvid The meaning of this name is “rest” and it has Italian origins. Noam 3. It has a French origin and the meaning of the name is “crown, garland”. Vladimir The name became famous after Giotto di Bondone, a painter from Florence and an Italian architect. Radek

The meaning of this name is “small” and would be a great option for your baby. The meaning of this unique name is ‘Blessed’. You can skip to the end and leave a response. It is a very popular name in France. This is a very popular Eastern European boy name. Asger Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with your doctor. Rasmus Another meaning of the name is the “Lakeside colony” and it was the name of the early settlements of the Romans in England. For a couple who is trying to get pregnant, the two-week wait period can be filled with anxiety. Meaning “little warrior”, Marcel is a variation of the Latin name Marcellus.

This is a beautiful German name which means ‘noble protector’. Massimo An exotic version of the name Paul, this is a very appealing Italian version. Hipster parents take note of this cool, under-the-radar Italian name, ranked 162nd on Nameberry’s charts for 2017. After all, many of the most popular boy names today – contemporary classics like Leo and Lucas, Mason and Mateo, Oliver and Owen – have European origins. It means “estate ruler” and is an Italian variation of the name Henry. This is a very popular Eastern European boy name. This is another form of the name “Theodore” and the meaning is “Divine Gift”.

This is the Portugal version of the name Benedict. This is a charismatic name with its roots being Greek. Hakon Maximilian is a Latin name meaning, literally, “greatest”. Damian It is a popular Old German name where ‘Fardi’ means journey and ‘Nanthi’ means venture. And while it’s certainly seen a rise in popularity in North America in recent years – shooting up to 188th spot on Nameberry after being off the charts for decades – Luca is nowhere near as hot here as it is in Europe. The meaning of this popular name is ‘famous warrior’ and is a very decent option for your boy. Cesar Izan The meaning of this name is “Lordly”. Pim Baltasar The meaning of this name is ‘Staff of the Goths’. Luan But it’s not just goth parents who have become increasingly interested in this handsome boy’s name – Jasper is also enjoying popularity among the hipster crowd, who are also drawn to similar names Casper and Asher. Though the German language can be a little confusing, its names are very attractive. Of course, Europe isn’t one place, culture, and language. Remy. This Portuguese name means lordly. Hip and unique, and maybe a little bit of a head-scratcher in the pronunciation department, Cillian is a classic Irish name ready to make it big in North America. Nameberry places Alejandro at the 181st spot on its popularity charts, but don’t let that ranking fool you. Valentin It is a very popular Greek name for boys and it means “light-giving”. Wales: Boys| Girls. Ricky Martin and Colin Firth have sons named Matteo, and celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and actor Benjamin Bratt named their sons Mateo. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. The meaning of this name is “Ruler of the Home” and is a very nice option. Unique and hip, this classic Irish name is a great one that is yet to become very popular. How to Vote for the Indian Idol Using the FirstCry App & Website, 50 Most Popular Russian Baby Names for Boys, Importance of Sensory Bins for Infants and Toddlers, 80 Surnames or Last Names That Start With ‘A’, Tips to Choose a Safe Bug Spray for Babies and Kids.

English or Slavic? Gerard Leander

And if trends can be trusted, this French name with literary cred will likely be making an appearance in North American baby name charts sometime soon. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

This pint-sized charmer is currently 61st in Spain, 52nd in England, 34th in the Netherlands, 23rd in Italy, and 11th in Germany. Loris . This under-the-radar, cool Italian name is perfect if you are Hipster parents. The other version of the name is “Mateo”.

Oriol Milan Ranked down in 376th spot on Nameberry, Fabian is currently a popular choice in Germany, where it’s 38th among parents of boys. This is a Latin boy’s name and is very popular, stylish, and masculine. 2. Walt Disney and Robert Downey Jr. both have sons whose middle names are Elias. Here’s some relevant trivia to put in your back pocket: Florian is the patron saint of Poland and Upper Austria, as well as the patron saint of firefighters. Sven Thiago Marceau With Hebrew origins, the meaning of the name Nathaniel is “Gift of God” or “God has given”. Boaz Casper © 2010-2020 Parenting.FirstCry.com. Javier is actually ranked 15th in Spain.

Sverre Ilya Albin Laurin Rene It peaked in popularity in 1958, when it hit 1390th spot, according to Babynamescience.com. If you like trendy names, take a look at this list of the year’s 100 most popular boy names. This is a very captivating and soft name derived from the French. Couples in Europe have already jumped on that bandwagon. This English name means ‘The Olive Tree’. Water Intoxication In Babies-Causes, Symptoms and Treatment, Montessori-Inspired Toys for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers, Taking Care of Your Child When You Have Another One on the Way, Breast Milk Colour – What’s Normal, What’s Not, What Happens at 15 DPO (Days Past Ovulation). In Spain, where the name originated, this soft, romantic moniker is the 5th most popular choice among parents for baby boys. See Unique Eastern European Names for Boys. Alfie is another popular name well-known in England, and Wales, and is just now picking up in the US. Iago It’s also popular in Austria, Spain and Germany. Bruno


Isa Eastern European Names for Boys. Pinging is currently not allowed. Andreas Hilary Duff, Rebecca Minkoff, Jacinda Barrett, Colin Firth, Vincent d’Onofrio and Gabriel Macht all chose this whimsical Italian name for their sons. Harry Potter fans will already know that Hugo is the name of Ron and Hermione’s son, Hugo Granger-Weasley. Nandor A perfect name for an energetic, playful, perhaps slightly mischievous little boy, it’s time  this cool kid name hit the mainstream. Ciro Gustavo What’s cool about this Latin boy’s name is that it really does double duty: It’s masculine and stylish. This name has a very creative legacy.

Istvan Scotland: Boys| Girls. In Norway, Elias is ranked 13th. Famous Roarks include Canadian soap actor Roark Chritchlow, artist Roark Courley, and novelist Roark Bradford. Leone Whether you’re drawn to the lively energy of Irish boy’s names, the lyrical beauty of Italian names, the rugged coolness of Scandinavian names, or the distinguished charm of English names, there’s something for every little boy. Piggybacking on the popularity of old man or Grandpa names, Oskar and Oscar are both on the up-and-up, but Oskar with a K offers a unique (even European) twist, making it a bold choice for parents looking to give their little boy a bit of an edge. This is a growing name in British culture. Zoltan, 1 Response to “150+ European Baby Boy Names”. It’s 60th in Ireland, 25th in Norway, 21st in Sweden, and – surprisingly – 5th in Germany. There was Scottish novelist Tobias Smollett, a Boy’s Life author Tobias Wolff, and it's even a character in Harry Potter – Tobias being the first name of Professor Snape's father. Cyrilo . You can credit Lady Gaga for bringing Alejandro (the name of one of her hit songs) to the attention of North American parents, but this handsome name was already hitting all the charts in Europe. (And you can find even more cool European boy names in our full list, here.). Gunnar Here is a selection of 150+ of our favorite under-the-radar European baby names for boys. Or the beautiful languages, the folklore, the presence of castles? Zalan Ignacy Family Using Gender Reveal To Raise Money For Adoption Expenses. A lot has happened to every part of Europe and it has so many stories to tell.

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