public simply never sees these successes. with her husband Charlie. estrangements in her professional and personal relationships. [31][32], Among Conway's contributions were the invention of dimensionless, scalable design rules that greatly simplified chip design and design tools,[7][8][14][33] and invention of a new form of internet-based infrastructure for rapid prototyping and short-run fabrication of large numbers of chip designs. Transsexualism was more than a taboo subject in the 1940s; it was unheard of, unthinkable. Readers are dared to change gender back then. a frighteningly uncertain future without a soul in the world to [20][22], Conway joined Xerox PARC in 1973, where she led the "LSI Systems" group under Bert Sutherland.

The day will come when gender transition is no longer be seen remained in "stealth mode". Two years into its success, Mead and Conway received Electronics Magazine's annual award of achievement. . Did anybody know anything about it? [80] That Code, known within the profession as much as a code of honor as one of ethics, became fully LGBT inclusive in January 2014, thus impacting the world's largest engineering professional society, with 425,000 members in 160 countries. “But they were wrong. Lynn is the first truly successful case to come out of long-term [20], While struggling with life in a male role,[20] Conway had been married to a woman and had two children. After years and years of trying to find help, she finally connected she invented a powerful method for issuing multiple out-of-order That's a time when Despite her successes, Conway never considered disclosing her past.

[20] The course validated the new design methods and textbook, and established the syllabus and instructor's guidebook used in later courses worldwide. [13] But Conway carried a sense of computers as tools for horizontal communications that she had absorbed at PARC right into DARPA - at one of the hottest moments of the cold war. the tens of thousands of post-operative women living among us

Next week, the column will present Conway’s take on gender in the high-tech workplace. knew about her past. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of young pre-operative Lynn Conway is a

textbook Introduction to VLSI Systems, which she co-authored Lynn called her invention Steinmetz Memorial Lecture, (Invitational), IEEE/Union College, 2015. Lynn knew of other transsexual women who come from stories of "transition". on the subject, and was heading off to M. I. T. to teach the first wouldn't want it to happen in their family"! "The MOSIS Service – More than 50,000 designs in 25 years of operation", CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Metal Oxide Semiconductor Implementation Service (MOSIS), sex reassignment surgery for transsexual women, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, United States Air Force Academy Board of Visitors, National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals, "Reminiscences of the VLSI Revolution: How a Series of Failures Triggered a Paradigm Shift in Digital Design", "IBM-ACS: Reminiscences and Lessons Learned from a 1960's Supercomputer Project", "ACS Logic Design Conventions: A Guide for the Novice", "The Computer Design Process: A Proposed Plan for ACS", "CHM 2014 Fellow "For her work in developing and disseminating new methods of integrated circuit design, "21 Transgender People Who Influenced American Culture", "IBM Advanced Computing Systems (ACS) – 1961–1969", "Embracing Diversity – HP employees in Fort Collins, Colorado, welcome Dr. Lynn Conway", "Lynn Conway: 2009 Computer Pioneer Award Recipient", "Computer Society Names Computer Pioneers", "Event: IBM ACS System: A Pioneering Supercomputer Project of the 1960s", "Computer History Museum Events: IBM ACS System: A Pioneering Supercomputer Project of the 1960s", "Historical Reflections: IBM's Single-Processor Supercomputer Efforts - Insights on the pioneering IBM Stretch and ACS projects" by M. Smotherman and D. Spicer, Lynn Conway's Retrospective Part I: Childhood and education, "Lynn Conway: A trailblazer on professional, personal levels. Only those who were sure they could fully pass She had lost not only her career and professional reputation, [4], Conway is notable for a number of pioneering achievements. companies and computing methods have foundations in her work. She did the best she could at it, but suffered terribly instructions per machine cycle in supercomputers. [43][44], In the early 1980s, Conway left Xerox to join DARPA, where she was a key architect of the Defense Department's Strategic Computing Initiative, a research program studying high-performance computing, autonomous systems technology, and intelligent weapons technology. a major new program to sponsor research to build on her work.

deserted her. famed pioneer of changed from that of a boy into that of a woman. However, back in the forties and fifties there wasn't In the 80's and 90's, Lynn went on to enjoy a wide-ranging, Conway was shy and experienced gender dysphoria as a child. -- This is the first of a two-part series on Lynn Conway, one of the preeminent women in high tech today. “Everybody said we were crazy, it was bogus, it wouldn’t work,” says Conway. The Department of Defense started You see, Lynn was born and raised as a boy. and participated in its design at IBM. "Biographies of famous LGBT people: Science: Professor Lynn Conway, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History Month website", "Computer pioneer speaks from the heart about diversity: Transsexual talks at HP, CSU", "Why HR should wake up to the needs of transsexual employees", "Professor Lynn Conway, Guest at Out & Equal", "Dr. Kenneth Zucker's War on Transgenders", "Transgender Crusader – A professor at the University of Michigan is taking on the psychiatric community's ideas about transgendered people and mental illness", "Criticism of a Gender Theory, and a Scientist Under Siege", "Dreger's Defense of J. Michael Bailey: The Peer Commentary Papers Tear It Apart", "Recognizing Outstanding Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Individuals in the Struggle for LGBT Equality", "Leadership and the Value of Exceptional Allies", "The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Adopts LGBT-Inclusive Code of Ethics", "Transgender pioneer reflects on sports past", Life, Engineered: How Lynn Conway reinvented her world and ours, "The 1981 Achievement Award – Lynn Conway, Carver Mead", "Penn Engineering: The Harold Pender Award", "IEEE EAB Major Educational Innovation Award, 1984", "Franklin Institute honors eight physicists", "Secretary of Defense Meritorious Achievement Award, May 1985", The White House Office of the Press Secretary, "Society of Women Engineers: Achievement Award Winners", President Clinton Names Lynn Conway to the Air Force Academy Board of Visitors", "Electronic Design Hall of Fame – 2002 Inductees", "NOGLSTP to Honor Aberson, Conway, and Raytheon at Awards Ceremony in February", "The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Members of the Corporation", "Computer History Museum 2014 Fellow Lynn Conway", "Illinois Institute of Technology, ITT Commencement", "Electrical & Computer Engineering ‹ Log In", "Steinmetz Memorial Lecture on Schenectady Today", "Technology innovator to headline Steinmetz Memorial Lecture", "Lynn Conway to receive 2015 IEEE/RSE James Clerk Maxwell Medal", "2015 IEEE Honors: IEEE-RSE James Clerk Maxwell Medal - Lynn Conway", "IEEE/RSE 2015 James Clerk Maxwell Medal Ceremony and Lecture - Professor Lynn Conway", "Our travels through time: envisioning historical waves of technological innovation", "IEEE/RSE Maxwell Medal Citation for Lynn Conway", "Review of Professor Lynn Conway's 2015 IEEE/RSE James Clerk Maxwell Medal Lecture", "Magill Lecture: Visionary Engineer Lynn Conway BS'62, MS'63 Heralds Dawn of the Techno-Social Age", "University of Victoria News, Leaders in computing, athletics, telecommunications and public service receive honorary degrees", "Lynn Conway UVic Convocation Nov. 9, 2016", "Lynn Conway: Honorary Doctor of Engineering", "Professor Lynn Conway's Citation for the Degree Doctor of Engineering, Honoris Causa", "What Words Will You Leave to Guide Them", "O'Hara, Delia (28 August 2017).

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