Transform slime again by mixing in Rainbow Magic, Rainbow Sparkle, or Rainbow Crunch. Your email address will not be published. 75% { Achtung! Fluffy Pets – new LOL Surprise pets, LOL Surprise! What color is your slime? .fd-min757 hr { Surprise! In den Warenkorb. amzn_assoc_linkid = "4f2eed6e9d0b8675a2282fc51ec733a1"; A large rainbow painted in front of and behind the bag, you can also find two clouds: one is happy and the second is angry. Додано в 09:24, 3 липня 2020 Номер оголошення: 612600818 Користувач .

} Furniture Salon Exclusive Diva Doll & 10+ Surprises inside, Instead of unicorns, there will be sheep:Poopsie Surprise Animals + 20 surprises, Amazing Genie Surprise Toys genie dolls: 2 in 1 surprise for girls, on Poopsie Chasmell Rainbow Slime bag Kit.

What did you get, white or milky slime. Surprise! Click & Collect is not currently available in our Welsh stores.

.fd-min757 :nth-child(3) { Now, D.I.Y. Unboxing Video & Review, L.O.L. The new Poopsie Chasmell Kit has a very bright and stylish design. What color is your mucus? Posted on 02.11.2019 Poopsie Slime Surprise Pack Series 1-2 Pour 1 rainbow surprise packet into the chasmell bottle. Required fields are marked *. Have your phone with this Ready for Collection email with you. Did your slime change into another color? amzn_assoc_asins = "B07PNM3CKM";

Surprise! Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 3 Jahren, da Erstickungsgefahr durch verschluckbare Kleinteile besteht. © 2020 Müller Handels GmbH & Co. KG / ÖKO-Kontrollstellen-Code: DE-ÖKO-006. width: 100%; Allow the slime to sit in the toilet bowl for 10-15 minutes or until the slime …

.fd-min757 :first-child { height: 40%; Add half a packet of Unicorn Magic to the slime. LOL REMIX Series – Biggest Release this Fall 2020! 4 New OMG Dolls and 4 Tots! Can you guess the Mystery Scent? amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "toysbuytoys-20"; New items hairDUDEables! 35+ surprises, D.I.Y. Surprise. }

Copyright © 2020 Top Hottest Toy Reviews 2020! Add makeup to slime to customize it, or use makeup on yourself. Nutzen Sie das Kontaktformular oder kontaktieren Sie uns per Telefon oder E-Mail. Then store in airtight case. Für den Newsletter anmelden und exklusive Angebote erhalten. Erstickungsgefahr. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. bottom: 0; Unscrew the cap of the bottle with the honey bear and pour the powder into the bottle of hasmela. 2514992. Expected in stock: No Longer Available, Out of Stock. You can store the slime in containers in the form of clouds. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual";

Last Order date for Gift Cards is Midnight Monday 17th December. The new Poopsie Chasmell Kit has a very bright and stylish design. slime can be customized in a whole new way â by mixing in makeup to create a beautiful rainbow of slimes. transform: translate(-50%, -50%);  

Оля. Open the cap and remove the mucus from the bottle. Today you will learn all the information about the new 2019 – Poopsie Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit. slime, along with a rainbow of lipsticks, lip glosses, and eye shadows to mix into slime to change the colour. Glamper 2 in-1 – new playset for LOL dolls, L.O.L SURPRISE Under Wraps – The fourth series of dolls, Cry Babies Magic Tears – new from IMC Toy, LOL Surprise Advent Calendar 2020 Jewellery, LOL Surprise OMG BOY! Series Review.

amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; }

Welcome to the official Poopsie Slime Surprise website! Das Chasmell Rainbow Slimekit findest du hier: viel Regenbogen-Schleim! Surprise! Most Poopsie pack comes with instructions on how exactly to do it. Close the cap and quickly shake the bottle for 1 minute. Poopsie Chasmell Rainbow Slime bag Kit includes: Did you like the new design of Poopsie Bag? Poopsie Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit – Радужная сумочка для слаймов 1 300 грн. Hairdorables Loves Trolls World Tour with 10+ Surprises - Limited Edition 2020, LOL Surprise! 50% {

, 600); slime can be customised in a whole new way – by mixing in makeup to create a beautiful rainbow of slimes. z-index: 9999; document.body.appendChild(min757); Advent calendar L.O.L.

Fold and pull the slime over and over to mix well. slime powders, 6 lipstick colours, 6 eyeshadows, 2 lip glosses, 2 highlighter packets, 3 Rainbow Magic packets, 2 Rainbow Sparkle, 1 Rainbow Crunch, 2 surprise scents, spoon, airtight container, measuring cup, and exclusive bottle. var max322=document.createElement('div'); You can already pre-order at and *Excludes Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland, gift cards and large bulky items.

Chose your own combination of color, shimmer, glitter, or crunch to make your slime! Schleim und ein Regenbogen an Make-up. Move the lid on the Bottom of the Bottle and add 30 ml of water. 55,00 € 44,00 € Sie sparen 20%. Enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile.

