Verdict of people can even overrule Judiciary. Later during 21 January 2021 – 17 February 2022, Saturn transit in Sravana nakshatra leads to innovations and creative ideas in art, television, cinema, music, entertainment etc. Jupiter will be conjunct Saturn in Capricorn from 19 November 2020 (23:38 IST) until 20 November 2021 (00:37 IST). On 24th January 2020. Once they have learned they can then teach others.

Only 4 days le, Meditation burns Karma.

It becomes retrograde in Uttarashada 4th Pada on 11th May 2020. One thing that makes Vedic Astrology stand out is, Thank you, Gina, for this beautiful post! This is right time for taking a call on career choices that do not accurately reflect our authentic selves. On 19th March 2022, it moves on to Dhanishta 2nd Pada. Jupiter is weak in capricorn but if Saturn signifies anything in your horoscope, it will be delivered without fail. Shravana Nakshatra spans 10º00 – 23º20 degrees Capricorn. The astrological prediction of the birth star Shravana as per Moon Sign is that of Makara Rasi. Below are Shravan Nakshatra date and time in 2020. Log in, Saturn Transit 2020 in Capricorn- Shani Palat 2020, Lessons to be learnt in Sade Sati- Saturn Transit 2020, Jupiter Transit 2019 Impact in a nutshell, Who should participate in the Guru Peyarchi 2019 Homa, Business Vashikaran and Sarva Akarshana Mantras, Read Saturn Transit 2020 in a nutshell for you here, Read the lessons to be learnt during Sade sati, Recipes for fasting , festivals and charity, Vedic-Natal Charts of Famous Personalities. Banking sector will pickup and see profits. Being comfortable in silence. Does this sound familiar? Saturn will continue its forward and retrograde motions for about 36 months in Capricorn and will finally enter its own Air sign Aquarius on 16 January 2023 19:51 IST. As Jupiter rules finance, Saturn made us unsure about investments and trading. If Sun is placed in Pushyami nakshatra (Cancer) and aspects Saturn in Sravana (July-August 2021), then native can suffer from lungs or heart related disease. Saturn, the slowest moving yet the biggest Karmic player in Vedic Astrology will be leaving its inimical sign Sagittarius and enter its own Earth sign Capricorn on 23 January 2020 at 12:41 IST. I have already mentioned this in the article on planetary transits in August 2020 which you can find here.

Also when Saturn is Retrograde in Capricorn for 5 months each year, it can cause some bad effects for Aries and Taurus (especially Krittika nakshatra born). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Saturn transit in Capricorn (2020-2023), effects on 12 Moon Signs, Vilambi Nama Samvatsara Ugadi Predictions for 2018-19, Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara Ugadi Predictions for 2017-18 in Vedic Astrology, Durmukhi Nama Samvatsara Ugadi Predictions for 2016-17 in Vedic Astrology, Manmadha Nama Samvatsara Ugadi Predictions for 2015-16 in Vedic Astrology, Saturn transit in Uttarashada Nakshatra from 26 December 2019, Effects, Saturn transit in Sagittarius (Dhanus Rasi) 2017-20, Karmic Effects, Makara Sankranti 2020 Astrological Significance, Effects, Fatehpuri Sikri was built on ruins of Hindu and Jain City Saikrikya, Why Siva replaced Ganesha head with Elephant, 23 January – 11 May 2020 and 29 September 2020 – 21 January 2021 : Saturn aspects, 11 May – 29 September 2020 : Saturn (Retrograde) aspects, 21 January – 23 May 2021 and 11 October 2021 – 17 February 2022 : Saturn aspects, 23 May – 11 October 2021 : Saturn (Retrograde) aspects, 17 February – 04 June 2022 and 23 October 2022 – 16 January 2023 : Saturn aspects, 05 June – 22 October 2022 : Saturn (Retrograde) aspects.

Existing leadership can be challenged. Spouse, kids and family responsibilities can drive them away frequently. Capricorn (Makara Rasi) consists of Uttarashada (Later Victory), Sravana (Hearing), Dhanishta (Richest One / Sitting on wealth) nakshatras. It’s important for Shravana people to have a good public standing and reputation. So it is important to be a responsible father or son (more during 15 January – 15 February when Sun conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn and during 16 July – 16 August when Sun opposes Saturn). Saturn regains the Direct motion in the same pada. Whenever Mercury conjuncts or opposes Saturn in Capricorn, people born with this combinations can be disturbed in marital life. Saturn regains the Direct motion in the same pada. For now let’s have a closer look at this Full Moon in Shravana Nakshatra, Image is from the upcoming Nakshatra Oracle™ Deck – © Claudia Richey Saturn exposes weak areas that need strengthening. Retrograde Saturn enters Uttarashada 3rd Pada on 19th June 2020. 21 January 2021, 20:46 IST – 17 February 2022, 04:15 IST :- Saturn in SRAVANA : Few corrupt government officials will get caught. Most of them can prefer to spend more time away from family. This is one of the earliest known gems in the west and is said to bring good feeling, good health, and good luck. While Saturn transits through these in next 3 years, it asks us to hear/listen in order to win and relax after accumulating wealth.

