2. I have great success using a combination of 0.7ml PG : 0.3 grams BHO. For legal use only. 9. Press J to jump to the feed.

Place plant material side that is full of butane in 110 degree Fahrenheit water. Boil in water for three minutes. The method is very simple if you start with some nice pure BHO. This cartomizer matches nicely with common 650mah EgoC style batteries, but will work properly with any 3.7v 510 threaded setup. Step 2- Heat the water in the double boiler to about 175 degrees fahrenheit (about 80 degrees Celsius). See Picture. Good luck! We find that fresh frozen material makes the best BHO. If you don't have a way of measuring temperature, Just get the water hot enough to where you just start to see bubbles forming at the bottom of the pot. I heat the PG/BHO combination to 140f in a small jar on a double boiler placed atop a hot plate, and then I mix, mix, mix with a needle of a syringe...when the wax is completely dissolved in the PG, then the combination/tincture is ready to be injected into a blank cartomizer (melting usually occurs within 2-3 mins for small batches, ie: less than 7ml PG, 3gr BHO). Check the [/r/CannabisExtracts Rules](/r/CannabisExtracts/about/rules) and [F.A.Q. But, I recommend using 1-2 drops of natural terpenes for a more authentic flavor. I found a new mix called MJmix - and it's has added VG for a much smoother vape, more cloud, and neutral taste allows the hash taste through. All that is necessary to make this tincture is heating a small quantity of propylene glycol, melting a bit of your bho into the heated PG, mixing a bit, and injecting the resulting tincture into a blank cartomizer. Boil in water for three minutes. A shot Glass works great! as for making hash into a cartige, yeah, that works, its popular in legal states, but proplyene glycol is really bad for this purpose, its harsh, and separates over time (not as bad as glycerol), so companies who make hash cigs use Polyethylene glycol 200, 300, 400, 600 blended together.

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Life is short, and sick people are suffering. Portable vape cartridges are taking the medical and recreational weed markets by storm!

You now have high quality BHO that's had the butane vac purged from it at a low heat making a high quality concentrate that contains a lot of natural terpenes. Always keep your BHO in thin films, not in thick globs as thick globs can hermetically seal itself and not let the BHO concentrate breathe, and the terps trapped inside will start to cause sugaring from the inside out. Vac purged is best, but budder works too. disposable cartridge designed for thick oils, 1/2 gram or more concentrate of your choice. I have read in the web that Propylene glycol is much "safer" than poleythylene glycol. Farm to Vape products contain NO vitamin E, nicotine, MCT oil, PG or VG. To turn your BHO into ejuice, you need to take 1 gram and place in a Farm to Vape boilable dropper bottle, then fill to the shoulder with Farm to Vape and close. 11. Step 6- Stir until all the tiny pieces of the wax dissolve. This is the stuff I plan on mixing it with.

1 ml of this tincture is carefully injected into the blank cartomizer after removing the small rubber end cap. Closed loops systems are much safer and don't hurt the environment and save you money in the long run. How To Turn Bho Into Vape Juice Posted on June 11, 2020 June 11, 2020 by Tricia Webster However, not everyone how to turn bho into vape juice knows this method of … Step 4- Add EJ Mix formula at a ratio of 1ml (35 drops) of EJ Mix per 1 gram of concentrate (wax, Oil, shatter, budder, rosin, ect). Refilling is fine. The overwhelming demand for these products means that retailers will often charge high prices, sometimes $60 or more for a 500ml cart. I usually use 80% vegetable glycerin to 20% propylene glycol for my ecig, would I be able to do this with some of the flavored juices that i already have? This guide will show you 2 different ways of how to turn your own concentrates (shatter, Wax,Crumble) into a vapable e liquid that can be used like any vape juice, in any setup!

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