You’ll also position some players inside, others outside, depending on their ability. Roll the dice that activate play (think of it as the pitch or swing). 1, No.

On the team card, each player--from all-star to third-string scrub-- is individually rated to reflect his own unique set of playing abilities, with all the necessary data arranged in a logical, easy-to-read manner. "I know you've heard it before, but after playing several of the football board games out there for many years, yours is hereby crowned "the best of 'em all!"--T.

Three games in one, Strat-O-Matic will have you playing the Basic game within minutes of opening the box. Then download this FREE wallchart. It's really easy - in each packet is one team, and each team has 3 dice; a defence die, a midfield die and an attack die.

Can I create my own players and teams?

Golf Game Detailed Example of Play, Excel Helper for Men's 2011 PGA for POTG Golf, 2005 PGA Tour Ratings for Stroke Saver Golf, 2006 Major Courses plus others for Stroke Saver Golf, Automated Stroke Saver Golf - for Ryder Cup ver 1.4, Automated Stroke Saver Golf - for Ryder Cup ver 2005-1.1, Large Format Game Board for BigBep Hockey, 1997 Colonial Hockey League Sample Players, 2008 Asia League Ice Hockey Sample Player Cards, 2010-11 AHL Extra Players for BigBep Hockey, 2010-11 ECHL Extra Players for BigBep Hockey, 2010-11 NHL Extra Players for BigBep Hockey, Early Years of Hockey for Blue Zone Hockey, BZH 2008-09 NHL Rosters & Stats Sheet - Excel 2007, Classic Hockey Goalie Stat Keeper, Helper Supplement 1.1, Modified Classic Hockey Advanced Game Boxscore, 2002 Season for FASTSCORE Hockey by Brian Davis, Hard Hitting Hockey 2007-08 Playoff Player Cards, IIHF World Championships 1975, 1976, 1977, Updated NHA 1911-12 for Let's Play Hockey, IIHF World Championships 1976 (revised) for Let's Play Hockey, NHL 1927-28 for Let's Play Hockey (Corrected), Negamco Hockey Advanced with 1967-68 Stanley Cup Finals, Negamco Hockey Advanced NHL 1987-88 Card Set, Negamco Hockey Advanced NCAA WCHA 1999-2000, 1982 IIHF World Championship - Negamco Hockey, PAIRADICE HOCKEY 3 line & 4 line board & Chart, 1977-78 Pacific Hockey League for Power Play Hockey, Statis-Pro Hockey complete with 1998 season, 2016-17 Pittsburgh Penguins for Statis Pro Hockey, 2017-18 Washington Capitals for Statis Pro Hockey, 2010-11 Boston Bruins for Statis-Pro Hockey, 2013-14 Los Angeles Kings for Statis Pro Hockey, Statis Pro Home Cards - 2006-07 Anaheim Ducks- Home Brewed, Statis Pro Hockey Cards 2009-10 Chicago Blackhawks (Home Brewed), Statis Pro Hockey Teams - DDSP Version 2 - Series 4, Statis Pro Hockey Teams- DDSP Version 2 - Series 3, Statis Pro Hockey Teams- DDSP Version 2- Series 2, Statis Pro Hockey- DDSP Version 2- Updated Teams - Series 1, Statis Pro Hockey- DDSP Version 2- Rules, Charts & FAC, XEG Hockey Rules, Charts, Scoresheet & Demo Season, Seabiscuit and War Admiral Cards for APBA Saddle Racing, 2005 Breeders Cup Race Card for the TVG Helper, Revised charts and rules for TVG Horse Racing, All Time 100 metre runners for Replay World of International Track and Field, IRSL Rollermania (1986-87) cards for Roller Rumble, Roller Speedway 3 vintage game board for Roller Rumble, World Roller Federation Express for Roller Rumble, Rollerjam teams and track board for Roller Rumble, 1988-89 American Skating Derby for Roller Rumble, Corrected 1500 M roller macro for Set A charts, Sochi 2014 for Tee Line Curling & Shot Rock Curling, Table Top Sports Vol. 2 - Spring 1977, Table Top Sports Vol. You´ll love playing against friends, predicting World Cup match outcomes and possibly recreating some of the great matches from the history of the men´s and women´s game, including some with great injustices! (Similar system to Max Walkers Cricket Game) which I started writing before I knew of that game. Then roll three six-sided dice. 1 - Winter 1977, Table Top Sports Vol. How to play?

