She swears up and down that the resemblance is there, but I really don't see it.

So What funny names did you give your Characters in RPGS . Jezzascmezza:My evil Fallout 3 character was called "Mike Hunt.". Our utility will allow you to create given names for either males or females. Ordeals and fight the Cecil doppleganger, Tellah yells out "THERE'S TWO BOOBS?". Sheppy, Shep Von and Leppard Shepard. JavaScript is disabled. I went on to have Spisa Metbal, Peen Utbutter and Orldai Breakfist. Another friend of ours wants to make a ninja girl companion for Hellen who is super stealthy and throws 6-pointed starts. WoW Rogue - LoveshankWow Shaman - Shamantha, OprawindfuryFFXI Taru - taruto.

This thread is archived. save. hide. Priest=Duncan Sinners, Justin D'Niko Time. So What funny names did you give your Characters in RPGS, Cloud-FlufflyVivi-8BallGarnet/Dagger-VaginaZidane-Trezu. fuck me, come quickly!". Len Lakofka, one of the earliest and most influential contributors to Dungeons and Dragons, has passed. Yes, that's a perfect and fitting name for your Drow Cleric. Manamana Sakituya Sakitumi Koka-kora Mashin-gun Wazituya Huzyadadi, My roomate named a priest character "Cleric Apton. I once named my whole group in ff7 for Sephiroth, it was fucking hilarious! Your mother and I have been talking; what do you think about...", "That's a good name, don't you think? Hey, I am a Professional Web Designer, Author, Blogger, and Teacher.

Dungeons & Dragons / Fantasy D20 Spotlight. 126 comments. Well, I would say that in alot of cases the use of apostrophe's in both the main Gith races is evident. Name: Hellen Keller. Call Rinoa "A Whore", and call her dog "Anal". My character is sometimes Dr. Hans Jerkov.

Fallout 3. Groin, a Dwarf Noble in Dragon age: Origins.In fact, I even made a funny comic on the subject.Points to those who can identify the completely serious source for that name. I'll start the ball rolling with a couple of mine. Our name generator utility will create random given names, surnames, or full names for your use. My most recent character was incredibly lazily named in reaction to how my group's games never last more than a couple months of weekly 3-hour sessions.

Especially when it's a Bug-type. In exchange, I traded her a Magikarp named Tittyfish. A Whore uses Anal to learn new tricks.Some attacks are Anal Reverse and Anal Cannon. He is considering making an Oracle with duel curses of blindness and deafness, who specializes in the Create Water orison. You can also check the nickname for robots and cute, clever and funny names for robots. When it comes to dumb character names, there are good dumb names and bad dumb names.

People dream up conspiracy theories to help make sense of things. Introduce yourself without the middle name and don't reveal it until someone asks about it for extra lulz. "Penis used Harden! Or Justin Denny Kotime - that way your name without the middle one is Justin Kotime, which isn't immediately obvious. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Gotham Soul:Call Rinoa "A Whore", and call her dog "Anal". If there's new information to be shared, share it, but cite your information to a reputable source. 2 POSTED: 23 Jul 2010 08:02. tubnuts. Wizard = Alec Azzam. ", Another guy I know made a character named Ember, who became a God. In the SNES version of FFIV, I used to get a kick out of naming Cecil "Boob", so that when you go to Mt.

I have a minotaur runepriest named Angus Deorum. Enter how many names you would like: (50 max) Select what type of names … You must log in or register to reply here. Pirates! We had a good laugh. Okay, I promise these will be the last ones: So we were playing Bushido. I had a few come to mind, wanted to think of a few more. Indirect dumb. Just enter the number of names you would like generated and select the type of name you would like generated. Those are generally laced with profanity and sexual innuendo. "Sephiroth, we have to chase down Saphiroth and stop him from using the black materia, but we must also save sephiroth", it was like that through-out the whole game. report. You may generate a single name, or create up to one hundred dwarf names at a time. Thanks to Shannon Appelcline for providing historical information regarding his life. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

I'm not too sure why, but reading this made me crack up for, like, 5 minutes.

Or calling your pokemon "Penis" is always a classic. The Blu Spy . No Offensive by the way. I've called my Pokemons many strange things, like my Metapod which I called PENIS:"PENIS used HARDEN.". My fallout 3 character is called Fishy Eddy. The worst bad dumb name I've seen lately was TurKeeNek, which I didn't realize when I glanced at the character sheet was Turkey Neck spelled all stupid. He also has an alchemist bomber named Enola Gay. I have a neighbor with that name, but spelled "Cybil" differently. You can not use these names, but these names give you a good reference. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. or, later on, "PENIS uses HYDRO PUMP!". He would recklessly charge into battle and kill everything, thus, the day was saved. I got told I couldn't play in a game for that one, despite the character being based on 'The Man With No Name' of. My first ever Basic D&D character back in 1984 was called Jamm Donut. The Mighty Pantsman interestingly enough he didn't wear pants.Playername I couldn't be bothered naming my character in Fallout 3. Which isn't so dumb in and of itself, since Ezuri, Renegade Leader is an amazing card, but just the laziness of it(Screw it, this character is doomed anyway, I'm not making up a name for him) and the fact that a table full of Magic players didn't get it made it amusing. ", -Drifter-:"You're going to need a name, aren't you? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ME2, so far I've started 3 careers. I had a Shadowrun player who played a paraplegic drone rigger with the street name "Rigger Mortis", They just keep coming. My most successful pirate of all time was Fartybum, or rather, that notorious pirate Admiral Fartybum.

Like most dwarven cultures, khordaldrum given names tend to be short and gutteral sounding. In certain games you can name you Characters mainly the FF series i would always name them funny names for instance with Amarant from FF9 i named him Douche and he introduced himself as [no joke] 'The Flaming Douche' i couldn't stop laughing at it maybe thats just me 100% true.

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