I suggest fighting a few battles so your new familiar will gain some levels. Once you've helped all of them, talk to the Tokotoko in the northwest corner to receive a Name Tag which will allow you to change your familiars' names at a Familiar Retreat. Board the airship inside for a scene and boss fight. Continue north for awhile then west to a blue chest containing a set of flame robes and a couple other chests with a sandwich and phoenix feather. Go north through the newly opened gate and at the next two intersections choose the north paths to find a sandwich and purple chest. Pick up the curse-be-gone and continue along the path to another bridge. Anyway, you won't be able to leave the Iron Wyvern, so head to Motorville and return to Oliver's home. Wizard's Companion: "These creatures give off a calming fragrance when their flowers are in bloom, and are a pleasure to be around. Now head back to Ding Dong Dell. Command: Defend, Status effect modifiers: Duncecap Save and enter the manhole. Head to Swift Solutions for bounties Causing a Stink, Magmadder than Ever, Shell on Earth and Splash Damage. "Two firm friends play leapfrog, all across the floor... each one gamely going where the other was before." Drippy will tell you to use fire which is pretty obvious. After completing the two tests save your game for the test of strength. New errands include With Friends Like These and A Tail of Woe in Ding Dong Dell, Artist's Block in Al Mamoon, Comedy Gold in the Fairyground, and A Crisis of Confidence in Hamelin. His other ability, Hubble-Bubble, will have him withdraw into the cauldron and starting a countdown.

Follow the path to meet the Supreme Sage Solomon.

Continue along the main path, past another lava river and you'll reach a fork. The entries in the compendium are numbered 387 to 396. After the scene in front of the palace, return south to the Cawtermaster's Shop and talk to the clerk. Enter the first room and save the little egg from the creature. Buy a blazing blade if you have blade wielding familiars and head into the Glittering Grotto. Head to the Grave of the Sage marked on the map to find a ghost named Horace behind the gravestone. After the meeting, visit the various shopkeepers around town. 3. Take the eastern path and look for a fake wall after crossing the ice bridge to find a snowball gem. Gem Type: Light, Neutral First wait for the guard to the north to turn his back, then follow him and hide in the nook nearby. Talk to the tomte inside Swift Solutions to learn more about the Mornstar. After the meeting, talk to Umbopa to learn about the first two trials. Head for the center to find a village.

Northeast of Ding Dong Dell is a hidden forest glade you can enter that is not marked on the map. ", "Born from the nutrient-rich soil found under fruit trees, these permanently sleepy creatures seem ill-adapted to life above ground. Command: Psyche Up, Status effect modifiers: A green chest is hidden atop a tree west of the walkable area. Head over to the Grave of the Sage to find Horace once more. Save at the waystone and enter the throne room. Its Pigshot is a single target fire attack that's easy to defend against.

Swim to the western exit and through the square room to find a magic circle that will return you to normal. Follow Drippy outside and talk to him when he stops a couple times and you'll gain access to the Bottomless Bag in the main menu. Thanks to EgHeadFool for this information. Take the west path next and examine the orb to open the north path.

There are also several errands in various towns: Asleep on the Job, Piggy Paranoia, Research on the Rocks, Notes from the Tracks, Making Medicine, Pesky Pirates are in Hamelin, School's In, Strength to Soldier On in Ding Dong Dell, A Suspicious Mind in Al Mamoon and ...Where the Heart Isn't in Castaway Cove. Stand on the corner of the grass patch near he peddler to reach the green chest.

Or not... after a couple scene, you'll gain a new party member. Defend against Hard Heart and heal when you're low on HP.

When you arrive follow Drippy's instructions to mend the guard's heart who will then proceed to open the gate. Immunities: None, Compatibility: Esther Return east and at the next split go east to find some mushrooms. Creature Compendium: "A floral scent wafts around this placid creature.

Head back east and follow the path past more mushrooms. Return to the previous intersection and head east then north to the waystone. Head to Ding Dong Dell for a short scene then leave and follow the road northwest to reach Deep Dark Wood. With Spring Lock, you'll be able to open blue chests, but purple ones require a stronger wand. Return to Al Mamoon and attempt to enter the palace. Head west since north is a dead end and eventually you'll come across a shack. Walk around the area to reach the structure on a pillar. Inside the inn is a blue chest with a cup of strong coffee. Horace will appear in various towns and will ask you to solve a riddle before rewarding you with new spells.

Grab the all-be-gone to the north, then follow the path south until you reach another intersection. The clue reads "mix black stroke of first and second spell to make another that will serve you well." Now i need to move the save over to the steam version, anyone know where the save file is located? Continue pummeling him and defend or evade if he starts charging an attack. Use fire attacks to exploit his weakness. Climb down the ladder and you'll find a cup of strong coffee and Horace. Answer "finest fiber" and you'll receive the Vacate spell. Go south from the chests until you find a weird tree. Howling Blizzard will hit all targets for water damage which you'll want to defend against, especially if your familiar is weak to it. When you're ready, talk to them again to enter Mummy's Tummy. Thanks to EgHeadFool for this information. Keep attacking with Mitey and when the boss reaches 50%, his Mousefire ability will backfire, leaving him open to attacks.

The camera and controls might start to become disorienting, but the map will still be the same. The area before it, the Road to Ruin, contains the creature Firefry which does not appear anywhere else. Next, head to Motorville to find Tengri's soulmate. When you're done head north to get Drippy back. Wait for the eastern guard to pass by, then run to the exit to the north. Save at the waystone and head north to the boss. Head over to Denny's house and speak with Genghis for another fight. thanks < > Showing 1-3 of 3 comments . Stand on both colored switches to cause a path to slowly appear. Back outside, cast Gateway to return to Motorville and talk to Leila at her shop, then head to your house and talk to the mysterious girl named Pea. "A floral scent wafts around this placid creature. Melt both icicle bridges you created to find a medal of agility behind a fake wall and to open the path forward. Bounty hunt A Duel in the Desert is also available after completing the previous errands. After resting, speak with Smiley and Surly to learn that they've opened a weapon shop. Hop across some pillars to find a green man's cloak and open the green chest to the north for storm serpent scales. Move both characters ahead before the path drops and avoid falling off the edges. Overview. Location found: None. It turned out better than i expected so i bought it. The Dark Djinn will swipe his hand across the area in front of him with Fell Sweep. The Spring Realm's fog has dissipated allowing Tengri to land, but only on the ground drawing on the east side of the continent.

Take the east exit after the fight for a scene, then exit the room for another. Return to Motorville and try to enter Miss Leila's store. When you're finished, sail to the western edge of Summerlands to reach Skull Mountain. Alchemy Location; Needs Images; Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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