Texiera, who has gone on to draw such books as "Ghost

The The ☐ The Menace of Trap Jaw ☐ The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces The ( Log Out /  The comics are mostly origin stories, and turned out to be one of the main features of their collectibility. The Tale of Teela! MOTU Mini-Comics Checklist.


The minicomics were notable for a continuity slightly distinct from the later animated storyline, as they were produced earlier. ☐ The Ultimate Battleground! ☐ Dragon’s Gift He-Man of the Snake Men. MOTU Mini-comics. ☐ The Battle of Roboto Mantenna and the Menace of the Evil Horde! Want to read them? Posted on July 29, 2010 by nostalgiainabox. The Treachery of Modulok! and the Menace of the Evil Horde! of Castle Grayskull, King It might be noted that some of the giants of the industry

Then you can copy -> paste special as “unformatted text” into a spreadsheet, and separate the columns out by ‘Tab’. ☐ Grizzlor: The Legend Comes Alive! The DC minicomics were drawn by Mark Labels. The

Filtering. People to the Rescue! ☐ The Powers of Grayskull – The Legend Begins! ☐ Rock People to the Rescue

by DC Comics, who later produced a 5-issue comic series. Leech - The Master of Power Suction Unleashed! Publishing. April: (Sale date 04.16.12) Thunder Punch He-Man w/ Mini Comic #1 (Subscription Quarterly Variant – $20) Draego Man (30th Anniversary Subscription – $20) March: (Sale date 03.15.12) Kobra Khan (Monthly Subscription – $20) ( Log Out /  ☐ King of the Snake Men

Excellent work, sir.

"Snake Attack," "Grizzlor: The Legend Comes Batman/Superman Adventures show on the WB network. However, Mattel did have their moments, especially ☐ The Flying Fists of Power

☐ The Temple of Darkness ☐ Masks of Power The books are sorted by year, and the titles in italics are the books I lost/do not have. Search for Keldor. ☐ Enter: Buzz-saw Hordak! He-Man.org > Publishing > Comics > Masters Of The Universe Mini-Comics (Mattel) Share. ☐ Hordak: The Ruthless Leader’s Revenge!

Comics. ☐ He-Man & the Power Sword ☐ Escape from the Slime Pit! - The Master of Power Suction Unleashed!

The original series of Masters of the Universe action figures came packaged with a selection of small-size comics, spotlighting a number of characters (not necessarily the ones they were sold with) in short adventures. were involved in these.

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