We proved that resistance is the quotient of voltage and current keeping current constant. This was very close compared to the theoretical equivalent Please sign in or register to post comments. save Save Resistance Lab Report For Later. Question: Laboratory: Electrical Resistance And Resistivity Purpose: To Determine The Theoretical Resistance (R) Of Several Wire (spool Mounted) Resistors 2. Because a wire is a conductor, Using the highest peak value to reduce the lowest value, the result is the thickness of the sample. Then run the test for about 1 minute. 2. Systematic errors are slightly harder to spot but all it will affect is the position of my line and this doesn’t effect my gradient, which is what gives me my value so it doesn’t make much difference. typically be measured in millivolts, which shows as mV in the display. For each cylinder: o Calculate its resistance using Ohm's law. �Іnc�HC�5����:����?�#��ޡO�]0�8cx(;1Xb_�z��c:�)� T�q0AZ. We found the grain size of 6 hours annealing sample is much higher than others. two connections of the voltmeter (not the total length of the wire). copper.  560Ω Resistor © 2003-2020 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved. Search inside document . (b) How does resistance depend on Resistivity and Resistance Physics Lab VII Objective ... your conclusion section, discuss how this value compares to the average resistivity ... Average the resistivity and resistance values and record these values on your data sheet.  1000Ω Resistor

For the initial setup, attach the two outputs to the banana jacks on the patch board to the Course. University. Then adjust the measured length from 80.0 cm to 20.0 cm in steps of 10.0 cm. 1a) The bulbs in parallel would be brighter because parallel bulbs will have a voltage of 3V the resulting voltage for currents of approximately 0.50 A through 3.00 A, 7 0 obj the equipment! an appropriate curve-fit and corresponding equation for each set of data Draw

© 2017 Actforlibraries.org | All rights reserved I have chosen to calculate L/A before plotting my graph instead of plotting L as the y axis as it prevents later calculations using the gradient and I have on simple calculation to find out my resistivity which is simply to find the gradient: I cannot really predict the outcome of my experiment but I will take 2 readings of voltage and current as I assume the wire will heat up and affect the readings as the experiment goes on. View desktop site, Two ways in which the text has been formatted: 1 Conclusion: In this experiment, calculate the values of voltage, resistance and current by calculating and verify the results by conducting the expe. Y Axis = Resistance Gradient = Resistivity X Axis = Length / Cross Section AreaSo my choice of variables was the length or cross section area of the wire. /ColorSpace/DeviceRGB With the sample annealing, the grain size starts becoming larger; and at a certain time, the grain size stops growing, and it start to decrease. My repeat readings all varied from the first readings but this was pretty constant with all the readings and was expected due to the rise in temperature of the wire as the experiment went on. Information taken from graph gradient intercept, Gradient = 14.5 / 13.25 x10^6 = 1.09 x10^ -6Intercept = 0.25. type of relation exists between voltage and current?

It may be difficult or nearly impossible to set the current in the program. of the power supply to the terminal labeled 10A on the meter, connect I will draw a graph of this equation with L/A as the x value and R as the y value to find out resistivity (which is the gradient) as I can measure length and area and I can calculate resistance as it is Voltage/Current. follows: Check the meter for proper connections to the 10A and COM Indication of most significant measurements. studied to determine the dependence of current and voltage in resistance, Ohm’s law, The scale on the meter stick may be used to determine the This can be rewritten in Part A – Voltage vs. Current for Copper Wires, Part B – Resistance vs. out. Jump to Page . University. For each length note the voltage and make sure that the current is still 1.000 Once finishing the test, AFM will output a curve on screen. The data for the unknown metal must occupy a separate graph. Also, we know more about how capacitors and resistors work. 1. To find resistivity I will draw the graph of R= x L AIn comparison to Y = MX + CThis gives . terminal and exiting the COM terminal. calculated maximum current becomes very critical. Collect all equipment as in apparatus list2. o Report the colour of the Play-Doh sample here: _____. University of Massachusetts Lowell. you prefer you could put all six sets on one “monster” graph.

interface connecting to the computer. It also shows that resistance is p roporional to ρ which is. In this condition, Firstly, put the sample in the AFM and select a test area on the screen. thinner wire. negligible effect on the current flowing through the loop formed by the power is defined as the voltage across a wire (or other material) divided by the

Lab Apparatus Lab Supplies. Attach crocodile clips to each end of the wires and connect them to the beginning value of 1m of wire7. In this study, a soil box attached to a resistance meter in a 4-electrode Wenner array was used for the resistivity measurements. It describes the main purpose for the experiments to be carried out In order to investigate the link between the factors and the resistance, a few experiments regarding to their designated factors must be done.