Feel the need for speed with a team built for the fast break. Numerous full real-life pro and fictional seasons are available for purchase with your game. Please review the ordering information page before placing your order. Also with information about each city. Never before has a more customer-friendly game been offered than SECOND SEASON Pro Football! Included in the text of the game book is the potential for virtually any kind of play outcome that could happen in a real pro game. 4 - Fall 1975, Table Top Sports Vol.

Each team’s top guns will take more shots. The mental image of those plays are so strong, you’ll swear you can see them on the fast break! It’s this easy: The first die tells you whether to consult the batter or pitcher card and which of his three columns to check. The smart choice will bring out the best in players who thrive on that style and the worst in those whose skills are ill-fit for it., Take a look at our Facebook page to see news of competitions and promotions. Download a pitch for Madrid, Spain by using this link: 3, No. Pro Soccer, Brazilian Championship 2004 for Goal Pro Soccer, 2004 Champions League for Goal Pro Soccer, Italy's Serie A 2004-2005 for Goal Pro Soccer, MLS 2007 & 2002 2nd & 3rd divisions for Goal Pro Soccer, Aston Villa for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Blackburn Rovers for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Bolton Wanderers for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Excel Helper for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Hull City FC for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Instructions for World Cup 2010 Simulator, Liverpool FC for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Manchester City FC for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Manchester United for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Mean Mark's Quick and Dirty WC 2010 Sim V2 Excel 2003, Middlesbrough FC for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Newcastle United for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Portsmouth FC for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Sunderland FC for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, 1967 National Professional Soccer League Assists Chart, 1971 North American Soccer League Assists Chart, 1972 North American Soccer League Assists Chart, 1973 North American Soccer League Assists Chart, 1974 North American Soccer League Assists Chart, 1975 North American Soccer League Assists Chart, 1976 North American Soccer League Assists Chart, 1954, 1966, 1970, and 1990 World Cup teams, Abdulla and Andre - Legends of Wrestling, Bob Backlund and Bam Bam Bigelow - Legends of Wrestling, Bret Hart and Cactus Jack - Legends of Wrestling, Fritz and Kerry Von Erich - Legends of Wrestling, Goldberg-Hurricane - Legends of Wrestling, Ivan and Nikita Koloff - Legends of Wrestling, Princess Victoria - Legends of Wrestling, Ric Flair and Bruiser Brody - Legends of Wrestling, Savage and Warrior - Legends of Wrestling, Slaughter and The Baron - Legends of Wrestling, The Rock and Stone Cold - Legends of Wrestling, Wrestler Creations guidelines - Legends of Wrestling, Tag-Team Match Rules Main Event Wrestling, 3 sets of wrestlers for Main Event Wrestling, Retro Wrestling Games Rulebook - MACW Edition, Pro Wrestling game chart, additional cards, Pro Superstar Wrestling Ranking excel sheet, Current (2007) Monday Night Wrestlers for SPW, Random Wrestler Generator for UQ Wrestling, The Rock and Stone Cold for World Wrestling, Fabulous Moolah & Freddie Blassie - World Wrestling, Steve Williams & Terry Gordy - World Wrestling, Baron Von Raschke and Mr. Fuji - World Wrestling, Andre the Giant and Bundy - World Wrestling, The Lobsterman and Bundy Jr. - World Wrestling, Dos Caras & Mils Mascaras - World Wrestling, The Fabulous Freebirds - World Wrestling, Vern Gagne & Nick Bockwinkel - World Wrestling, Updated Template for World Wrestling Game. Videos of great matches played by players from the countries involved are now on the Football Dice YouTube channel. shows up on the most common dice combinations. Roll the dice that activate play (think of it as the pitch or swing). It starts with Strat-O-Matic’s unique Action Deck, which directs attention to the shooting, passing or defending skills of the key man on each possession.

Don't let the other team change or even make up their own rules or instructions in their favor. Watch a video review of SECOND SEASON. How to Play Strat-O-Matic Hockey (board game). Every player is unique, giving every dice roll drama.

