For example, if several players are waiting to ambush in one tunnel, a player from the opposite team will use the other tunnel which has fewer or no players in it. Another reward is the Castle Wars chinchompa. Should we add a new potion to the supply table in Castle Wars bases, as described in the blog?

Kill these stronger shades and sacrifice the remains for a chance to unlock another key which allows access to even stronger shades and more unique rewards. In rs3 there are ccs that allow you to afk games for free wins, is there the same in osrs? Game balancing used to be a big problem, particularly when a team would rush to a large lead early in the game, or when a team has a lot of its players leave (these two things were quite often linked to one another!). We'd like to add a new area to the South Western corner of the Grand Exchange called the Games Zone.

The highest floor contains only a standard stand, which is where the castle's team's standard can be found. Barricades can be destroyed by attacking them, burning them or blowing them up.

You'll notice there's no Fishing Trawler changes currently being proposed, but don't worry - some of these will be offered alongside the Fishing Skill Boss poll later this month. Doing so will increase the damage reduction percentage of their team's Avatar. We've got a range of ideas for you which we think will improve Shades of Mort'ton, and will also have a greater impact beyond just the minigame!

Improved the blocking logic of Castle Wars and Soul Wars barricades. Players can collect bandages from the Supply Area. We think it'd be a shame to lose the ability for groups of friends and clans to be able to play together. Blue teams - your avatar is the Avatar of Creation!

This is likely a bug that has yet to be fixed. A staircase leading to the highest level is located against one of the walls. If Question #1 passes, should the Soul Wars Reward Shop sell a Lucky Dip, as described in the blog? We're not opposed to offering other minigames, or other content from RuneScape, in the future, but we aren't offering it now. Many players have lag issues when playing Castle Wars. A toolkit can fix a broken catapult, and a catapult that is on fire can be put out with a bucket of water. Castle Wars is found in the south-west corner of Kandarin and may be accessed via a number of ways: .

OSRS is the official legacy version of RS, the largest free-to-play MMORPG. Should we add two new NPCs to the Grand Exchange to recruit players to play upcoming Castle Wars matches? Prayer icons will now be disabled when exiting a Castle Wars game.

These coffins have a chance at spawning another new shade, the Diyn shade, when opening chests.

We've also looked at adding more ambience to each of the catacombs sections whilst retaining their essence.

All players begin the game in their team graveyard. Whether Flamtaer was a Saradominist town seems debatable as some locals suggest the temple was created by Pagans, which seems to be the only reference to a pagan religion in Gielinor. These items will be themed to the existing armour sets sold in the shop. At the mouth (facing the centre area) of each passage there is a deposit of rocks which may be removed or replaced with explosive potions or pickaxes. I know in the past, it was said to be against the rules to boost castlewars with two of your own accounts. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

It is no longer possible to take the royal wedding celebration items into Castle Wars.

One of the downsides to setting up barricades is that a team can only set up 10 at a time and it also blocks the way of friendly forces.

This consists of a player grabbing their own flag after an enemy player has dropped it outside their castle and then holding on to it, rendering the opposing team unable to pick it up.

Players who exit Soul Wars early will not receive any Zeal. redvsblue use same worlds, might be different order, but they only use the same select worlds Other tools which can be outside Castle Wars or can be obtained in Castle Wars are: Red - Taken, which means someone has the standard,

Many teams use Ancient Magicks to defend the flag, so a high magic defence bonus is essential. Join us for game discussions, weekly events and skilling competitions! Along with the two base graveyards, there are two additional graveyards closer to the middle of the game map. Change the structure of the dungeon, and replace the current 2004 style assets with the assets used in other nearby dungeons in the swamp area. Dominion Markers can now be freely taken into Castle Wars.

Consider only allowing players join the waiting room using the green portal (rather than choosing a team). Now that actual boosting isn't in the game, is it allowed to afk entire games of castlewars with two of my own accounts? 2. The coffin comes in a range of sizes to reflect the catacomb and chest tiers from which it can be found: Bronze, Steel, Black, Silver, and Gold. Players are only allowed combat items in the waiting area, including potions, runes, and armour (with the exception of capes).

To make it easier to find people to play with (and as another bot mitigation step) you'll only be able to play.

