Juno in Virgo / 6th House  - your partner is someone who just “knows”.

Has motherly qualities. Marriage could be desirable as something to increase a sense of self-worth. Vesta Ninth House. Juno in Leo / 5th House  - your partner is someone who is breathing and living embodiment of a Hollywood movie character. Vesta Sixth House. Fashion, beauty and adornment with celebrity zodiac signs. acquaintance but a few real friends. A professional astrologer, she has studied both with the London School of Astrology, and The Faculty of Astrological Studies. Partner love travelling, studying and having people from all kind of backgrounds. Juno in Gemini / 3rd House - your partner is someone who can understand you. Juno in Aquarius / 11th House  - your partner is someone with a hidden emotional side. Person who enjoys learning new things and sharing them with you. Alternatively, the person could be wedded to their work! She specializes in: the Fashion & Beauty In The Stars! I think this puts some extra focus on the traits and specifics of the Libra characteristics – everything about beauty, art, romance, creativity, women and everything related to the female energy, gardening, Earth, etc. Your partner is someone who may be a little bit awkward with showing their feelings.

Your partner is persistent, logical but have very emotional and soft side inside of them. Strong, independent mind with lot of

Some astrologers believe that this placement similar to Scorpio also indicates past life karmic bond. This is someone who can take you to another world but can destroy what they created in the blink of an eye if you do them wrong. Your partner is persistent, logical but have very emotional and soft side inside of them. This placement can indicate living in the public eye after marriage. Another possibility is that the person is wedded to their home life, with an importance on building a family brood. The marriage and commitment asteroid sits in a bit of a blind spot. Pick The Perfect Wedding Date Using Astrology! Mediavine Publisher Network The second indicates what we value in the material realm, so the person with Juno in the second could be ‘married to their things’, with a love of accumulating more, including money.

Certainly, it would be of major importance for them to express, especially if early childhood experiences lead to the denial and repression of the god of love. Howard Sasportas said that the qualities of any sign or planet in the tenth house correspond to what is most visible and accessible to others. With this placement the native could become more home-loving after marriage. Juno Twelfth House. Relationships are key for those with Juno in the seventh. Vesta Eleventh House. I have my Juno in the 12th, and I can testify that marriage isn’t something I feel drawn to, or compelled to do. (Remember that soulmate  is not necessarily a romantic partner. This is what you expect from your soulmate, whether romantic or platonic. The tenth house also called the House of Social Status among astrology houses, describes our true calling and our destiny. Someone with reputation (whether good or bad). If Juno sits closely to your ascendant, being married or committed could be tied to your identity and self-image.

This is someone who has a lot of passion. Vesta Tenth House. Your partner is someone who value honesty, loyalty and stability. Vesta Seventh House. Any partner that you do have must be one that helps your career or improves your wealth and social standing. Now, having your 10th house in Libra means that the ruler of your Midheaven is Venus and it is sitting in its own house.

Someone who will show especially with their action that they care about you.

Queen of the Gods, she was married to Jupiter, her Greek equivalent is Hera. Juno in the 10th: Empowerment issues will be played out publicly, possibly within the career. Stylish, Hollywood god. This is someone with a contrast personality. Artistic, strong soul. Marriage for those with Juno in the tenth could be beneficial to career matters. Marriage could be a transformative force, deeply emotional and intimate. Juno in Pisces / 12th House  - your partner is a unique person.

Juno in Libra / 7th House  - someone who is strong and intuitive. Juno Eleventh House. You are very likely to marry someone you don’t love (like your agent) in order to get ahead in life. Partner with a soft side. Perhaps a partner will help this person to express themselves more easily or the relationship will be about ‘being heard’. The Marriage Asteroid – Juno Through The Houses. Someone magnetic with a lot of passion who helps you to bring out passion from yourself too. The tenth house indicates how others perceive us and those with Eros here want the world to know they are passionate, erotic, potent and charismatic. This person knows how to act in the public. Your partner is someone who may be a little bit awkward with showing their feelings. Someone who has a lot of hidden passion and is very creative.

The person with Juno in the fourth will be attracted to a marriage partner who is domesticated and attached to the home environment, one who loves to nurture, cook and nest. Partner is generous but they are not lavish. Trustworthy person.

Juno could lead marriage and partnership to be intertwined with money, possessions or the way you value yourself – self esteem. Someone who is caring and can help you to open up and express yourself better. Star Struck – Comsic Accessories For Babes And Brides…. For the person with Juno is the third house, marriage will come with a focus on communication. They could be very involved in a social cause or activity, and the relationship might be based upon a shared vision. A partner could help in work, improve their social standing or the way the person is perceived and s break-up could affect career matters. Vesta First House. They may need a time to realise that they want from their partner and what kind of partner they want. You feel tolerating a mundane relationship is a small price to pay for success. Someone who is not judgmental and always is looking at two side of the situation. This is someone who wants to build a nest with you and settle. Vesta Fourth House. Confident, charming personality. Partner is someone honest, fiery and independent. It’s not particularly tied to my identity – but then I do have Venus in Aries! Entertaining and talkative, wants spotlight but knows how and when to share it with you. They know how to act with your friends and parents. Marriage for those with Juno in the tenth could be beneficial to career matters. The person is smart and insightful. The midheaven (MC) and the corresponding tenth house traditionally denotes the career, mission... Juno in the 10st House. Indiana Jones type. Similar to Sagittarius this is someone who can have a completely different background than you and can befriend anyone. If you have Juno in the tenth house, then you are likely to be married to your career.

Someone who value true intimacy. Someone who is affectionate and generous. Your partner is loyal, can be clingy and is secretly sensitive. Juno in Sagittarius / 9th House  - your partner is someone with a strong spirit and need for diversity. Some people with this placement may even make a career out of studying, teaching or living out the erotic and transformational side of life. Individuals with this placement include Albert Einstein, Alyssa Milano, Milla Jovovich, Robert Redford, Russell Crowe, Robert deNiro and Steve McQueen. Vesta Third House. Someone who value practicality and is patient. Juno in tenth house makes your public image and your marriage intertwined. Architectural Digest © 2020 - Star Sign Style. Juno in Capricorn / 10th House  -  your partner is someone independent, bold and classy. Or there could be a karmic quality to relationships, a feeling of destiny or significance in a marriage union. Juno in the retrograde - when Juno is in the retrograde this person’s desire to have a soulmate may be hidden (they may not believe they exist at all). Very romantic (sometimes even cheesy). Juno in Scorpio / 8th House  - your partner is someone who is intense. A partner could help in work, improve their social standing or the way the person is perceived and s break-up could affect career matters. The midheaven (MC) and the corresponding tenth house traditionally denotes the career, mission or profession, one of the parents, and the social image and known reputation. Co-operation is important in the relationship – these people need someone they can work with day-to-day, someone that’s reliable and attentive.

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