3, No. Maybe he gains the tough yards or is a breakaway runner. Our board game index is loaded with all your favorite classic board games and most likely ones you have never heard of before. Anywhere from 75 minutes to two hours. 1969 Color Ballpark Cards for Replay Baseball, 1966 Color Ballpark Cards for Replay Baseball, 1980 Expanded AL Pitchers for Replay Baseball, 1981 NL Expanded Format Pitchers for Replay Baseball, 1991 World Series Teams for Replay Baseball, Complete White Chartbook for Replay Baseball, Minor League Extra Players for Replay Baseball, Modified Rare Play Book for Replay Baseball, White Chart Book Add On for Replay Baseball, White Chartbook Quick Play Format for Replay Baseball, ATAS Philadelphia/Kansas City/Oakland A's for SI Baseball, ATAS Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves for SI Baseball, ATAS Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers for SI Baseball, ATAS New York/San Francisco Giants for SI Baseball, ATAS Philadelphia Phillies for SI Baseball, ATAS St. Louis Browns/Baltimore Orioles for SI Baseball, ATAS Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins for SI Baseball, Statis- Pro Baseball Complete Game 3rd Edition, Rules, FAC & Charts for Statis-Pro Baseball, Z-Chart & CD-Chart for Statis-Pro Baseball, 1927 World Series Teams for Statis Pro Baseball, Atlantic League 2013 for Strategic Baseball, Basic scoresheet for Time Travel Baseball, Master scoresheet for Time Travel Baseball, Recap scoresheet for Time Travel Baseball, 1961 season for World's Greatest Baseball, 1961 Ballpark Effect Cards for World's Greatest Baseball, Generic Pitcher Hitting Cards for World's Greatest Baseball, 2006 College ratings for 59 Second Basketball, 59 Second NCAA Basketball 2007 (April 3, 2007), Big Team Updates for 59 Second Basketball, Evan's 1-on-1 Basketball (59 Second Series), Evan's NCAA Stat Basketball Computer Game, 2004-05 NCAA Women's Divison I Basketball for AtR, 2004-05 NCAA Women's Tournament Teams for AtR, 2006-07 Women's NCAA D-I for Above the Rim, 2008-09 NCAA Division I Women's Basketball for AtR, Simplified QP Scoresheet for Cuttin' Down the Nets, Fastbreak Basketball Microsoft Access Computer game, Negamco Basketball Formulas, Updates, and Revisions, 2006 NCAA Tourney Ratings for James Barnes Quick Play Basketball, 2007 NCAA Ratings for Barnes Quick Play Basketball, APBA Basketball Play allocation sheet (2nd edition), C and D Basketball - Full Deck Defense Chart, 1946-47 BAA Player Ratings for Pick & Roll, 1967-68 ABA Player Ratings for Pick & Roll, 1970-71 ABA Player Ratings for Pick & Roll, POTG Basketball Quarter by Quarter updated Scoresheet, 2001 World Series teams for Statis Pro Baseball, 2004-05 Statis Pro Basketball card samples, '06 Nebraska Cornhuskers (XEG Basketball), '06 Ohio State (Mike Tingle's XEG Basketball), Solitaire Bowling for Windows: 2002-03 Bowlers, Solitaire Bowling for Windows: 2003-04 Bowlers, 25 more ATG 1999-2001 for Championship Boxing, Combined Control Chart for Championship Boxing, Great Fights from History for Championship Boxing, Modified Punch Charts for Championship Boxing, Dempsey Era Heavweight Cards for Fast Action Boxing, Revised Fast Action Cards for Fast Action Boxing, Middleweight Cards-Early 60s for Fast Action Boxing, Main Event Boxing Mayweather-Pacquiao Ratings, 1950's Middleweight and Welterweight cards for Title Bout, All Star Replay Cassius Clay card for Title Bout, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and others for Title Bout, Special abilities MW WW 1950s for Title Bout Quick, Modified Gary Brown's Cut Table for Title Bout, 1974-1976 West Indies for International Cricket, English County Cricket Teams for International Cricket, Test Match tracker and score card for International Cricket, 1980s Rebel Australian for Max Walker's Cricket Game, 1980's Rebel English for Max Walker's Cricket Game, 1980s Rebel West Indies for Max Walker's Cricket Game, 1980s Sri Lanka for Max Walker's Cricket Game, WSC Cavaliers for Max Walker's Cricket Game, How to Rate Your Own Teams Max Walker's Cricket, Set of teams for Minden Play Card Cricket, Minden Cricket 1948 Ashes Tour Pack Preview, 2009 BCS Bowl Teams with Individual Stats, Solitaire play-calling charts for Bowl Bound/Paydirt, Variable yardage entries for Bowl Bound/Paydirt, Play selector chart for Bowl Bound/Paydirt, Play-calling system for Bowl Bound/Paydirt, Offense stat-tracking sheet for Bowl Bound/Paydirt, 2008 Steelers and Cardinals for Red Zone (Paydirt), Corrected 2005 Boston College for FAS FB, GWD Excel Helper V2.0a specifically for CFL GAMES, Goal!

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