Aimed very much at the family sailor, and skillfully combining the learning from the larger yachts, these two new yachts also include many features refined with the 101 Oyster yachts that have circumnavigated (or are in the process of circumnavigating – 31 set sail on the Oyster World Rally last weekend on the 15th January 2017). So all eyes were on the Oyster 565 when it launched at the Southampton Boat Show in September. Leading the jib sheet to the aft (spinnaker) winch might make more sense, as it is closer to the helm and easier to reach without leaving the cockpit. This means light work for an autopilot. The Oyster 565 is clearly the product of a yard used to building high-end large yachts, as opposed to one pushing up in size into a level of engineering and quality with which it is less familiar. It comes with retractable bow and stern thrusters as standard, which allow you to spin the boat around its keel. The new generation has moulded-in bowsprits for easier flying of downwind and reaching sails; twin rudders for better handling under sail and less drag; and flush decks. The Oyster 825 followed, then the Oyster 745, more tank-testing and then the Oyster 118 and most recently, the Oyster 675.

No yacht is perfect, but in terms of design and execution the Oyster 565 is as close as you’ll find on a series-built cruising yacht. The British yard has stuck to a tried and tested interior layout for the Oyster 565 and has furnished and finished it impeccably. During our trials, the Oyster 565 was to prove genteel, safe and enjoyable to sail. I am not usually a fan of in-mast furling mainsails, but here the ability for one person to set and furl away the main without leaving the helm outweighs any negatives. This includes hydraulic thrusters, furlers, and windlass, tri-radial sails, powered winches, a generator and a full electronic navigation package. Style, function, versatility and years of heritage. The new owner introduced a diverse group of board members, including designer Rob Humphreys and sailor and former Formula 1 team boss Eddie Jordan as well as other business authorities. Oyster 565 Oyster 595 Based on feedback from over 100 circumnavigators in earlier Oysters, the range has better storage, larger berths and more headroom than ever before. Receive the latest news, practical advice, videos and competitions in a monthly email put together by the magazine’s editorial team. I travelled to Barcelona to spend two days testing Panthalassa, the first 565 to launch. Secure side decks and great views in and out.

The Oyster 825 followed, then the Oyster 745, more tank-testing and then the Oyster 118 and most recently, the Oyster 675.

The Oyster 565 is the first all-new model to be launched since the yard’s 2018 buyout. “The launch of Oyster’s G6 fleet was a big step forward bringing Superyacht thinking into a new size range of bluewater cruisers. Besides walk-in access to starboard, panels below the galley sink can be removed for access to the port side of the engine room. Photo: Rick Tomlinson. A bluewater yacht needs to have a kindly motion at sea, be easy it is to sail and remain comfortable when heeled.

Knowing there is a huge amount riding on this model, I wondered whether it would deliver.

It is easier to move forward along the starboard side of the saloon, though, and elsewhere the layout suits life at an angle.

And the engineering quality and level of finish really raises the bar. It’s certainly expensive, but for good reason, as it includes an extremely high standard spec. This moved the company towards their next big design challenge, tackling the sub sixty-foot market, territory that split opinion among owners. This brings a level of assurance to new owners and should restore faith in the build quality. The new generation has moulded-in bowsprits for easier flying of downwind and reaching sails; twin rudders for better handling under sail and less drag; and flush decks. The engine block sits on flexible mountings, below which is a sump that prevents any oil from running into the main bilge area.

In 2011 Oyster announced the Oyster 885 following extensive research and development of the project to build the Oyster 100 and 125. For owners who want to sail short-handed, however, it might be more practical to have the primaries closer to the helms, allowing them to hand steer the boat through a tack rather than relying on an autopilot. The ensuite owner’s aft cabin has an abundance of light and views, good headroom and stowage – it’s difficult to believe you’re actually aboard a yacht of less than 60ft. The headlining is mounted on Velcro, while floorboards use the Fastmount panel system – although Oyster really needs to find a way to stop these sole panels creaking as it spoils an otherwise quiet interior. If berthed stern-to, a cassette-style passerelle (an extra option) extends at the push of a button, and its handrail rises automatically. There is an electronic pump-out for an oil change, a powered fuel polisher and a water-in-fuel alarm – systems normally only found on larger yachts. Moving forward between the twin wheels, you enter a generous-sized, deep centre cockpit. Boasting many of the features you would expect on a larger bluewater sailing yacht, she is capable of everything from a coastal cruise to circumnavigating the globe without the need for a professional crew. The first 565 will hit the water in the autumn of 2018, with the 595 launched the following spring. The high guardrails have boarding gates built in. Matthew Sheahan, Sailing journalist, said. Powering to weather under blade jib. The mainsheet winch is directly abaft and in reach of the helmsman. While these were the underlying issues that inspired plans for the new 565 and 595, the new approach can be seen in many ways in layout and available options for the new boats. The new Oyster 565 and 595 (and also the bigger sister, the Oyster 675) - offer very flexible accommodation – master cabin aft or forward, dinghies on davits or in a dinghy garage, huge versatility of sail lockers, lazarette storage, different cabin combinations from 2 to 5, sleeping anything from 2 couples to 10 on charter, Oyster reinvents the wheel for luxury yachts below 60ft.

Look below the saloon sole and you’ll find a proper, deep bilge sump in the keel stub. When the Oyster 825 Polina Star III lost her keel and sank off the coast of Spain in July 2015, the fortune it subsequently cost Oyster directly contributed to the company going into receivership. Outboard shrouds and inboard jib tracks leave a comparatively clear side deck. The standard of joiner work is as good as any you’ll find at production yacht level. The Oyster 565 comes ready to go, with all the equipment the company knows will make for comfortable ocean cruising, gleaned from decades of experience and owner feedback.

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