In the end, I found the boat more suited to double-bladed travel, despite my bias. Being 6'1 I was able to push out with my legs and hold the Next like a Kayak to pivot turn faster. The canoe is about 50 lbs so not super light, but much lighter than the OT 133 I had before. I, too, am considering the Next. The removable seat structure is suspended from plastic u-shaped fittings. This is my third Old Town Product. Old Town Next Canoe is no longer available. I worried that I'd have trouble getting in and out of the craft, but that hasn't been the case. Dislikes - seat mounting plates - it's adjustable - their is a tension strap running perpendicular to help keep the left and right from separating - only time will tell if this is good/bad. Old Town announced 49 lbs for the Next. I can even hang my feet over the side like a sit on top kayak. It is much easier to get into and out of than a sit in kayak and has plenty of room. Not paying attention to a big wake could swamp the thing. Well after 40 plus years of paddling around in small boats I think I have found the closest thing to the perfect boat I'll find. It suctions to your rear window and allows you to roll your canoe up into the roof racks. lol. I would also like to add the whomever put the screws in for the foot rails on the starboard side of my Next slipped the drill out of the screw and burred little circles into the outer finish of my Next about an inch and 1/2 long.

Is a Double Blade Paddle Good in a Canoe.

2 - You don't mind manhandling a 60lb 13' boat around. Based on the research I'd done, I had determined that the Next would be the best option for me. I have had the NEXT for a year now and thought I'd update my initial review while not seeming too critical given the predominance of 10 out of 10 reviews. Hugging 563 on the south side I got to try some calm water. I love this canoe and would recommend it to anyone asking about it. I'd be happy to help answer any other specific question you might have, but I can tell you that you would not be disappointed.

The seat add some weight but is so confortable. No doubt about it, The NEXT is a great ride, except for the "thunk" you get when the bar supporting the back of the seat falls out of its connector.

The rails it sits in are plastic and they tend to spread out when you sit.

In regard to the weight of Next, it is much lighter than the SOT kayaks I had been trialing so I am very pleased. My lovely Walmart kayak-paddle had already made a puddle in the interior from drippage, so I sat in it with sodden arse and attempted to fix the seat. I can sit in it all day and not get sore spots or back pain. Then came an abrupt noise and startling shift in my position. I love my Next. I have always felt that when you pay for front row seats you should get front row seats. Wonder if a skeg would alleviate the problem? Anyway it's a lot of fun for me and my dog and I love the seat. People who viewed this product ultimately bought (9) Riverside Ratch Pack $29.95 (132) Nalgene Ultralite Wide-Mouth Water Bottle - 32 fl. The Next also utilizes adjustable foot rests, which aid in giving you a comfortable seating position, and allow you to brace in turns. For one thing, the low seat and back support is more ergonomic for double-blade strokes and the adjustable foot-brace pegs add to the kayak feel.

In this manner, I was able to ride up and over waves having heights several times the free board. River has some wave trains so will be interesting to see if with 13' length hull can quickly recover from first wave and not plow through second wave but rather ride over it. I've also found that no matter where I position my drip rings I seem to get water in the boat from the paddle due to being slightly higher out of the water than a sit in kayak and also the modified strokes I find myself using to keep it tracking straight. Stability I questioned until I spent an hour in this boat. Now for the colors. I'd firmly planted the seat into the brackets and inserted the pins carefully - what did I do wrong?

I finally just took the seat out of the track system and set in on the floor and continued the trip. Great canoe/kayak hybrid. Happy and safe paddling out there. A tweener solo boat touted for its ability to fit comfortably in both canoe and kayak realms. No big deal, but it's an annoyance to me. It is a canoe. It tracks well and handles wake from larger, motorized craft very well. I can sit like a sit in kayak with a boat that is open like a canoe. After a long search for the 'perfect' solo canoe, I settled on the Next. While we are talking about the seat it is also the week spot. without any problem with the boat. I hadn't been so happy for years. I was instantly impressed by a multitude of factors. I was walking back to the boat to haul it back to the jeep and he was standing next to the NEXT. The Next is a canoe/kayak hybrid, similar to one I already own, at least by definition.

Works best with a kayak paddle as you set a little deep for a regular canoe paddle. Photo: Alan Kesselheim, Behind the Front Lines With a Wildland Firefighting Hotshot Crew, Why Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Are on the Ballot This Year, How to Safely Camp and Recreate During Wildfire Season, Drew Smith on Chasing 'Cheap Thrills' and Becoming a Professional Adventure Photographer, The Hill Workout OCR Athlete Ryan Kempson Uses to Build Total-Body Strength, Watch: Luna The Trail Dog is Probably The World's Happiest Dog, This 12-Minute POV Video of Surfing and Hiking in Hawaii is Mesmerizing, We may use your e-mail address to send you the newsletter and offers that may interest you, on behalf of Men's Journal and its partners. (Mine is yellow or "Lemongrass" as Old Town calls it. So you can look at this as me trying to sell you on it, or as quite possibly the best person to seek an opinion on it from.

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