We aim to make paying or appealing a fine as simple as possible. It’s another sad part of life, people preying on your hard-earned cash.

Hello John. Rubbish! I appealed only to be told it was on no use as the ticket should have been displayed. The one at the entrance was so small that I REALLY did not see it. I keep all my parking tickets now. I was just wondering if many more people have received parking fines on this day. I have the ticket and did forward the number to Excel. I find the comments about the parking very useful. In fact he went out of his way to belittle me in the car park for not gaining a ticket.I tried the same with EXCEL customer services and because of the time delay in coming back to me they fined me the full £100. Your email address will not be published. I refuse to pay it and will go to court if necessary as the car park firm excel are stinging vulnerable people like my self. We used the car park at the Peel Centre to do our Xmas shop at Toys R Us like we have done for the last 3 years and have never paid parking there so you can imagine my surprise when I received a parking fine for £60. Got a fine in the post. I’ve got 3 kids and I’m so forgetful but remember to get a ticket because I’m not dumb enough to think every car park is free no matter where it is! It’s not expensive to park there at all. The outcome is we no longer use the business at Peel Centre. It isn’t that hard. I suffer from MS and had an attack in the car which rendered me unsafe to drive as my foot went into severe spasm.

If I park somewhere new for the first time then I check to see if there are any signs to say if parking is free or not. A note to the editor… how many people have taken the time to correspond about this issue. 9 Great Portwood St. Stockport, England SK1 2DW, UK. Just thought I should say that borders has shut down and has not yet been replaced. This is a sham. They can whistle for it…but Stockport will lose my trade and that of anyone who I tell about it. He told the Manchester Evening News: 'I do however think the machines for entering ones registration could be more user friendly, and with better lighting and highlight when an extra digit has been entered.”.

To get the best experience on this website please. It was a dark night and we did not see the signs.

I will never go to the Peel Centre again. ', Cady Phillips added: 'We got two, the day after each other a few weeks ago and we ALWAYS get a ticket. 26 replies 678 views Forgot to say. Going to Trafford Centre in the future. People get a life, get over it! This is a money making scheme. When I returned to my car I found a parking ticket, to my horror I went to find car park attendant at the ticket machine only to find out it was someone trying to get a ticket from an empty machine?I appealed in writing against the ticket, but no joy. Just never respond to any of the letters. However, we all did pay as we knew you would fine us for not having tickets, no matter what. Great for business not…. A lesser charge, £50 (reduced to £25 if paid within 14 days) will apply to less serious parking contraventions such as overstaying a pay and display ticket. Finally I gave up and went into Toys R Us for 5 minutes to exchange a faulty toy.I found to my horror a horrible man placing a fine on my car. parking on a yellow line. Picture the scene. Visitors should note that it is a pay-and-display car park. The Peel Centre Car Parking 9 Great Portwood St. Stockport, England SK1 2DW, UK. I refuse to shop there now. We have just received a parking fine from Excel of £60 for 46 minutes parking. I never realised you had to pay for parking when you spending money in the shops.

It emerged in court documents when they took me to court for not paying their £100 charge. Gill, I’m not trying to censor this page by saying no more comments about the parking.

No wonder face-to-face retail is fast disappearing. We are not from this area. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Trump accuses Biden of trying to 'steal election' after Joe demands 'every vote is counted' after he FAILED to land early knock-out blows on President in key states - with a final result that might not be known for DAYS and end up in court.

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