Music, more than any other art form, has the ability to express our raw emotions, our deepest wounds, and our hope for healing. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”, “We meet but briefly in life, if we touch each other with stardust – that is everything.”, "Death is the beginning of the soul's new journey", from poem by Sri Chinmoy, see condolence poetry, “The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”, "Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. Don’t let your life pass you by You should choose some music that is typically played at most funerals as well as songs that your loved one enjoyed listening to. amzn_assoc_region = "GB"; But the way she handles the lyrics gives the loneliness of the song hope. ", "Fly, fly little wing, fly beyond imagining. Once there was a darkness, deep and endless night He has worked with thousands of funeral homes worldwide to help them provide online memo... Lost my wife of 21 years 18 months ago. Angel – Sarah McLachlan This will help you pick songs of different lengths to be played at different times throughout the funeral. Video PDF. Remember the good times that we had? ", Lady of the lake, from the movie 'Merlin', "God saw you getting tired, when a cure was not to be, so he wrapped his arms around you, and whispered - come to me. Funerals are about life and love, comfort and caring.

A mom supports you through all the hard times. Any information provided is not guaranteed complete, and is for general information purposes only. amzn_assoc_placement = ""; ", "Where there is sorrow there is holy ground.

This Funeral Potatoes website is not intended for legal or financial advice. Finally, after you have selected the songs for the funeral you should listen to each one word-for-word to make sure that it is appropriate for a funeral. Imagine – John Lennon Don’t let your life pass you by The song was “Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye” and everyone left the funeral with wonderful thoughts and a smile on their face! The song, \"Remember Me\" by Rick Roark, is extremely powerful on it's own but when coupled with these images (which were mostly contributed by fans of the piece) it becomes so very poignant that it can really touch your heart! One Sweet Day – Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men To select good funeral songs, you will first need to decide on the number of songs that you would like to play and the estimated duration of all the songs. She thinks of the little things you’ll need before you need them. Weep not for the memories, Remember the good times that we had? The Way We Were – Barbra Streisand Candle in the Wind – Elton John Your email address will not be published. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. A mom supports you through all the hard times. Don’t let your life pass you by Arguably, one of the best patriotic songs to be released in the wake of the tragic events which occurred on September 11th, 2001. 1. Includes a keepsake certificate to print at home. Remember Me. ", "Walk tall as the trees; live strong as the mountains; be gentle as the spring winds, keep the warmth of summer in your heart, and the Great Spirit will always be with you. Amy Douglas - stillbirth/miscarriage poetry, Death plucks my ear and says, “live – I’m coming.”, "Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy. Our list of the top 40 good funeral songs is a collection of the most popular songs as recommend by funeral directors we surveyed.

Will you remember me? Death can be sweet if we answer it in the affirmative, if we accept it as one of the great eternal forms of life and transformation. “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” by Carrie Underwood. Good luck. And fly again", "I am awake, I see the sun. The Rose – Bette Midler I tell them that a friend of mine in California created it from the heart.\" Sincerely, Rick Roark She thinks of the little things you’ll need before you need them. Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion Remember me, though I have to say goodbye Remember me, don’t let it make you cry For even if I’m far away, I hold you in my heart I sing a secret song to you each night we are apart Remember me, though I have to travel far Remember me, each time you hear a sad guitar Know that I’m with you the only way that I can be Until you’re in my arms again, remember me, Que nuestra canción no deje de latir Sólo con tu amor yo puedo existir Recuérdame Que nuestra canción no deje de latir Sólo con tu amor yo puedo existir, Remember me, for I will soon be gone Remember me, and let the love we have live on And know that I’m with you the only way that I can be So, until you’re in my arms again, remember me, For more lyrics, check out the sheet music: Sheet Music, Your email address will not be published. Escape the sorrow and the pain. You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins ", “It was not frightening to die sometime, it was frightening to die right now.”, "Tonight I feel so very small by the enormous loss of you", “After the game the king and the Pawn go into the same box.”, “The soul takes flight to a world that is invisible, and there arriving she is sure of bliss and forever dwells in paradise.”, "The harder you fall the higher you bounce", “Across the years I will walk with you - in deep green forests, on shores of sand and when our time on earth is through, in heaven too, you will have my hand!”, "Tears are the words the heart can't express", “It's natures way of telling you to slow down.”, Anonymous, (Cited as Madison Avenues latest definition of death.

“Don’t Forget to Remember Me” by Carrie Underwood. Music sets the mood of our memories; they honor our loved ones' lives; they give us … Weep not for the memories, I’m so afraid to love you, but more afraid to loose Angels – Robbie Williams Mother and daughter bonds are unbreakable, even after they pass. amzn_assoc_height = "auto"; \"A true insight into the spirit of the American psyche' - Remember Me is a BRILLIANT SONG \u0026 STIRRING VIDEO!\" Even though there are no angry or revengeful lyrics in this song there is an unmistakable vibe that American's will never forget 9-11. ", "It is said that life flashes before your eyes just before you die. The Prayer – Celine Dion & Josh Groban Pamela Hutchinson (2020), singer with R&B group the... Luis Troyano (2020), “Great British Baking Show” finalist, Carol Arthur (1935–2020), ‘Blazing Saddles’ actor, Rance Allen (1948–2020), gospel music legend, A funeral director in 2020: ‘I worry about masks’, Pamela Hutchinson (2020), singer with R&B group the Emotions, Ronald Bell (1951–2020), co-founder of Kool & the Gang. Forever Young – Bob Dylan

Weep not for the memories Next, you should decide on the genres of music you would like to play. On the Road Again – Willie Nelson How clearly I first saw you smilin’ in the sun Our list of good funeral songs will help you choose the best music to pay tribute to your loved one. Beautiful Day – U2. ", "We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong - the amount of work is the same", “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”, "We understand death only after it has laid its hands on someone we love. Bridge Over Troubled Waters – Simon and Garfunkel Here’s the funeral poem: Remember to make a selection that will be best to commemorate the passing of your loved one. Ave Maria – Celine Dion Will you remember me? Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

Besides that, there are some decisions that you have to make on your own because you know best. Even with the assistance of the funeral director and relatives, the grief and sorrow can be unbearable. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "responsive_search_widget"; All that we love deeply becomes part of us.

You’ve Just Walked On Ahead of Me. The relationship between funerals and music is incredibly powerful and can offer a sense of peace for friends and family members at a difficult time. Dedicated daily to memorializing notable personalities. Required fields are marked *. Per atqui nostrud complectitur et, Blandit mentitum delicata an eos, novum persius ne per. ", Strive not, my soul, for an immortal life, but make the most of what is possible.”, "Oh! I will remember you Will you remember me? The most beloved songs to play at memorial services, funerals, and celebration-of-life events.

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry and the Pacemakers. Our list of good funeral songs will help you choose the best music to pay tribute to your loved one. Remember Me - I Will Live Forever A modern funeral poem by Robert Test, about passing on the gift of organ donation after a loved one’s death. amzn_assoc_default_search_key = ""; Unforgettable – Nat King Cole "Don't die with your music still inside you", “Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re still alive, it isn’t.”, "Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain", “Don’t be dismayed at good-byes.

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