The Prophet said, "Say: Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa'ala Aale Muhammaddin, kama sallaita 'ala all Ibrahim, innaka Hamidun Majid.". 7. Remembering the Prophet and his family (pbut) by reciting the salawat is a way for us to recognize that they are how we can attain closeness to God and that they are our guides to fulfilling our responsibilities to Him.

himself has instructed to send blessings for him.

O Allah!

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (p) states, “Every prayer is concealed from the skies until blessings are sent on the Holy Prophet [and his progeny].”7, 2. In this verse, it says that Allah and the Angels send blessings on the Holy Prophet and He commands those who believe to do the same- send blessings and follow (submit) to his ways. on the Day of the Judgement will be the one who sent the most Salawat upon him in this world.•Intercession by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) will become a certainty for the one of who recited Salawat upon Muhammad and his family (peace be upon them all).•On the Day of Judgement, Salawat will appear as a light (noor) on the person's head, right side, left side and above him.•One who recites the Salawat, Allah will give him the reward of 72 martyrs (shaheed)•The heaviest thing on the Day of Judgement will be Salawat (recited by a person) and it will also light up his grave.•One who sends 100 Salawat, Allah and the Angels send 1000 upon him, and the fire of Hell won't affect him.PLEASE NOTE: of course, one must remember that this reciting, just as with other acts of worship, must be with complet sincerity and not for any reason other than seeking the pleasure of Allah (s.w.t.)

The worthiest and closest person to the Prophet(saw) on the day of Judgement will be the one who send the most salawat upon him in this world.

Thank Allah that there were no other cars at that moment in the other lanes, or this would have been fatal for someone. •The worthiest and closest person to the Prophet (s.a.w.s.) This, of course, requires full sincerity in the supplication and striving to be a righteous person. You can read 99 times, 500 times, 1000 times – the more, the better it is for you to read because it is said in a hadith by Tirmizi, that the one who reads salawat (or durood, as I will interchange with this word quite a bit here) the most will be the closest to the Prophet (SAW). Invoking Salawat on the family of the Prophet is a sign of pledging allegiance to them, and affirming what Allah Himself has affirmed for them: They are perfectly cleansed and worthy of being salauted. My mother had always read durood (salawat) since her youth. replied: "Saying that Blessing of Allah be upon Muhammad. Click text for details.

My mother said she would never abort me, and told the doctor she will give birth to me. "(O Muhammad) Say, 'I do not ask for any reward for this (bringing of Allah's message) except the love for the near kinship.'" and his family, reaches a point where he becomes the friend of Allah (Khalilullah) due to the great status that the Salawat itself has.•Recitiation of Salawat will result in one being closer to the Prophet (s.a.w.s.) Here is a list of websites where I have found compilations of the various duroods (salawats) that are out there. Recite Salawat one hundred times every Friday: We should do our best to make it a habit to recite salawat one hundred times every Friday, for it has a great reward. 91, p. 47.

There are many merits to the recitation of the salawat.

This is the durood we read during Tashahad in our salaat, before we say our salaams. It is one of the best duroods and it is one I HIGHLY encourage you all to recite daily, and as frequently as you can.

Fortunately, due to duas, the power of reading Durood Ibrahimi, and my mother’s prayers for me, I survived and did not get into any accident, although it was a VERY close, and scary call.

1. For those of you who are wondering, “How has reading durood helped duas come true and ease come about?” let me give you a few examples of durood bringing the ability of dua manifestations for myself, and that of my family members: As previously stated, there are many thousands of duroods to read to send blessings upon the Prophet (SAW), and through reading, Allah SWT abundantly blesses us, purifies our hearts and souls, and brings us more than what we could ever imagine.

It is said in the Qur’an to send blessings to our Prophet (SAW), so why should we not do this every day? One of the ways we can do this by imploring the Almighty Allah to send His blessings upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) 91, p. 253. One is recommended to recite this Salawat throughout one's life as a way to achieve this goal. What are some of the merits of sending Salawat? 9.

Some of the benefits in the next world :a)One who sends 10 salawat,Allah and the angels send 1000 salawat upon him ,and whoever Salawat sends 1000 salawat upon ,the fire of hell won’t affect him. Most scholars state that before reading anything, such as verses of the Qur’an, first, invoke Allah, and then invoke the blessings of our Prophet, Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam (SAW).

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