OMG Remix Super Surprise with 70+ surprises. Collect 6, 8 packets of rainbow surprise (White or Milky clear slime Powder), 1 bottle of color changing rainbow surprise (slime powder), 1 lipstick case containing 6 lipstick colors, 3 packets of rainbow magic makeup (Tindet shimmer powder), 2 packets of rainbow highlighter makeup (sparkly powder), 2 packets of rainbow sparkle (large glitter), 1 storage container with 6 air-tight compartments, 2 cloud containers (At the front of rhe rainbow purse). Das stylische Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit kommt in Form einer Regenbogentasche und die Wolken der Tasche lassen sich als Aufbewahrung für deinen Schleim nutzen.Mit viel Regenbogen-Magie, Makeup, Lipgloss und Lippenstift entsteht entweder der coolste Schleim der Welt oder du verwendest die Styling-Accessoires selbst! на OLX з вер. Give it a sniff. background: #FDA543; Twist open the cap of the honey bear bottle and pour the powder into the chasmell bottle.

Home Delivery and Same Day Click & Collect Also Available. Each Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit includes 9 D.I.Y. slime and a rainbow of makeup. L.O.L. position: absolute; Makeover series #Hairgoals Wave 2, The L.O.L. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. } 100% { document.body.appendChild(max322); I got the Poopsie Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit for my daughter a few days ago. The Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit features 35+ surprises, including clear and white D.I.Y. Leave for 10 minutes or until the mucus reaches the desired consistency. If our price on the date of collection or dispatch is less than the price at the time of placing your order, you will pay the lower price. More Info », S.T.E.A.M - Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math, Pre-Order Now. Surprise! Hairdorables Boys and Shortcuts, LOL OMG Remix Jukebox B.B. } L.O.L.

Continue adding as much of each as desired. Fill the measuring cup up to the 15 ml line twice for a total of 30 ml of water. Instructions poopsie slime So Slime DIY Slime Shaker Cosmic Mini Mystery Kit Pack. slime powders, 6 lipstick colours, 6 eyeshadows, 2 lip glosses, exclusive bottle, and so much more, Transform slime using Rainbow Magic, Rainbow Sparkle or Rainbow Crunch.

Meet your favorite collectible unicorn poop-themed characters, take quizzes, watch videos, check out photos and more! amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Now, D.I.Y. Surprise! background-color: #FFF;

This site is intended for children over 13 years old. Transform slime using Rainbow Magic, Rainbow Sparkle or Rainbow Crunch. } margin: 0; slime can be customised in a whole new way – by mixing in makeup to create a beautiful rainbow of slimes. Poopsie Slime variety . In front of the bag there is a big rainbow and two clouds: one is happy and the other is angry. Schleim und ein Regenbogen an Make-up. slime and a rainbow of makeup, Give slime a rainbow makeover with Poopsie Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit. } [10159] Slime Pro Tubeless Sealant - 3oz [10160SL] Slime Pro Tubeless Sealant - 8oz [20093] Tube Liners - Twin Pack [20197] Tube Repair Patch Kit [20040] SKABS [20027] SKABS with Tire Levers [2033] 60 Piece Patch Kit [2030-A] Tire Patch Kit + Glue [1035-A] 2 3/8" Patches [1022-A] Tube Patch Kit + Glue [30026] Lite Tube [30055] Self Sealing Tube }

Surprise! Excludes large bulky items and gift cards.

22,44 € #OOTD OUTFIT OF THE DAY, LOL Surprise Birthday Party! Xbox All Access cannot be purchased with another item, we will need to remove Xbox All Access from your Basket. Oral-B Aufsteckbürsten Cross Action 8er CleanMaximizer, tonies - Hörfigur für die Toniebox: Disney: Cinderella, GRUSS & CO Bauchige Tasse »Allerbester Papa auf der Welt!«, Jetzt online bestellen und in Ihrer Wunschfiliale abholen. animation-delay: -1s FREE Service; You will receive email within 1 hour when your order is Ready for Collection. – Collector Edition 2020, LOL Surprise Remix Fan Club – Re Release Dolls, LOL Surprise OMG Remix Super Surprise – Limited edition, L.O.L Surprise! Open the lid and remove your slime from the bottle. For information on how to return items, please visit Returns Policy, *Excludes large bulky items, video game consoles & deliveries to Islands & The Scottish Highlands. left: 50%; Give slime a rainbow makeover with Poopsie Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit.

Add 5 drops of scent into the bottle. The Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit features 35+ surprises, including clear and white D.I.Y. top: 0; 246,33 € Add 5 drops of fragrance to the bottle. height: 100%; Expected in stock: No Longer Available, Pre-Order Now. Supplier Phone: Über 35 Überraschungen, einschließlich D.I.Y. Please queue at the designated points at the store and respect social distancing, keeping at least 2 metres from other shoppers. background: #F63D3A; Dann kannst du uns hier folgen: Abonnieren: Instagram: Facebook: findest du unseren Shop und unseren Kundenservice: Shop: Service-Hotline: +49 541 6006677Lass uns doch gerne in den Kommentaren wissen, wie dir das Video gefallen hat!Wenn du einen Artikel hast, den du gerne von uns vorgestellt haben möchtest, dann schreib uns eine E-Mail unter [email protected] Einen schönen Tag noch! Winter Disco Glitter Globe – new awesome dolls! Artikelinfos. gesetzl.

L.O.L. Can you Guess the mystery scent? } position: fixed; 25% { на OLX з вер. Remix series 2-Pack dolls with music, L.O.L Surprise! Poopsie Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit – Радужная сумочка для слаймов 1 300 грн.

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