There is a muscle on the upper forehead called the frontalis which is the muscle you use to raise your eyebrows. The good news is that it begins working within several days of the injection. This is the same muscle that wraps around the eye to close it. These muscles bring the central portion of the eyebrows together and downward. Leonard Nimoy who played Spock on Star Trek just had some eyebrow pencil and pointy ears and it helped to define his iconic persona, but nobody should have to look like him after a cosmetic treatment that is meant to make you look younger, and you don’t have to. Botox works by relaxing muscles. At its best, Botox  (or Dysport or Xeomin) can make you look younger, smoother, and less angry.

They typically have thicker skin and more hair in their eyebrows. Again, you will need to wait another two weeks to see the full results, but many people will notice improvement in a few days. There is a new competitor to Botox which is called Jeavue or “Newtox”. my first visit was very informative and helpful!” 1. and how can we prevent that? Why Spock brow happens after Botox. You contract this muscle when you smile, squint, or close your eyes tightly. But some people have horizontal lines and some diagonal lines; some people have only one line and others have three or more lines. But I think because I didn’t get any injections above the middle of my eyebrows and out, I’m getting a very odd raised arch look. Sometimes, we can help the eyebrow to lift by giving Botox to the muscle that pulls it down, Orbicularis Oculii.

Dr. Dean Kane and Lauri Kane work hand in hand at the Center For Cosmetic Surgery & Medispa to enhance the lives of their Baltimore-area patients. These people tend to develop more wrinkles on their forehead at a younger age that are typically deeper and harder to treat. The goal of Botox is twofold: 1.

We all strive to enhance our shape, and regardless of whether you are a man or woman, everyone wants to look and feel their very best. This usually results in a more youthful look. So if it (and the other muscles) is not relaxed correctly, you can see changes in the forehead such as a peaked eyebrow or a low or heavy eyebrow., //, Why weight loss makes your face look older, most popular cosmetic treatment in the world. It can be disturbing if you didn’t have an arch before botox and suddenly one appears. A Mr. Spock Eyebrow. This relaxes the muscles between the eyebrows. If too much Botox was injected and your face doesn’t move, you’ll just have to wait for it to wear off. It is provided solely for education. While BOTOX brow lifts can be effective at rejuvenation, exaggerated eyebrows are not a good look. Botox Mistakes and How to Fix Them Part 5 of 6: Botched Botox jobs and their solutions | When Botox is used appropriately, it is one of the safest treatments for reducing wrinkles. Botox is a purified protein used to treat wrinkles caused by facial expressions. Cookie-cutter treatments : If an injector does exactly the same treatment on everyone, it won’t be effective for some, because muscles aren’t in exactly the same place in everyone. By checking this box you hereby agree to hold Center for Cosmetic Surgery & MediSpa, including its doctors and affiliates, harmless from any hacking or any other unauthorized use of your personal information by outside parties. the tail of the eyebrow appears to be over-elevated with a “pulled” appearance. An experienced injector with a good understanding of facial anatomy will be able to assess the role the Frontalis muscle is playing in the lift of the eyebrow. 2.

We are both the same age yet these wrinkles made him look somehow older. Injecting this danger zone can be performed if needed. But what causes eyebrows to drop? As mentioned above, in some people the muscle is very wide while in others it’s narrow. The eyebrows can start rising even before the full effect of Botox on the forehead wears off. There are a number of muscles in the upper face. For example, sometimes a peaked eyebrow is seen when only the glabella area is treated with Botox.

Named after the famous Dr Spock this side effect of Botox is easily corrected with a few more units of Botox precisely placed. The heightened arch can appear sinister or “spock-like”. Injecting it laterally in very specific points can help lift the eyebrow without affecting the movement of the eyelids.

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