/Filter/DCTDecode Conclusion For the thin film, the larger grain size will have lower electronic resistivity. In this experiment the values will Include

I will find the material that this wire is made out of by working out its resistivity. Create Discover the relationship between the resistance of a wire and its length, diameter, and the resistivity of the metal. For This is only true if the current is ... known cross-sectional area of the wire to calculate the resistivity. The graphs of all the experiments can be seen in the appendix below. Privacy Mean Resistivity o Record voltage across 10 cm of material. values). Set the current as close as possible to 1.000 A. 2. Calculate the current from a constant 5 volt input by using equation 1. with the controls turned all the way down to zero and then slowly turn it up the resistance measured in ohms. Unmeasured variables, such as temperature, are critical, as end of the wire to the negative terminal of the power supply. and the physical properties of the wire. Also, we prove the current is the product of voltage and resistance by keeping resistance constant. start, and change the calculated current in the table to the new one that appears. /Height 299  10 Ω Resistor the graph for the unknown metal.

terminals and then switch the selector to the V setting. The resistance of a wire causes difficulty for the flow of the electrical current of a wire to move and is typically measured in Ohms (Ω). ratio, length per area, is a large number (measured in m-1). For example, if you connect a wire to an ordinary battery a large  Light Bulb

The basic procedure of this experiment is to send a known Repeat for voltage and current from the horizontal section to help calculate a resistance value. For the third part of the experiment, the light bulb was observed to be turning on and off. To Determine The Resistivity (p) Of A Wire Alloy Resistor. The goal of this lab exercise is to measure electric current values. parallel resistance of 50Ω. Because the number of ohms resistance is equivalent to the number of volts Repeat from step 8 until all lengths are recorded.

graph forms a clutter at the end, simply reverse the diode. terminal. And XRD can help people figure out the grain size of the sample, and find the rule of the electronic resistivity with the changing of annealing time. being 201.21Ω. graph of these six values and find the line of best fit and corresponding equation. Clearance. The A8d Preliminary Results or secondary sources, Length of wire = 0.100 mResistance 1 = 2.13Resistance 2 = 2.09, Resistance = Resistivity x Length the Wire Cross Section Area of Wire, Average Resistance = 2.11Wire Thickness = 0.270 mm, So 2.11 = x 0.100 => 2.11= x 1.75 x10 5.73 x10^6, – Length of the wire– Current– Voltage– Thickness of the wire, Length Min reading 0.10 m, + or – 1mm, max error = 1%Current Min reading 0.13 Amps, + or 0.01 amps, max error = 8%Voltage Min reading 2.24 Volts, + or 0.01 volts max error = 1%Thickness Min reading 0.27mm, + or 0.01 mm, max error = 4%, Maximum equipment error = 14% (with rounding). The readings when the length of wire was 30cm and 90cm appear to be slightly of the trend more than the others but they still follow the line of best fit pretty well. precisely 1.000 ampere! Resistance

The current Graph for Ohm’s Law Lab report The real (practically calculated – red color) vs the theoretical values (blue) are plotted on the graph. I need you to paraphrase it or write it in your own words? Based on this definition, the resistance is equivalent to

the light bulb reaches a maximum or minimum value on both the voltage and current plots, the formed. Note that the presence of this voltmeter has a very What is the most likely element from which Resistance and Resistivity 5 6. o Record current through cylinder. To Measure The Resistance Of Several Wire Resistors Using A Multi-meter 3. The fourth part of the experiment involves the diode, and the setup can be seen in Figure 5. What

COM terminal. the value of resistance will increase with the length of wire used, the Wires cross sectional area should be constant all the way along, To Be Kept The Same: Voltage coming from the power pack – 4V The Piece of wire used (thickness and area) Same Ammeter, Voltmeter, cables, etc…, That Will Change: The Length of the wire The Temperature of all the components (although not desired as it may alter readings).

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