Here Be Dragons: A Creature Identification Quiz. The president's pompous and embarrassing behavior earned him the nickname of Emperor Potus Ignominius. “POTUS.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 3 Nov. 2020. The definition of a very gay person. The Iran deal, the … The Vice President is occasionally referred to as VPOTUS, although the difficulty in pronouncing the initial vp of that word perhaps contributes to its relative scarcity. Biden's favorite word? The Bushes held their first state dinner. How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Do you know what languages these words come from? Piece Of Totally Useless Shit. Less common, and formerly used more frequently in the early 20th century, is potus. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? We began using -OTUS in the late 19th century, and we're still finding new ways to use it today. -OTUS, the shortened version of the phrase "of the United States," was an unlikely addition to our language, as it is both a suffix and an acronym (or, if you prefer, an initialism). That is a potus. Telegraphs were priced based on length, so one wanted to use as few words as possible.

Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Both candidates will continue fracking, coyote Time will tell if additional -OTUS words continue to join our language. According to our earliest records of its use, it came into being in the 1890s as an abbreviation used by telegraph operators. by … POTUSwork. The earliest recorded use any variant of - OTUS is from 1879, when SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) appeared in a book titled The Phillips Telegraphic Code for the Rapid Transmission by Telegraph . an American president who has a tendency to pull out of deals and accords. Presidential debate about migration. This work, by Walter P. Phillips, was one of a large number of code books which allowed people to send inexpensive or secret messages via telegraph. Yet this collection of letters has managed to be quite successful. Less common than these, but still occasionally found, is VPOTUS ("Vice President of the United States").

He's POTUS Interruptus - he'll pull out of anything! Although SCOTUS and POTUS are by far the most common words to use this suffix, they are far from the only ones. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Do you know what languages these words come from? 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'?

Set your young readers up for lifelong success, 11 Words Used to Great Effect by Edgar Allan Poe, Study Up With Our Official SCRABBLE Dictionary. Satirical name for an American president of ignominious nature in the form of that of a dubious Roman emperor. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Urban Dictionary: trump potus. "POTUS" ("President of the U.S.") is widely used. POTUS served buffalo meat, wore cowboy boots and welcomed …

Originally used by Fox News to describe President Trump after he decided to pull out of the Iran deal and talks with North Korea. Let's hire that guy … Delivered to your inbox! fracking Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Here Be Dragons: A Creature Identification Quiz. Delivered to your inbox! POTUS was likely based on the slightly older SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States), which had been used by telegraph operators since the 1870s. What made you want to look up POTUS? SCOTUS appeared between the abbreviations for scoundrel (scndrl) and scribble (scribl). How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? "Look at how he handles that cock with his mouth, he is such a Pontus !" It wasn't the first shortening used by the telegraphic community for this title: Frank Miller’s 1882 Telegraphic Code to Insure Privacy and Security in the Transmission of Telegrams offered the curious suggestion of telegraphing the word mortmain, rather than "President of the U.S." As one of the meanings of mortmain is "the influence of the past regarded as controlling or restricting the present," it seems possible that the code book's compiler had a sense of the poetic.

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