It should be noted that a barricade is immune to explosive potions whilst on fire; some players take advantage of this by burning their own barricades to extend their lifespans by a few seconds. Press J to jump to the feed.

As mentioned above, both Avatars reduce all damage dealt to them by 100% (making them immune to all damage). The collapsible rocks are located in the caves below the arena. This is an wearable item that fits the cape slot, and it can be used to store a range of shade remains intended to help with inventory management. Top and legs will require 500 nature runes and 48 Runecraft. These crop circles teleport players to play the Impetuous Impulses minigame on Puro-Puro. does not reject applicants should they be members of another active Castle Wars FC. There was a lot of love for the level of detail in the blog, and also a lot of support for the return of Soul Wars (albeit with certain changes). Four armour sets are available which give attack bonuses to the wearer. We've edited the blog to state that we'll encourage players to use themed worlds, rather than restrict access. The Avatars have low Defence but high HitPoints.

Players won't be able to leave the Enclave, and can only play the minigames found within the area. An option to add the previously defective castle wars tickets to your currency pouch has been added. Not keen on boosting with an alt, thats like the one thing thats against the rules in regards to alts. We've got a host of Puro-Puro improvements to suggest.

but it will have the boosting effects of a Super Combat potion, a Ranging potion, and an Imbued Heart all-in-one. This means even low levels can damage them, but they'll take some time to kill.

We've edited the blog to offer the ability to play Casual games on any world.

Games will last for 10 minutes, but they can end early if a team reaches a total of 10 Avatar kills, or if a team's player count drops below 50% of the starting number. This bloodbark set is based on a player-designed concept by grind24_7 and it's a proposal we're big fans of! Each team can place down a maximum of 10,and some areas can't have any at all. We've changed this to improve the multiplayer 'feel' of the minigame.

An issue where Castle Wars barricades sometimes left their blocking behind when being destroyed has been fixed. Apparently that all happened after some cc drama or something. When this happens, players will be pulled from both waiting rooms and into Soul Wars itself.

Offer bonus XP when burning shade remains. A full set bonus of 32.5% hitpoints restore. You flagged a number of needed bug fixes and tweaks, namely re-adding the ability to click through interfaces whilst on the cannon, fixing the issue of players being removed from the team if using the cannon at the end of the round, and investigating the bonus effects of Defender not working beyond level two. At least four players (two on each team) are required to start the game.

Diyn shades have a greater chance at appearing in the higher-tiered areas.

- Last edited on 11-Oct-2017 22:37:02 by bratcw, 04-Oct-2017 23:35:30 The time remaining until the next game begins is displayed near the top of the screen in white text.

This would be similar to the Barbarian Assault Gamble option. Inside the arena there are 2 smaller castles, one for each team. Imbues will be priced so as to ensure they take a similar amount of time to earn in both minigames. Castle Wars is found in the south-west corner of Kandarin and may be accessed via a number of ways: . The trapdoor is only usable by that castle's team. - Last edited on 10-Oct-2017 01:44:33 by bratcw, 04-Oct-2017 23:35:43 Individual players can purchase the four parts and ammunition for the ballista from the Castle Wars rewards store, and all of the parts are required to set it up. Gloves and boots will require 100 nature runes and 42 Runecraft.

Should we allow Barbarian Assault players to 'call' whilst interacting with machines?

Yellow - Dropped (on the ground), For mages, level 60+ Magic is very useful, and Ancient Magicks is an extremely effective way to freeze the enemy team's standard defenders while your teammates capture the standard, to freeze enemies that have captured your standard, or to stop enemies from rushing your base. However, upon completion of Animal Magnetism players can speak to Lanthus in order to receive the effects of Ava's Device during a game. Initially, all damage dealt to them will be reduced by 100% (making them immune to all damage), but this percentage can be reduced to 0% by using the Soul Obelisk (see below). You could boost using an alt and win every game in a random world.

Join us for game discussions, weekly events and skilling competitions! Those of you who played Soul Wars during its heyday will notice that the content we're proposing differs slightly from what you remember. Walking south-west from Ardougne.

And even if you decide to travel there, getting around Puro Puro itself can be a pain too.

Finish the game to be rewarded with Zeal and Zeal tokens, which can be used to purchase rewards. Armadyl, Pernix and Ganodermic are commonly used armours used to sponge the Ancient Magicks hits.

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