Res., 14 (3): 542-547, Seo, S. H.; Jung, B. Y.; Lee, M. K.; Lee, B. H.; Paik, I. K., 2009. These disadvantages may not be of importance when these feed ingredients are used at a controlled and minimal level. Sci., 10 (2): 210-214, Li X. ; Yu Y. ; Xiao Y. ; Jin M. ; Hong Q. ; Chen A. ; Yang C., 2012. Hydrolyzed leather meal in broiler diets. J. A., 2005. The only disadvantage of sunflower meal is its high fiber content. Zootec., 55 (3): 324-333, Rojas, O. J.; Stein, H. H., 2012. On the utilization of enzymatically digested feathers in rabbit feeding.

Midwest Swine Nutr. Juvenile red hybrid tilapia (37 g BW) could be successfully fed during 16 weeks on feather meal at up to 15 % dietary inclusion as a replacer of fish meal in a diet containing 29% digestible protein. 83 (9): 2146-2150, Senkoylu, N. ; Samli, H. E. ; Akyurek, H. ; Agma, A. ; Yasar, S., 2005. The Effects of Whey and Yeast on Digestibility of Nutrients in Feather Meal. FAOSTAT. J. Biol. Rural Dev., 29 (12): 224, Pfeffer, E.; Wiesmann, D.; Henrichfreise, B., 1994. To improve the number of students in the schools and to make the children of poorer sections of the society to join schools, the government has launched the Mid day meal plan in which the children are given free meals in their school itself. This only disadvantage of using groundnut meal is that it contains antinutritional factors called tannin and Aflatoxin. Your email address will not be published. Int. Efficacy of using a combination of rendered protein products as an undegradable intake protein supplement for lactating, winter-calving, beef cows fed bromegrass hay. I’ve learnt so much form this article. Research report in 1989, 1990; swine breeding and production, Dep. Rev.

Dev., Bangkok (Thailand).- Bangkok (Thailand), 13-20. Nutrient digestibilities and utilization of diets containing hydrolyzed feather meal in growing (30 kgs) and finishing (80 kgs) pigs. A 2012 study found that the use of feather meal may contribute to arsenic exposure in humans. Animal byproduct obtained by hydrolysing, drying and grinding poultry feathers. Studies on poultry by-product meals in broiler and layer rations.

very laudable. Kasetsart Univ., Bangkok (Thailand). It was possible to feed 18 kg piglets on 3% feather meal as a replacer of soybean meal without impairing daily weight gain, feed intake and feed-to-weight gain ratio (Chen et al., 2019). It was reported to contain more amino acids and less fat that feather meal alone. Another formulation possibility was to add other raw materials rich in essential amino acids such as poultry offal meal and blood meal (Daghir, 1975). By the nature of the ruminants’ stomach, they can utilize any fibrous feed maximally. The recipes you thought would be great, could end up tasting like poop.

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