Thanks in advance! Thank you for the response.

Once mods are finished installing, you’re ready to install some custom maps. Then, while browsing maps on Beast Saber, you can simply click the cloud-install button (pictured below) to install a map (you may need to be logged into Beast Saver, you can register a free account).

Download the conversion script that corresponds to your PS4's Model Number and place it into the folder you made. We’ll be releasing BeatDrop 2 any day now and it’s been written from the ground up to be quite a bit better, so look out for that! It’s stored in a random temp folder, but I can’t figure out if I need to move it or what to do with it. Great songs have been downloaded and set as call sounds.

Required fields are marked *,,,, Featured Staff & Mapper Profile: Bloodcloak, Bsaber Update: Curator Recommended v1.1, Survey Feedback Response, and the Future, Sunflower – Post Malone & Swae Lee (Audica), rockstar (feat. I LOVE music. You’ll need a PC for this specific tutorial. I have it installed and have all my songs but when I run beatsaber none of my songs or mods are there. It moved the files to a different folder called incompatible plugins. I have tried reinstalling ModAssistant, I’ve updated it, I’ve updated the game, and nothing seems to work. Does this not work with oculus rift? That should be everything you need to start installing custom maps on Beat Saber for PC VR. I’m hoping someone might have a suggestion. It enhances the BS experience so much! mod has abandoned Bsaber and all other Beat Saber projects. If you're having trouble with your browser opening the script instead of letting you download it, right click the link and select Save Link As.... Now simply double click the script, and it will automatically find all the OGG files and encrypt them into EGG files. There are a whole bunch of others you can install, but for the purposes of this tutorial, just click the “Install or Update” button in the bottom right for now. When I start up my BeatSaber game, I no longer have the option to add mods or add new custom songs/maps. How can I fix it so I can add songs in-game again?

Cuz I can see several comments which shows their disappointment had been made in Steam today. I’m sure whoever wrote this tutorial THOUGHT they were being super descriptive and helpful but it’s actually incredibly vague.

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