In other words, he was saying, "Love one another." Penn State Baseball Division, If you read everything mechanically, you do not know where you are going, and you start over-practicing. Behold here these feminine aspects that you have to understand, the three Marys. The rock is the stone, the Altar, which is formed by Yesod, an upside Kaum formed by the lower part of the physical body. Behold the phrase that unites the three of them. – The Pistis Sophia. In Kether, the First Mystery, the whole work is called the Completion of Completions. The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasses the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; and the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone.

The Rune Perth is also called Phurth, Pertra, Perthro, Peordh, Pero, and Plastur. Dance Mums Uk 123movies,

These three vital airs are governed by the Innermost, by means of the strength of His willpower. Remember that one key of Peter is silver and the other is gold—milk and honey. Thus, we have to talk in a very wise way, since such a woman is in the throat—and she is talking right now, delivering you the Logos, the Word, the message which is the Lord, through my throat, through my woman—and also because of the power of that woman-serpent, who rose from my sexual organs (which are feminine) up to my brain, thanks to Peter. Who is the third Mary?

Now, in Spanish, the plural of wolf (lupus, lobo) is lobos. We have to understand the three denials of Peter. It can herald hardship, as the errors of our past come forth to haunt our present. When the tower of fire, Belen, is shining on top of our head, it is because the church has already been built. Tumbarumba Winery, Thus, Peter is the one who shows us how to do the sexual work, you see? The small faith is in the sexual energy, that is small, that is why it is the feminine, small faith; if you transmute it, when the mustard seed grows, it becomes a big tree, the tree of life, where all the birds of heaven have their nest. – Matthew 16: 18. Ida into Klipoth is Nahemah and Lilith: the two psychologies against which we have to fight in order to transform them from the very bottom. Because this is so, we can immediately see why a ‘blank rune’ is an unnecessary addition to the 24 elder futhark runes. The transformation of any food is always the activity of Martha, while her sister Mary is receiving the doctrine directly from the Lord.

Thus, behold that the consciousness, the Buddhadatu, receives the strength of the twelve Apostles when you enter into this path. It would be absurd if his disciples, Peter, Andrew, and all of them who were fishing in the sea, would not have offered fish to John the Baptist, if they would not say to him, "John, won't you have a piece of fish for a change? how long shall I suffer you? The top of that chalice begins from the larynx up to the brain, and the bottom, which is the foundation, from Yesod, the sex, down to our feet. We will give you a clue now in order to easily understand this. In other words, it is Ida. It is good for old people to eat honey, wild honey, because that helps their digestive system. This is how the two Johns were fed; this is how you feed your Soul. Rock Dove Facts,

In the same manner, the Initiate feeds his soul through the thymus, which is John the apostle. On the material plane Perth is about surprises, gains or unexpected rewards. These are very profound statements that enclose the entire mystery of the Rune Perth, Peter. Three days. We have to feed ourselves with that milk of our endocrine system that runs in our blood. Who do you think was cooking for the last supper, and all the suppers that the Lord had with his apostles? All matters of physical healing are aided by this Rune. Required fields are marked *, Perthro Meaning & Interpretation – Nordic Runes. Martha teaches you what to eat, what to put in your stomach. Now let me tell you one thing, even though it is not written: John the Baptist was also eating fish. They were fishing for fish (the energy of Chesed) which relate to the physical glands. Those keys are related with those three forces, but especially with the third, because in order to awaken the third force in Sushumna, you have to manipulate Ida and Pingala, as was explained in the previous lecture. Behold here, the three Marys: Mary, the Divine Mother Kundalini; Mary Magdalene, the Spouse; and Martha her Sister, with whom we have to work. It is simple, yet nobody sees it because our mind is complicated. He is in Yesod, baptizing with water. If we take that small seed, that feminine force of the sexual glands which is in the seed, the symbol of the mustard seed, if you take that faith, little by little, then you will build a lot of faith on the top of your mountain. Two Suns in the Sky. "And the Lord Jehovah formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living soul." Try Different Quizzes People Are Talking About! This is very important to understand and comprehend in regards to Perth, because this Rune relates to the breathing system, through which we can perform the Great Work.

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