Me oti kina na i tovo ca, Me da dau doka ka vinakata na vanua Mārca bhagavāna bhalā karē phijī. And progress onwards The melody was adapted from a 1911 hymn by Charles Austin Miles entitled Dwelling in Beulah Land. Ajaadi ki raksha aur samman sada hum karege Phijī kē li'ē, kabhī phijī, calō hamārī āvāja garva E ra sa dau tiko kina na savasava आशीर्वाद अनुदान, फिजी Meda Dau Doka or God Bless Fiji is the national anthem of Fiji. Where righteous people reside Sarwamangal Fiji Ahle watan hum teri sharan mein, teri dhwaja ke neehe हमेशा के लिए और अधिक! Ni kakua ni vosota na dukadukali Mārca bhagavāna phijī bhalā karē. May God bless Fiji

फिजी के लिए, कभी फिजी, चलो हमारी आवाज गर्व [1], Listen to the National Anthem (opens in new window)[1], Listen to the national anthem in QuickTime file format(opens in new window)[2], Listen to the national anthem in midi file format(opens in new window)[3]. A land of freedom, hope and glory, to endure what ever befalls आशीर्वाद अनुदान, फिजी Rawa tu na gauna ni sautu na veilomani In Modern Standard Arabic, the word may change slightly if you make it a gender specific. Meda dau doka ka vinakata na vanua Stand united, we of Fiji, fame and glory ever Blessing grant, oh God of nations, on the isles of FijiShores of golden sand and sunshine, happiness and songStand united, we of Fiji, fame and glory everOnward march togetherGod bless Fiji. आगे एक साथ आगे एक साथ Me sa biu na i tovo tawa yaga, Bale ga vei kemuni na cauravou e Viti E ra sa dau tiko kina na savasava

People's Charter for Change, Peace and Progress, Template:Nationalanthemsofoceaniaandthepacificislands, Ajaadi ki raksha aur samman sada hum karege success ! [06/27/20] Greetings Church, Join us tomorrow, Sunday 28th June 2020 at: 11AM - Connect with us live on Faith Fijian AOG NZ page as Pastor Aminio will share and continue on 'The Great Tribulation' message.

मार्च भगवान फिजी भला करे. Me ra turaga vinaka ko ira na i liuliu The English and Fijian lyrics are not translations of each other, and in fact have very little in common. The 1997 Constitution established Fijian as an official language of Fiji, along with English and Fiji Hindi, and there has been discussion about establishing it as the “national language”, though English and Hindustani would remain official. Browse through the mini dictionary below to find other useful phrases and vocabulary to use on your visit to the Fiji islands. The white flower has bloomed; it is time to sleep outside. Ni yavala me savasava na vanua Hum sab mil gaate rahe Where prosperity and fellowship may persevere Kōrasa: Kōrasa: Me ra liutaki na tamata Blessing grant oh God of nations on the isles of Fiji

May our leaders be honourable men बीतना भगवान भला करे फिजी Āśīrvāda phijī And we honour and defend the cause of freedom ever For Fiji, ever Fiji, let our voices ring with pride फिजी के लिए, कभी फिजी, चलो हमारी आवाज गर्व God bless you Bondye beni ou This phrase is another natural way to end a conversation. Yeh Fiji Hamara Fiji Kē dvīpōṁ para ōha rāṣṭrōṁ kē bhagavāna anudāna jaisā ki hama mahāna bainara talē nīlē In August 2008, the draft version of the People's Charter for Change, Peace and Progress, a government document intended to supplement the Constitution, recommended a change in the national anthem. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rawa tu na gauna ni sautu na veilomani To great things It suggested that the national anthem should be in the country's three main languages: Fijian, Hindi and English. CHORUS, Yeh Fiji, hamara Fiji Meda dau doka ka vinakata na vanua Fiji, officially the Republic of Fiji, is an island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,100 nautical miles (2,000 km; 1,300 mi) northeast of New Zealand’s North Island.

For Fiji, ever Fiji, let our voices ring with pride Āgē ēka sātha Listen to the wisdom of the toothless ones. Hamēśā kē li'ē aura adhika! For Fiji, ever Fiji, her name hail far and wide, Meda Dau Doka or God Bless Fiji is the national anthem of Fiji. एकजुट और हम सम्मान और स्वतंत्रता के कारण बचाव कभी Āśīrvāda phijī Āgē ēka sātha Me bula ga ko Viti बीतना भगवान भला करे फिजी Where righteous people reside Yeh naara lagate rahe God bless. की किनारे एकजुट खड़े हो जाओ, फिजी, प्रसिद्धि और महिमा से हम कभी Template:Listen कोरस: Me bula ga ko Viti Be wary and not harbour malice The lyrics and music were composed by Michael Francis Alexander Prescott and adopted upon independence in 1970.

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