Based on the ancient principle of Ayurveda, the Mudra could imply a simple hand gesture or the entire body posture. As you work with them you will begin to feel as though you have had a good massage. It stimulates the endrocrine system and physically soothes achey joints. Mudras are an investment you make in yourself; the pay off is a feeling of well being and inner peace. It is connected to the will (Zhi) influencing spontaneity.

Bring the palm together but evenly against each other. Move the top of your left hand up, touching the underside of your right arm. This gesture can also help bring you tranquility and inner peace.

Before you begin you may feel jazzed and confused, and end feeling calm and focused. It is connected to the intellect (Yi) influencing clarity. Metal element • Planet Venus • Corresponds to Lungs, Large Intestine, Nose. Press the thumb and index together lightly and extend gently the other fingers. The Abhaya mudra (Fearless gesture) is a Buddhist way of removing fear from your mind. ©2018 Yoga Culture Inc.

Mudras for Happiness & Connection New to this series? Give out — Turn palms over with index fingers touching to empty your bowl so you can receive more.

Don't push palms too hard, just gently, making sure no hand dominate the other. Some may work better for you than others. This mudra brings balance as it connects the left and right hemisphere of the brain bringing mental peace calming the mind-chatter. Meaning Abhaya mudra has a very important meaning. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Breathe thoroughly and acknowledge the flow of energy passing through your body. This mudra draws anxiety and tension to your hand and lets it drain out. Check out the episodes 1: Mudras to Fight Flu and Cold, 2: Mudras for Better Sleep, 3: Mudras … Place the palm of your right hand on top of your left arm. You can comfort yourself with this mudra. Tools for Inner Peace Yoga for Refugees | Restorative Retreats. Start by finding a comfortable position, like cross-legged, sitting by the office desk, the sofa or the Lotus position. Adi Mudra for example, reduces snoring, increases levels of oxygen intake and relaxes the nervous system. Earth element • Planet Saturn • Corresponds to Stomach, Spleen, Mouth. The tip of thumb activates centers of pituitary and endocrine glands. Experiment with the following mudras. This mudra helps balance and concentration. When your battery runs out of energy this mudra is like plugging yourself into a wall socket. Have you ever practiced mudras, and what kind of effects do they have on you? Proudly Made in Canada, FREE SHIPPING ON ALL LEGGINGS (US & CANADA), Guest Blog: Embracing Yourself: How To Stay Body-Positive. Bend your elbows so your forearms are perpendicular to the floor and hands are at ear level. With consistant practice, it is said that the power of your memory increases, concentration is solidified,  and a great calmness assists in meditation. Required fields are marked * Comment. Your hands are full of meridians and energy centers, like an electrical energy base. It natural for us to do this when we are in conversation. Copyright © 2006–2013. Name * Email * Website. The Gyan mudra stimulates the root chakra bringing relief to pressure brought on by material fears easing depression while assisting in expansion and knowledge.

Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Goddess Reiki Apprentice 2020 Certification, One-On-One Private Usui & Kundalini Reiki Classes, Frenemy Mirror Exercise—Forgiveness, Awareness, and Empowerment. Buddhist mediation uses Mudra as a path to enlightenment. Water element • Planet Mercury • Corresponds to Kidney, Bladder, Ears. Mudra constitutes a highly stylized form of body language in the Indian Classical dance as well. This gesture brings focus and clarity. Directing the palms outward connects you with Universal knowledge. 3. You would be infinite and limitless. The Gyan Mudra (or position of the hand; “seal” in Sanskrit) is one of the most popularly practiced mudras because of its healing and calming effects. It is known to energize the nervous system while bringing peace, calm, and spiritual awareness. Don’t push your fingers against each other too hard, just let them slightly connect. This mudra changes our perceptions You take in what you need and you pour out your contribution. Rest the back of the left hand in the palm of the right hand. It  is connected to the corporeal soul (Po) influencing intuition. Enhancing knowledge and rejuvenating all the nerves in the body, this … Continue reading → When you feel scattered you cannot concentrate or hear your internal wisdom. When these two centers are connected with the index finger, the two glands are energized. 19 September 2016. Wood element • Planet Jupiter • Corresponds to Liver, Gall Bladder, Eyes. Here are two powerful, rare mudras for your yoga or meditation practice that help. If you come home from work feeling frustrated or burned out, mudras offer you relief. How to find inner peace and stop feeling disconnected? Bend elbows so your arms are in front of your chest. Place the hands on the thigh, facing upwards. Take in — Place elbows close to your body and extend your arms out. Life deals us many losses — death, loss of job or dream. It is considered a direct link to relaxation for meditation and openness to Spirit. CHIN MUDRA is the most commonly used mudra in mediations because of the positive results such as higher energy flow in the body, improved sleep pattern and better focus.

Your email address will not be published. Engage this position by lightly touching the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger, with your other three fingers straight up. These events leave us feeling depleted. Yoga Mudras - Gestures or Seal for your inner peace Yoga Mudras are an endless reserve of knowledge from ancient times. Engaging in the Gyan mudra and placing your palms face down, this mudra grounds and roots your energy to earth. Preserve the position for at least 5 minutes for maximum results. If so, let me know if you practice for a particular reason and when you practice. 1. Previous Image. Mudras are believed to detect your instinctual patterns, activate reflexes and create change in the sensory organs (glands, veins), leading to an overall state of well-being. The science of Ayurveda states that any disturbance/ illness in the body is created by a lack/excess of the five main elements: air, fire, water, earth, ether(or space). At times, we find ourselves in the position of wanting to research beyond the obvious, to surpass our limitations. Our thoughts limit our possibilities. Notify me of new posts by email. Extend your fingers straight up, and rotate your hands back and forth. There are numerous Mudra in Yogic traditions. Do you practice this Mudra? 2. Anjali Mudra: For Balance and Peace. Let your press out to the side (this also releases tension in your neck and shoulders).

The use of mudras can regulate the flow of energy that circulates through the body. Bend elbows so your hands are just in front of you, just above your navel. Hakini Mudra (Concentration): Spread your fingers and thumb. Enhancing knowledge and rejuvenating all the nerves in the body, this mudra is a cure for all diseases with the origin of a weak nervous system.

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