Comfort Source fr.

A south Indian dynasty.

"Helper." Cherelle1 Derivative of French. Colette (#533) and Coraline (#596) are two of the more chic girl names here, while Coletti (TOP 8%) and Colee (32%) are familiar Co- last names.

.. Name of Courteney Cox's baby daughter.

Cherilynn1, Cherilynn2, Cheralynne, Cheralyn1, Cheralin1 Forms of Sheryl. Derived fr. are comparable to the familiar Coretta. Latin word. A quirky girls' name. These baby name lists are organised alphabetically. of Kora. Chepzibah1, Chepziba Forms of Hephzibah. Summary Index of names [and variants] for Co- names for girls. Co- names are used more often as masculine names. Source fr. "Harmony."

Cherida Based on French, Greek words. Colleen▼, var. Girl Names Starting with Co-C o- baby names and what they mean, with 40 results. "My delight is in her."

Concepcion (TOP 2%) and Concha (11%) are found frequently as last names.

Connie (UPPER 2%), Consuela (55%) and Consuelo (13%) are frequently occurring as feminine names, whereas Consolata is scarcely used. Cherie and forms were popular as birth names 7 decades ago, but now, Cherie has become somewhat dated.

French word. Chelle3 Root fr.

Cherise2 Form of Cerise.

Co- baby names and what they mean, with 40 results. Chenelle (compare Cherelle, Cherrelle) ends with -le. Usage of Cora, Corey and Corrie as baby names has dwindled since the 1880s. Colette, Coetta, etc.


"Bright, famous." Cherelle is a conventional (UPPER 91%) feminine name. Many people believes that speaking negative creates negative energy and speaking positive creates a positive energy around them. Latin element. See also Cherita.


Greek language.

In the past two decades, names with suffixes, -mi (beautiful), -ka (fragrance) and -ko (child) have taken the top lists. Cherilyn, var.

"Girl, wench."

See also Celie. "Dear." Tamil dynasty that ruled primarily in southern India. Originally Sanskrit and Hindi names. Somewhat popular as birth names, Colly, Columba, etc. Cherida was not a Top birth name in 2018.

The Name will be with the Baby through the rest of their Life.

Similar-sounding name beginnings for Che-: Cha-, Chi-, She-, Ch-. These baby name lists are organised alphabetically. "Consolation, comfort." Adoption of Cherise was well-received in the 1970s. Chelsea▼, var. English, Latin words. "Dear, darling." All Rights Reserved.

Chelf (TOP 21%) and Chern (26%) are popular Che- last names. Summary Index of names [and variants] for Che- names for girls.

Hinduism is the dominant religion of the Indian subcontinent, India, Nepal, Mauritius and Fiji have large population of Hindu. became less popular last year, dropping on average -1 ranking as girls' names with Colette falling the most.

Cholla . Irish, Gaelic language.

Compare Cheeara and common -ra surnames Chmura (UPPER 10%), Chura (28%).

Coral, var. of Michelle. Latin. Chelle is not in the Top 2000. See also Cheri. "Dear; greenery." Codie, Codi, Codey, Codee, Coady Root fr.

Con is exclusive as a baby name among the versions of Connie.

Hindu Boys Names and Hindu Girls Names. Cherene Origin fr.

"People of victory." Based on English, French languages.

"Constant, steadfast." of Consuelo. Derived fr. Old English word.

Colliss, Collice Derived fr. See also Cherylie. Concepcion, var. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity in 1992 (USAGE OF 1.33%) and have become much less common since (USAGE 0.11%, ▼91.9%), with names like Cherry becoming less trendy.

The purpose of this list is to help Indian parents in choosing names for newborn baby. As with many other cultures, Japanese girl names have lovely meanings that reflect the positive traits, flowers, and beauty.

Che- names are used more often as feminine names. a Name isn't just for a birthday - it's for life!

Chelle1, Chella, Chell Var. Old English element. Collette, Collett, Collete, Colleta, Coletta1, Collet, Coleta, Coetta, Coe1, Coco2 Based on French, Greek. Greek language. Coryssa, Corynne, Corynna, Cory▼, Corrissa, Corry1, Corrine▼, Corrina▼, Corrie1▼, Correy, Corri, Correne, Correnda, Correna, Corrella, Correlle, Correen, Corlene, Corita, Corisa, Corissa, Corinne▼, Corinna▼, Corine▼, Corie, Corilla1, Cori1, Corey1▼, Coretta1, Corena1, Corene, Corella1, Coree, Coralyn1, Coralie1, Coralin, Coralia, Coralee1, Corabeth, Corabelle1, Corabellita1, Corabella1, Corabel1 Derivative of Greek element. Gaelic language.

Courtlyn) ends with the androgynous-sounding -lyn. "My delight is in her." Old German element.

Derivative of Latin.

Collis, Collice and Colliss are seldom found as female names, and Collis occurs commonly (UPPER 7%) as a last name.

A is the most common first letter for baby names for both girls and boys. Old English, Hebrew elements. Columba, var. See also Cieara. For example, a name like Haru means spring, and adding a ‘ko’ will make it Haruko, which means the child of spring. Coco1 Based on French. Colline1, Collina1, Colinette, Colina, Colene1, Coletta2, Colena1 Stems fr.

Che- baby names and what they mean, with 38 results. Colette is a trendy form. Cherylie, Cherylee, Cherye, Chery, Cherry▼, Cherish, Cherrie, Cherise1, Cherie2▼, Cherice1, Cheri1▼, Cheree1, Cherey, Chere1 Root fr. Colly1, Colline2, Collina2, Collie1, Collena, Collene, Colleene, Coline2, Colinda, Colene2, Coley2, Colena2, Coleen▼, Coel, Coe2 Derived fr. See also Cici. "Pipe."

Cher1, var. Cherise3, var. From Spanish. Here is the list of Co- names for boys. of Konstanze.

Usage of Con and forms was more pronounced 7 decades ago and has become less, with Connie becoming less stylish.


Popular as last name. "Coral."

"Dove." "People of victory." From English, French words. Cody▼, var. Some of the names are longer and you can create a nickname from it to keep it short.

Columbine2, var.

That makes choosing the right name for your daughter a challenging task, but Nameberry is here to help.

"To strengthen and comfort." These girl names were at the height of their popularity 28 years ago (ADOPTION OF 1.2%) and have become significantly less widespread since (ADOPTION 0.4%, ▼71%), with names like Corrine falling out of fashion.

Cielle is a slightly prominent baby name.

Source fr. Uncommon. See also Chepziba.

Less widespread today.

"Free man."

"Chalk landing place." Concorde, Concord Source fr. English, Old German words. Greek element.

Chelo, Chela Var.

sound like the conventional Calla.

Some of the names are longer and you can create a nickname from it to keep it short.

Co- names are used more often as masculine names. Form of French name Abel which means vapour or breath: Girl: Hebrew: Christianity: Abeline: Basically Abilene is a region of the Holy Land that is mentioned in the Bible.

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