For the artwork, the band enlisted Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak ( PARADISE LOST , DIMMU BORGIR , DEICIDE , GHOST , GORGUTS ) to create a piece that brought back the notion of true fear that was once associated with the idea of evil. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The world’s biggest and best metal magazine, (Image credit: Miikka Skaffari/Catherine McGann/Getty).

It was amicable. To report spam or any abusive, obscene, defamatory, racist, homophobic or threatening comments, or anything that may violate any applicable laws, use the "Report to Facebook" and "Mark as spam" links that appear next to the comments themselves. I lived alone for five years and basically just wrote and listened to a lot of demo tapes that were sent and got thousands of fan mail asking me to come back. User comments or postings do not reflect the viewpoint of I reached in with my good hand, gave her a bloody ten-dollar bill and about 45 minutes later, one solo cop came up and he was like, he couldn't have been more than 21, 23 years old. I got married and had a couple of beautiful kids. Chuck was diagnosed with a high-grade malignant brain tumour on his 32nd birthday and after a two year battle with cancer he passed away at the age of 34. To comment on a You were one of the first people to really understand what Possessed were doing and what true Death Metal was all about. King Blues Club & Grill in New York City in 2007 can be viewed below (courtesy of I was doing concrete construction. The release and his subsequent influence earned Chuck the nickname Godfather Of Death Metal – a title he was uncomfortable with. It's not the first time I had a gun pointed at me and I knew they meant business. © Alice Pattillo Reviews - Interviews - Promo - Radio Play, This site requires Javascript to function properly - please enable Javascript in your browser, POSSESSED's JEFF BECERRA On 1989 Armed Robbery Attempt That Left Him Paralyzed And Wheelchair-Bound, SUICIDE SILENCE guitarist 'Is All For BERNIE SANDERS'. BLABBERMOUTH.NET I've always been kind of afraid of college. DISCIPLINE: Detroit Prog Rock Icons Issue Trailer. ADVERTISE / I miss partying out and how you always wanted to show me your latest riff. Once you're logged in, you will be able to comment. It was like that [shows finger], but we did a bunch of rehab in the spring, so that clicked off and that was squirting out blood like some Monty Python thing.

But at least it didn't hit me in the head. I miss our long talks and jams and all the questions you asked and how you looked up to me and at the same time were so unique and individual in your craft. It broke through the ribs and shattered the lungs and stuck on in the spine, so I still have a 9-millimeter slug stuck on the vertebrate T3. "I've been in a wheelchair longer than I've been walking," he said. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, I miss you friend, and I will meet you in the left-hand corner of Heaven. CONTACT, Retailer Of Musical Instruments GUITAR CENTER Preparing For Possible Bankruptcy Filing, Watch AC/DC's Official Music Video For 'Shot In The Dark', EDDIE VAN HALEN Tribute Set For ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME's HBO Induction Special, Watch FOO FIGHTERS Perform 'Times Like These' At 'I Will Vote' Concert For JOE BIDEN, DARK TRANQUILLITY Singer Dismisses IN FLAMES Comparisons: 'We've Gone In Very Different Directions'. ", On performing at the 2007 Wacken Open Air festival in Germany, Becerra tells Guitar World: "The show was amazing, and it was a great way for me to get back into the scene — but I was terrified, just shaking onstage in front of like 60,000 people. You got to give a lot to be in a death metal band. Sign up below to get the latest from Metal Hammer, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox!

One person who will forever be profoundly touched by the late guitar genius, is his friend, contemporary and mentor – Possessed's Jeff Becerra. BLABBERMOUTH.NET I miss that feeling like nobody understood Death Metal like we did and that feeling like we were doing something revolutionary. On December 13 2001 the world lost Chuck Schuldiner, the founder, guitarist and vocalist of Florida extreme metal pioneers Death. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Louder is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. BLABBERMOUTH.NET It was really emotional for me to be back out there, and I was really hoping that people wouldn't look at the chair and see 'poor Jeff.' A liberal lover of life, Chuck fought against the typical metal musician stereotypes, condemning hard drugs and violence. #GMM19 - Interview - Possessed - Duration: 10:44. It didn't matter. I said 'I'll give you ten bucks.' Even though we were all about “Death” and wrote about the darkness in truth, you were a truly nice guy and really cool to hang out with. story or review, you must be logged in to an active personal account on Facebook.

Receive news and offers from our other brands? A Casual Conversation with Jeff Becerra of Possessed Season 2 episode 010 - Duration: 19:21. Brutally Delicious Productions 71 views. The band's 1987 album Scream Bloody Gore is widely considered the first true death metal record and a genre template that defined (along with Possessed's 3-song demo Death Metal) the death metal sound. all these bullets were hitting around me and I was like 'Oh, fuck!' The first guy pushed a 9-millimeter to my chest [points to bullet hole].

"It's my normal. Hidden comments will still appear to the user and to the user's Facebook friends. Chuck, you made such a monumental contribution to death metal and metal in general and the world is a better place because of you. Californian death metal pioneers POSSESSED originally split in 1987, leaving behind a short but highly influential legacy, most notably their 1985 "Seven Churches" debut, widely considered to be the first-ever death metal album. In the October 2008 issue of Guitar World magazine, which is on sale now, POSSESSED frontman Jeff Becerra talks candidly about the 1989 shooting that left him paralyzed from the chest down, his battle with drugs and alcohol, the early days of the Bay Area thrash metal scene and his future as a wheelchair-bound frontman for the death metal legends. I went to college and made straight As, alpha gamma sigma and webmaster and was one of 20 gold robes. Fan-filmed video footage of POSSESSED performing the song "Tribulation" live at B.B. The album was recorded at NRG studios and Titan Studios with Becerra as executive producer and Daniel Gonzalez as co-producer for the album. Please refresh the page and try again. [The shooter] came up to my forehead and his gun jammed and he was slapping the side of his gun and trying to pull the trigger to finish the job. You can also send an e-mail to blabbermouthinbox(@) with pertinent details. She said 'Ten bucks?'

I guess they just panicked and as they ran off, his gun un-jammed and they were just firing over their shoulders: 'Pow!

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