Right now, finances are fine and life on the open road has only just begun.

Since Jordan started traveling he’s been able to spend weeks in each of the top three cities he always wanted to live in: Denver, Austin, and Los Angeles, and that’s just the start. “I use the kind that’s imaginary and I pay $700/year in penalties. We see income. Now, that’s what I call living a minimalist lifestyle! Thank you!

Showering may be one thing, but internet access is a whole different beast when living on the road. I find this idea very intriguing. So how does one continue looking and smelling like a contributing member of society? I’ve learned a lot from watching the videos. The answer is “hobo hygiene,” and it’s easier than you think. “I started out sleeping in Walmart parking lots. It is tight living quarters, but for me it’s just driving and sleeping.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this story.

Some people buy an RV, others renovate a van… Jordan Thornsburg lives in his Prius. “Despite having all the gear I need to make meal magic, I can’t help myself from analyzing the time and resource investment it takes vs. optimized drive-thru fast food orders. Another time I was first on the scene where a vehicle ran off the road and tumbled into a ravine. “Ironically while I set out intending to escape routine, I ended up discovering its value. I tend to buy things as a vegan that I can use my cooler and just purchase ice from time to time and in some rv parks they have ice for less than normal prices. “Toyota Gremlin”.. LOL I’d love to see that.. @Mike: Why would you unsubscribe? Despite this realization, I drifted to sleepy boy land. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. My diet right now is in large part made up of healthy choices from Taco Bell.”. Variance in upbringing, wealth, motives, political affiliations, physical health, mental health, diet, etc. Could a Pryus idle with the AC or heater blasting all night while sleeping? However, most of his time is spent working on passion projects like the #ShotsOrShots drone challenge he and his friends complete every week on his Instagram or the videos showcased on his Youtube channel. I would think a Tiny Home would be very popular. I'd like to receive the free email course. Did you know every time you read an article on Slight North, you're also planting trees in the Andes?

*This also subscribes you to The Wayward Home newsletter. I asked Jordan if he has any plans to get a permanent place soon and put the Prius lifestyle behind him for good. Ok, would be nice to have a story to go with these pictures! With my Prius I feel like I’m lacking nothing, and the cramped space reinforces my motto: Sleep in your car, live in the world.”. Not much, really. It is also a great way to have a holiday at the fraction of the cost of a standard holiday! I realized after I posted that I wrote “Toyota Gremlin” … a senior moment, no doubt. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Alex! Now the THOWS are about the only thing that can he can afford….. Who says that someone living like this wouldn’t have a nice nest egg for retirement? Any road.” Jordan has found driving in the Longhorn state to be more terrifying than anywhere else he’s been in the US.

More Like This: Explore our Car Camping Section, See The Latest: Go Back Home to See Our Latest Tiny Houses. Even though I see some camping gear, I wouldn’t consider this a ‘micro camper.’ It’s just a car. Love the idea…but the reality is that unless you are some place which is safe (from being hassled by the police and others who don’t want you there)…you are not going to find this may be an option. I looked into buying healthcare and it would cost me $3000/year and not even begin covering me until I’ve spent something like $5000 out of pocket. The driver was fortunately okay enough to crawl out and attempt to act sober… T. “I don’t have an end date in mind but I’m not in any hurry. According to a 2010 census bureau survey, I knew I wanted to defy this trend, but I didn’t know where to start. My husband and I did a lot of house exchange holidays when our children were younger. The following two tabs change content below. Learn how your comment data is processed. You can work for 50 years at the same job in your hometown saving smart for a retirement of travel adventures, but not only are you going to be the least physically capable of enjoying it you’ve ever been, there is also no guarantee you won’t die before the time comes.”, Many of the basic amenities we take for granted in an apartment are non-existent when you live in a Prius.

Not for nothing guys but are we really going to open Pandora’s box and include “living” in various car models as part of the “Tiny Home”/”Tiny Living” phenomena?

Have “lived” in a Roadtrek camper van for a few weeks at a time and loved it. On the other hand…if you’re camping in parks & such…go for it…in cities where you’re constantly looking “over your shoulder”…not so much.

Start here to learn more about our mission and how to get the most out of the site! I’m not in that category, being older and having a few health issues, however, I would love to try it with a light weight tear drop camper! With my Prius I feel like I’m lacking nothing, and the cramped space reinforces my motto: Sleep in your car, live in the world.”. Does an idling Pryus produce enough juice to power a laptop and printer? Still, it can and does happen (although, pretty infrequently). He has “the freedom to pick up and go wherever I want, whenever I want. We won't send you spam.

We pronounce it the way it’s written: PRY us. Not recommending it. But if you judge the “culture” by the 25,000 youtube channels on the topic, you could begin to think they’re all vegan bloggers.”.

But I remember greaser bullies in jr high picking on handicap and retarded people. those who seek to challenge themselves, collect less bullshit space-consumers, and live while they’re alive. I’m retired and want to travel and have something comfortable to live in that I can pull with my Ford Ranger. A taxi couch-surfer? Easy: “Being on a road in Texas. Thanks. Another time I was first on the scene where a vehicle ran off the road and tumbled into a ravine.

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