23 January 2020 12:42 hrs IST – 21 January 2021, 20:46 IST :- Saturn in UTTARASHADA : Western parts of India (ancient India includes Afghanistan and Pakistan too) like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Maharashtra will be effected. Saturn moves through Sravana 2nd and 3rd pada on 20th February 2021 and on 25 March 2021 respectively. As Capricorn is Karma Sthana (10th house) in Zodiac, it expects us to gain expertise in our work field. Then, on January 22, Karmfaldata Shani will enter the Shravan Nakshatra, which is under the lordship of the other luminary planet, Moon. Some of them can go to an extent of wasting their money and assets due to attraction from opposite gender. You can find the instructions here. In general, Saturn (Sani) transit in Capricorn (Makara Rasi) is bad for people born with moon in Arudra, Aslesha, Chitra, Uttarashada, Sravana, Dhanishta, Poorvabhadra nakshatras. People born under Uttarashada nakshatra need to stay away from extra-marital affairs, gossips and aimless wandering. Saturn represents father for those who were born after sunset and before sunrise. Usually, Shani Transition occurs once in 2.5 years. During these 36 months, Saturn will enter Aquarius once on 27 April 2022 at 15:03 IST and then re-enter Capricorn on 14 July 2022 at 07:08 IST in retrograde motion. , October 16th 2020 the Sun moved into his sign of d, come for a Vedic Astrology & Dharma Type Reading. Venus in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn can lead to many love affairs, alchoholism etc. Full Moon in Shravana Nakshatra. Saturn turns direct in Sravana 1st Pada on 11th October 2021 and continues Direct motion by entering Sravana 2nd, 3rd and 4th pada on 7th November 2021, 21st December 2021, 21st January 2022 respectively. It enters into next Nakshatra, Sravana 1st Pada on 22nd Jan 2021. There is a big talent here to understand the subtle differences in tonation and meaning behind it. With the waxing Moon in Pu. Often people with planets in Shravana Nakshatra have either exceptionally good hearing, may be even extra sensitive to sound or loud noises, or may be afflicted with the opposite – loss of hearing, tinnitus, or other problems with the ears. In general, Saturn (Sani) transit in Capricorn (Makara Rasi) is bad for people born with moon in Arudra, Aslesha, Chitra, Uttarashada, Sravana, Dhanishta, Poorvabhadra nakshatras. Located right in the middle of this Saturn ruled sign, Shravana shares many of it’s qualities, most of all the ability to be by oneself, walking ones own path and being comfortable with … This Nakshatra gives the desire to hear people speak good things about them, to be held in high regards by others, and it is said that by worshipping Vishnu this wish will be fulfilled.

Gandantas points are the last degrees of a water sign and first degrees of a fire sign and are called Karmic Knot or Spiritual Knot as this is where we are facing past karma which can be released so we can move on to the next stage of our consciousness development. On 29 Sept 2020. The next Retrograde period of Saturn starts on 23rd May 2021 in Sravana 3rd Pada, continuously retrograde onto Sravana 2nd Pada on 24th July 2021 and Sravana 1st pada on 13th September 2021. This is strongly felt when planets are in Gandanta in your natal chart, but even if this is not the case we still feel it when this event is triggered by planetary transits, as we have happening in August. Lord Shani or Saturn is the lord of Makara Rashi. The color of Shravan is light blue. Minerals found under earth like gold, manganese, copper, oils, coal from this place can fetch them unexpected wealth.

The yogic Bee Humming Breath – Bhramari Pranayama –  is a wonderful technique for this Nakshatra. Instead, concentrate on producing one high quality product per year. Session on Moola Nakshatra 2020-10-11 12:00:50 1:12 PM Planetary War Series - Moon-Saturn Conjunction 2020-10-09 12:37:09 1:12 PM Horoscope of Jim Carrey – The Monk in Hollywood 2020-10-08 20:36:04 1:12 PM Those who have put in that effort, will reap benefits and respect.

On 29 Sept 2020. Venus just entered Virgo where she is debilitated. Saturn in Capricorn is very good time for people born with Moon in these Nakshatras : Magha, Swathi, Anuradha, Uttarabhadra and Revati. Sitting for even just a few minutes with this breath can bring you back to centre, back to yourself, and an understanding of belonging and cosmic support. People born under moon signs of Pisces (Meena), Scorpio (Vrischika), Leo (Simha) can find their dream job, increased income, karmic relations which are satisfactory, boost in career, accumulation of wealth and fame. Full Moon in Bharani Nakshatra – October 31st, 2020, New Moon in Chitra Nakshatra – October 16th, 2020, Mercury Retrograde in Libra – October 13th, 2020, Sun in Libra – October 16, 2020 – A Longing for Harmony. Capricorn favors quality over quantity, simplicity over chaos.

Both Saturn and Capricorn hate waste and want to reduce frivolity. Shravana people are seeking the higher knowledge, the truth. Those who tried shortcuts till now, will be eliminated. Saturn moves on to the next star, Dhanishta 1st Pada on 18th February 2022.

But now Saturn in its own sign Capricorn, will help those who take the risk and plunge. Black Onyx is said to be grounding, improve self-confidence and self-realization.

War across border (POK) weakens Pakistan position.

Only Saturn has the ability to overrule all other planetary aspects, conjunctions. With all this also comes the wish and talent to learn. Bad time for bureaucrats, priests, religious heads. After that, on 20th November 2020, it enters Uttarashada 3rd Pada and on 24th December 2020, it moves on to Uttarashada 4th Pada.

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