1. “It’s your turn.”, 3. Edward Cullen from Twilight? I wanted to be a werewolf!”, 52.

Sometimes, looking at a photo or an art object can help you get started with a story.

What if your parents came home from work tonight and told you they were sending you to boarding school? You’re forty years old and are happily married to your spouse of 15 years. It was now pinging six times per minute.

We have to talk.”, “Could you not walk ten steps in front of me for a change?”, “How much longer is lobster season going to last?”, “It’s not that I don’t appreciate the thought.”, “Could you please not use that tone of voice?”, “Hey, there. It’s all over the news. I don’t know what I’ll do next if you stay a minute longer.”, 56. There is someone who cares about you–yet your so focused on yourself you don’t think about her, and now because of your selfishness, nobody cares for her either.”, “No! I woke up yesterday in a tree, without even a sweater to keep me dry. What if you could skip the stores and the stress this holiday season? I can’t believe you…”, I kicked at the dust with my shoe. You're not distracted by furniture or waiters or sunsets.

Is it you?

Using only dialogue, write a short story about the reveal of a long-hidden secret. For many writers, though, dialogue can be a struggle. What is this? Not again, I thought…, Irene gripped her mom’s hand harder as they walked through the doors of the imposing gray building. Respond with your short story and you could win $50! 62 Inspiring Dialogue Story Writing Prompts #138-199, 32 Terrifying Horror Story Writing Prompts, 20 Polaroid Inspired Bujo Spread to Try Out, 35 Interesting Sci-Fi Story Writing Prompts #103-137, 36 Magical Fantasy Story Writing Prompts #33-68, 38 Exciting October Story Writing Prompts #256-293. I tiptoed down the stairs of the prison. “The King is just a title I hold on other days, I also hold the title of… The Masked One on the others days.”, 47.

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Suddenly, our boat was being lifted out of the water and…, The Instagram account I created for my hamster just went viral and he’s getting calls with job offers from around the world, only …. Using only dialogue, write a short story about an argument that gets heated. Everything was perfect: the decorations were over the top, the food catered by my favourite restaurant, every cool kid in school was there. Even when I was seven, I could see the harm they were capable of causing. Here are a bunch of different ones to try, all of which could suit lots of different scenarios – … Sign up to get this week's prompts. “The job’s yours,” she said, somewhat prophetically. What if you were an Uber driver in a world where people travel by hot air balloon instead of by car?

I would love to see them! 100 Story Starters and Writing Prompts for Kids. Required fields are marked *.

So here are 62 inspiring dialogue story writing prompts for you to think about for your own writing! Okay … it’s kind of what it looks like, but just give me a chance to explain.”.

As you take it in, the faces on the mural suddenly start talking to you, warning you of crimes that are about to occur in the city. Maybe one of these exercises will even lead to a new story. What if your pet was elected mayor of your city?

Close your eyes, turn to a page, and point to a sentence. Write a story in which the protagonist turns into the antagonist by the end. “We’ve invented a cream that actually makes people more beautiful.

I don’t want to live in this cave like a cavemen for the next century thank you very much.”, 51. Write a story where the protagonist dies in the first paragraph. “Stop dilly dallying, and go tell him about it!

“Let go!” I screamed at the man holding me in a headlock. What if you travelled back in time to ancient Egypt and discovered that their world was even more modernized than ours and included more advanced technology but that they’d destroyed all evidence of these advances in an effort to protect future generations from making the same devastating decisions that they had? Dialogue writing prompts can be a great way of kicking off your dialogue – but they can also be helpful if you’re stuck for an idea or looking for an opening to a scene or a short story. That would imply I cared.”, #21: “How are you feeling today? I wanted to scream.

Interesting questions for discussions in Engish lessons.

If anyone else finds out... You’re walking home with your friends from school one day when one of them vanishes down a manhole. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw…, I was about to enter my house when I saw a little dog running down the street toward the busy intersection. I waved goodbye to each flower bed, to the apple tree that I’d climbed innumerable times as a child. I can talk to animals. I’ve been warning them for years. Wolf, my rottweiler was greedily licking lasagna off the tiled floor. Use only their stream of consciousness to tell the story. When I reached their hutch, I gasped. Of course, you are! But yes, I suppose you’re right.”, #6: “Okay, I think we do need to call an ambulance.”, #7: “Oh my gosh, are you sure? It never occurred to me that it would actually work.

If anyone caught me doing this, I’d be in big trouble. There was an error submitting your subscription.

The note we’d found had said that the mystery person would be here at five, and it was half past four. I'm the girl behind this blog, atinydreamer! I’m sure as hell not giving up now!”, #11: “Believe me, my dear, no-one regrets this more than I do.”, #12: “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to talk to strangers?”, #13: “Don’t worry.

Ellen squeezed down the narrow aisle of the plane looking for row M. She stuffed her backpack under the seat in front of her with her feet and buckled up. You’ve changed.”, 13. What if you could live in Ikea for a month? In essence, you're closing your eyes and giving your complete attention to the subtext of… In essence, you’re closing your eyes and giving your complete attention to the subtext of the conversation. “You’re crazy, but there’s a reason we broke you out from jail twice.”, 42.

:) these prompts can, however, be taken in any way as the point of a prompt is to inspire the writer. What if you could never leave high school, but instead had to keep coming back year after year to try and get perfect grades before you were allowed to move on? Discover (and save!) Clean Writing Prompts If you use any of my prompts please let me know! “You’re going in there right now and apologize. I was running out of time. “You’re just the same as them, you’re no different from them.”, 59. Using only dialogue, write a short story about an adult explaining something to a child. “Honey, you haven’t even seen the worst of the society yet.”, 46.

We had to find him before…. “Which side are you on? Join (probably?) Who would have thought that the teleporter at the Star Trek Museum was functional? “Oh my god. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Dialogue is and will forever be a main part of writing, it adds a little more to any writing in general.

That’s not what happened at all.”, #26: “Do you maybe think, in retrospect, that this was a terrible idea?”, #29: “So hang on, let me get this straight.”, #30: “Actually, I think you’d find that most people have a pretty massive problem with that.”.

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